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Balance and Equilibre with Ido Portal

I think most of you know Ido Portal but if not you may get a  chance to train with him in person. Ido will be providing workshops in the basics of his approach to physical expression drawing from gymnastics, Capoeira, Equilibre and several other disciplines. I consider myself to be Read more…

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The Road Forager: The Perch Park Slope, NY

4 eggs over medium, bacon, mixed veggies with balsalmic and olive oil. And of course, espresso!!

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Paleolithic Solution Seminar: South Brooklyn, NY

CrossFit South Brooklyn was crawling with Paleo-Hooligans yesterday! I really love this area, both Hoboken and the Park Slope (South Brooklyn) areas have so much good food, coffee and cool stuff going on it makes this Cave Man’s head spin! Thank you to everyone who came out for the day. Read more…

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Paleolithic Solution Seminar: Hoboken, NJ

A huge thanks to all the folks who came out today! great questions and really good energy. Tomorrow we do it again in Brooklyn!

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Mat Lalonde Ph.D Nutrition Seminars

Hey! Just wanted to let folks know we have a page rolling for Mat’s seminars. Bio and other goodies to follow.

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Book Update!

Well, it was kinda anticlimactic but I finished my rough draft last week. I need to re-work a ton of material, generate charts, graphs and support material but the push for the bulk of the material to be in by April 4 was met. Big thanks again to Mat and Yael Read more…

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John Welbourn Interview on Starting Strength

Just in case anyone missed this, a great interview with John Welbourn at Starting Strength. No Animals were harmed in the growing of John’s Fu-Man-Chu.

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Ancestral Health Symposium

I wanted to let people know about the upcoming Ancestral Health Symposium: The Human Ecological Niche and Modern Health. The exact date has not been set yet but it should be mid-late summer of next year. (thanks for the proof reading folks!) The concept is to bring together prominent thinkers in Read more…

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Paleolithic Solution Seminar: Level 4-CrossFit Seattle!

Just letting folks know we will be hanging with Dave & Nancy of Level 4-CrossFit Seattle on Sunday, May 2 from 9am to 5pm (click here to sign up). I lived in Seattle for almost 6 years and it’s always great to get back there for a visit. The comments section Read more…

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Black Box Summit: Can you Forcast?

Hey y’all. I wanted to share a brief outline of the next BBS and mention an important feature that will be offered at this gig. Here is a brief outline for the event: Robb Wolf: Nutrition tweaks for: 1-Performance (Crossfit, power athletics and beyond) 2-Body composition shifts: Fat loss, muscle Read more…

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