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The Fitness Revival

  Guest post written by: Mike Ritter   Quote from the Introduction of The Fitness Revival “Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs Every human has needs and every human has wants. We often confuse the two and blend them until they are an unrecognizable stew. Sometimes we even confuse the priority in which our needs are addressed.… Continue Reading

Sleep Cocktail FAQ’s

Written by: Dr. Kirk Parsley Hey everyone! Last Tuesday, Robb and I released a podcast about the questions that we’ve been getting about the sleep formulation. This blog is for those that don’t want to listen to us prattle on for an hour, or those that want a little more information. First, let me say… Continue Reading


Free Coconut Oil!

Hey folks! Just wanted to let you know about a giveaway offered by Thrive Market: All first-time members get a FREE jar of Nutiva organic coconut oil + a $15 gift card towards a future purchase and a free one-month membership to Thrive Market. You cover $1.95 in shipping and all that coconut-oily-goodness can be… Continue Reading

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Changing the Game for Restorative Exercise

Guest post written by: Nadia Boctor Most people now prioritize physical fitness as a central component to their health and wellbeing. For decades we have signed up for gym memberships, fitness classes, nutrition seminars and more, searching for that right mix of ingredients that allows us to look good, feel our best, and achieve more.… Continue Reading

Podcast Questions For Katy Bowman

Hey folks! Katy Bowman ( is coming back on the podcast soon and will be answering questions about her book Move Your DNA “book club style.” If you have a question for Katy please send them in here Today is the last day to send in questions, so get them in! Continue Reading


Completely Free! 60+ Real Food Recipes From Top Paleo Experts

Looking for some kitchen inspiration from the top tastemakers in the Paleo movement? The Thrive Market Communal Table Cookbook has you covered! This beautiful, informative, and completely FREE cookbook features more than 60 recipes from the country’s top names in health and wellness—and every incredible recipe is Paleo-friendly. The most trusted names in health—including Mark… Continue Reading

Memorial Day

The Robb Wolf team would like to take a minute to remember and send a sincere thank you to all of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, and to those who have served and are serving today.   Continue Reading