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Fish Oil from Green Pasture's

Fish Oil

Ahhh…fish oil. A whole industry built around supplying us with something that should be a natural part of our food supply. Prior to the 1970’s meat and dairy in the United states was still grass fed so we received ample amounts of the main constituents of fish oil, EPA and DHA, as part of our… Continue Reading

Paleo Meals the Easy Way

Five Things You Can Do This Weekend to Make Easy Paleo Meals All Week By Riki Shore of Three Squares Eating healthy Paleo meals takes some planning and preparation, but the rewards, as most of you already know, are huge. You’ll feel leaner, enjoy smoother digestion, increase your performance at the gym, and have extra… Continue Reading

Paleo on a Budget Guide

Paleo is EXPENSIVE!!!

No. No it’s not. Why I went into health & fitness and did not sell vices is beyond me. If this whole Paleo thing goes fanny-up it’s going to be hookers+cocaine+baked goods, finished with a smoke. No one will argue with that buffet but in this health shtick you deal with the mass illusion of “cave men… Continue Reading

Paleo Comfort Foods: It’s ON!

Hey everyone! The time is here and Paleo Comfort Foods is ready to be released. Well, we think so. You see, there has been a snafu on the release and we are not exactly sure when it will hit Amazon or Brick & Mortar stores. Sept 12th was the projected date, but things have gone a bit squirly and… Continue Reading

Paleo Comfort Foods

Cost Effective Shopping at WholeFoods Market

Robb’s Note: This is a guest post/interview by our friend Julie Mayfield, Co-author of the best Damn Paleo cookbook ever, Paleo Comfort Foods.  PCF’s will be released soon. Order a copy for yourself, and anyone you know who loves food.  One of the most amazing surprises at the Ancestral Health Symposium happened during the fabulous talk… Continue Reading

Paleo Solution: As College TextBook!

The following post is by professor Risa Stein of Rockhurst University. For over 25 years I have counseled others in weight loss, researched weight loss interventions, and taught college students about obesity and weight loss strategies.  For about 23 of those years I practiced and taught what I was taught – fat is evil and… Continue Reading

Of Mice and Morons

I’ve received a number of questions about this recent paper, the official title being “Pathway to diabetes through attenuation of pancreatic beta cell glycosylation and glucose transport” but the popular media title usually running something like: “High fat diet causes diabetes.” The only thing I’ve seen popularized more in the media, only to be subsequently proven… Continue Reading


Paleo Comfort Foods!!

I need to tell y’all about a book, Paleo Comfort Foods. Here is the Foreword that I wrote for the book, check it out and then meet me at the bottom. I’ll bring brownies.   I had an idea for a cookbook. Once. Then a set of circumstances proved to me that my cookbook would… Continue Reading

TweetChat with Prof. Art Devany!

Hey everyone! I’ll be participating in a Tweetchat with Prof. Art Devany on December 16th at 1pm (PST). We will discuss his forthcoming book the New Evolution Diet and anything else that seems fun or interesting. If you have Questions make sure to post a few here and to also check out the tweetchat. I’ll… Continue Reading