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Recent Celiac and Gluten-Free Posts

What is the Paleo Diet?

It’s funny, but in all the time that I’ve written on this paleo diet topic I’ve never really defined (in my terms) what I think constitutes a “paleo diet.” I laid out some general guidelines in the book and FAQ of course, but I’ve never done that for the blog. I think part of my… Continue Reading

Paleo on a Budget Guide

Paleo is EXPENSIVE!!!

No. No it’s not. Why I went into health & fitness and did not sell vices is beyond me. If this whole Paleo thing goes fanny-up it’s going to be hookers+cocaine+baked goods, finished with a smoke. No one will argue with that buffet but in this health shtick you deal with the mass illusion of “cave men… Continue Reading

Paleo Comfort Foods: It’s ON!

Hey everyone! The time is here and Paleo Comfort Foods is ready to be released. Well, we think so. You see, there has been a snafu on the release and we are not exactly sure when it will hit Amazon or Brick & Mortar stores. Sept 12th was the projected date, but things have gone a bit squirly and… Continue Reading

Paleo Comfort Foods

Cost Effective Shopping at WholeFoods Market

Robb’s Note: This is a guest post/interview by our friend Julie Mayfield, Co-author of the best Damn Paleo cookbook ever, Paleo Comfort Foods.  PCF’s will be released soon. Order a copy for yourself, and anyone you know who loves food.  One of the most amazing surprises at the Ancestral Health Symposium happened during the fabulous talk… Continue Reading

Paleo Solution: As College TextBook!

The following post is by professor Risa Stein of Rockhurst University. For over 25 years I have counseled others in weight loss, researched weight loss interventions, and taught college students about obesity and weight loss strategies.  For about 23 of those years I practiced and taught what I was taught – fat is evil and… Continue Reading


Paleo Comfort Foods!!

I need to tell y’all about a book, Paleo Comfort Foods. Here is the Foreword that I wrote for the book, check it out and then meet me at the bottom. I’ll bring brownies.   I had an idea for a cookbook. Once. Then a set of circumstances proved to me that my cookbook would… Continue Reading