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CrossFit Nutrition Cert: Bozeman, MT

CrossFit Nutrition Certification: Bozeman, MT!!

A huge thank-you to all the folks who attended this cert and to Tyson and John of CrossFit 4800 for hosting the event. I have to say, this was one of he sharpest crowds I’ve had. Folks obviously did their homework as questions were focussed on the next step or Read more…

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Ignore the Man Behind the Curtain…

Mat forwarded this great post from Dr. Eades. I usually try to generate new content for the blog and not just re-cook what other folks have done but I’m making an exception in this case. For starters, Dr. Eades just kicks ass and this is a great piece when people Read more…

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KZFR Radio Interview with Lou Mars!

Nicki and I will be interviewed with one of our clients, Lou Mars today at 11:00 am Pacific time. You should be able to listen to that live at this link. The reason for the interview is that Lou is training to break the Guinness World Record on Non-stop drumming! Read more…

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Type 1 Diabetes: More Info

Amy Kubal shot me an interesting link talking about the dramatic increase in type 1 diabetes. It’s both scary and sad. The increase is going to be dramatic, the fix is completely in our control. Avoiding grain and dairy exposure in our kids would virtually eradicate this disease. these bozo’s Read more…

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Best Fight Scene. EVER!

John Welbourn had a post a few days ago with his pick for the Best Fight Scene Ever. Now, John’s pick is righteous to be sure, but I have what is in my opinion the BEST fight scene ever. It’s from Grose Point Blank (possibly the best movie ever, but Read more…

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My Training and Adrenal fatigue

I had two questions that are sufficiently related that I can tackle them in one post. One relates to training, the other to adrenal fatigue Here are the two questions: 1- I noticed you posted on coach rut’s site about doing the wendler 5-3-1, which i had heard of before. Read more…

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CrossFit Nutrition Certification: Albany, NY

CrossFit Nutrition Certification: Albany, NY

I think I speak for both Bobbi and myself when I say we were truly pleased with the turnout at the Albany nutrition cert. The welcoming and organized crew at Albany CrossFit made this a memorable weekend. We had a great crowd with excellent energy and some thought provoking questions. Read more…

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More Type 1 Diabetes

Here is an interesting comment. One of two things is at work here: 1-As she notes, this may be a  bounce back period in which the pancreas is not completely destroyed and is still working in spurts. or 2-They have removed the environmental irritants that CAUSED the Type 1 in Read more…

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Mat Lalonde

CrossFit On a Low Carb Paleo Diet: Mat Lalonde Reporting

He everybody! Here is an interesting piece from Mat Lalonde. if y’all do not know, Mat and Bobbi are the new East Coast CrossFit Nutrition Certification Crew. They kick ass! I’m working on the back-end of the site (actually, Craig is!) to make it easy for Mat and Bobbi to Read more…

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The Zone: Better with Paleo Foods

  I received this first comment from Julianne a few days ago and asked if I could post her experience. Part two I received this morning and added to the post. Here is the basic order of operations: She adopted the Zone and saw significant improvements in a number of Read more…

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