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Paleo Gourmet Meals!

Paleo Brands: It’s ON!!

Hey everyone! The Paleo Gourmet food line is ready to ship! With a  Caveat: At present shipping coasts are reasonable to the western states (CA, WA, OR, NV, AZ, UT). The rest of y’all will need to wait just a little while longer. Keep in mind we ship in orders Read more…

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Paleolithic Solution Update

Hey everyone! I’m actually making pretty damn good progress on the book but I have set a personal deadline of April 4 for the damn thing. In an effort to focus I will not be responding to email other than consults which Chrissy usually books. I will also just be ok’ing comments Read more…

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Paleolithic Solution Seminar: Brooklyn, NY!

We’ve added a second day on the East Coast with our good friends at CrossFit South Brooklyn on Sunday, April 11. The Hoboken, NJ gig is almost sold out so we decided to give this second day a shot. You can sign up for South Brooklyn here. Keep in mind that the Read more…

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Whole 9 Seminars!

Hey there! I wanted to let y’all know about Whole 9 Workshops offered by Dallas Hartwig and Melissa Urban. As I’ve progressed through this seminar gig over the past few years I have noticed a few things: 1-Many people would like a second day of nutrition lecture related to advanced material. That is Read more…

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Paleolithic Solution Seminar: Hoboken, NJ!

Just wanted to let folks know we have an East Coast Paleolithic Solution Seminar set for Saturday, April 10 from 9am-5pm at CrossFit Hoboken! We are hammering out the details for 2010 and I should have a separate page on the site describing the events. Part of what we are trying to Read more…

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Nutrition, Epigenetics, Pregnancy and Postpartum

I wanted to let folks know about the forthcoming talk by Prof. Fritz Muskeit at the Instituto Superior de Saúde Egas Moniz”, Monte da Caparica, Lisbon, Portugal on March 13th at 9:30am. If you are handy with Portuguese you can read more about the talk at the NutriScience website. If I attach these Read more…

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Insulin: Anorexic?

Someone shot a link to the blog about a guy who was taking Gary Taubes to task on various issues. Link to that here. Well…actually, that link is to the blog, not the specific post I wanted. Well, anyway, James’ original post had a list a greivances with Gary Taubes Read more…

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Paleolithic Solution Seminar: Jan 31, 2010 Chico, CA.

Paleolithic Solution Seminar: Chico, CA!

Sunday was the first day in almost a month the sun was out in Chico, CA. In completely unrelated news, we also hosted the inaugural Paleolithic Solution Seminar.* We had attendees from Ireland, Canada and all over the US attend what was likely the largest concentration of Pseudo-Science since the last time Read more…

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Black Box Summit Part Deux!!!

The site is up, all the logistics have been hammered out! The second incarnation of the Black Box Summit will go down at Catalyst Athletics on April 24 & 25. The Speakers Michael Rutherford, Greg & Aimee Everett, James Fitzgerald, Dutch Lowy, Nicki Violetti and they even let me in Read more…

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Weightlifting,Powerlifting, Gymnastics and GPP!

I think most folks know about this already, but if not, you will be as stoked as I am!  Here are the presenters and what they will cover: Dan John – “Philosophy of Training and Coaching” Greg Everett – “Observation & Correction: Technical Coaching for Weightlifting” Matt Foreman – “Dividing Read more…

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