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In Memorium: John Velandra

Many of you may already know this but John Velandra, Owner of CrossFit Cape Fear, was killed Wed morning. You can read some of the details here. I met John when he did his level 1 cert many years ago. We ran across each other several times over the years Read more…

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If it works for a SEAL…

Good word from DR. Harris at Panu. I don’t want to just copy and paste that piece here but I do want to throw in some observations. Dr. Harris’ Brother in Law, Jason (who is a SEAL): 1-Started doing CF and saw dramatic improvements in his work related performance. Not Read more…

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Happy Holidays!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and to thank folks for the support the past few years but the last month or so in particular. You really learn who your friends are when the world goes ass-up. I’m going to be traveling until the 4th of January, I Read more…

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We received communication last night from CF Legal that our affiliate license was to be terminated today. Greg Everett (Catalyst Athletics) received the same notice.

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Spring Leaning: CF Seattle.

Dozens of gyms instituted various flavors of “Paleo Challenges” as a consequence of information folks gathered from the nutrition seminars I provided for CrossFit. People left the seminar armed with a solid knowledge of food quality, how to proportion that quality food for special populations and most importantly, how to Read more…

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Each year I do a collective “humping of the knees” to get folks to imporve their sleep quality. I usually kick that off by recommending the book Lights Out! Sleep, Sugar and Survival. I LOVE this book. Most folks either love it or hate it but the information is amazing Read more…

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Historical Revisionism: CrossFit Style

Well, I’d hoped this CrossFit situation would simmer down but HQ is between a rock and a hard place. People are demanding some kind of action regarding Dave Castro but HQ is, as ever, completely unwilling to admit any type of fault. So they are finally offering some commentary on Read more…

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Low-Carbs and CrossFit

I received an email from Nicholas Hahn last week in which he described his experience using a VERY low carb diet with a CrosFit template. His results are interesting and pretty impressive as he appears to run better on less than Zone levels of carb intake. Whooda-thunkt-it? Some of the Read more…

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Mark Sisson: LIve! At Catalyst Athletics!!

Hey everybody! If you are in the Northern California area you need to get your Primal Fanny out to Catalyst Athletics to see Mark Sisson, Author of The Primal Blueprint. Mark Sent me his book months ago to review and now that I’m nearing completion on mine I’ll give that Read more…

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Nutrition Seminar: Chico, CA

Hey folks. A big thank-you to the many people who have sent messages of support. You REALLY have no idea how much that means to me. I want to let the folks who were signed up to attend a CFNC know that I am offering a FREE 1 day seminar Read more…

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