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What Are You Afraid Of?

We’re gonna start this one with a story that I completely made up – but read it anyway. One day, Joe was at a restaurant with some friends. Since Joe is Paleo (not celiac, just paleo) he requests a gluten free menu and orders a steak, steamed broccoli and a shot of tequila for good… Continue Reading

Coming Out…

It’s not something I aspired to. I didn’t get out of bed one morning and decide, yeah, today’s the day this is going down. It just happened – slowly, progressively – happened. It’s consumed 23 years of my life. It’s all I know. It’s who I am. My name is Amy, and I’m Anorexic. Yep,… Continue Reading


The Female Athlete Triad

As a dietitian, I’ve worked with a variety of individuals (ranging from those with eating disorders to  neurological conditions) improve their health through nutrition and other lifestyle modifications.  Often times when I meet with clients, the desired goal is weight loss, but when it comes to women that can come at a cost. Whenever we… Continue Reading


C’mon Get Happy!**

I just have to get through this week of work… When school gets out for the summer… After graduation… Once I get a new job… When the kids are out of the house… If I get rid of this little bit of belly fat… When the scale hits that magic number… Once I hit 10… Continue Reading

Cholesterol and Mental Health

Written by: Kevin Cann             More often than not when we are addressing problems related to cholesterol we are referring to its affects on heart health.  Cholesterol, for one, is important for maintaining the structure of our cells.  It is also the precursor for our steroid hormones, serves as a major role in our inflammatory… Continue Reading

Serotonin Deficiency and Food Cravings

Written by: Kevin Cann             The more I meet with people and get to know them the more I have realized that we may have another epidemic here in America that is not often addressed, serotonin deficiency.  Antidepressants are the most common medication prescribed in the United States (Olfson, 2009).  Understanding the mechanisms on how… Continue Reading

Neurotransmitter Deficiency and Obesity

  Written by: Kevin Cann Obesity has a strong link to mental illness, and mental illness has a strong link to obesity.  An epidemiological study performed by Becker showed that obese women had the highest rate of mental disorders overall (Becker, 2001).  People with mental disorders have increased risk for becoming obese.  What do obesity… Continue Reading

Stress and The Food Reward System

Written by: Kevin Cann   Understanding the dynamics of weight loss has always been a hot topic in the literature, and will continue to be until we can fully understand the dynamic components of the disease.  Most people will attempt various diet and/or exercise programs in feeble attempts to shed unwanted pounds.  Nutrition programs and… Continue Reading