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Evolution Based Nutrition Seminar!

Another quickie: From Feb 14-16, Dr. Staffan Lindeberg, along with his research collaborators Maelan Fontes and Pedro Bastos will be giving a 24 hour seminar in Lisbon, Portugal about paleo diet and Evidence based Nutrition.

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Alpha-1 Training Grand Opening!

Hey folks! Just a quickie to let y’all know I’ll be speaking with Joel Jamison at the Alpha-1 Training grand opening. ALPHA 1 TRAINING GRAND OPENING 8am – 3pm, Saturday, February 15 8642 East Shea Blvd. S. Scottsdale, AZ 85260 REGISTER IN-PERSON OR CALL: 480.327.0333 Joel and I will each do Read more…

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A Brief History Lesson, and a Recipe: Beef Bourguignon

Guest post written by: Russ Crandall   Hi everyone, my name is Russ Crandall.  I write a food blog, under the name The Domestic Man, where I focus on traditional and international cuisines.  I recently wrote my debut cookbook, The Ancestral Table: Traditional Recipes for a Paleo Lifestyle , which Read more…

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Thank You For Helping Me Become Healthy Again

Testimonial written by: Eva Dear Robb, In the summer of 2012 I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. My health had been declining for years and I had been trying all sorts of things to get healthier again, but nothing seemed to work. After my diagnosis I bought a copy of Read more…

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The New Champion of the Paleo Movement? You

Guest post written by: Nathan Riley   A few recent headlines have set the paleo-sphere ablaze.  In December, 2013, US News ranked the paleo diet dead last in its Best Diets Ranking for the second consecutive year.  Just a few weeks later, Mother Jones published an interview with Michael Pollan, Read more…

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BootcampFitness / CrossFit Kansas City Is Hiring!

Hey trainers! We wanted to let you know that BootcampFitness / CrossFit Kansas City (Coach Rut’s gym) is hiring. Check out the details below: The Position: BootcampFitness / CrossFit Kansas City is looking to add new trainer(s) to direct private training sessions, introductory sessions and lead group classes.  Candidates are expected Read more…

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Nic and William doay of Custody

Paleo: My Solution

Testimonial written by: Nicole Cochran   Six months ago I visited the wheelchair clinic at Vanderbilt in Nashville to get fitted for my new wheelchair which would mark a major negative milestone in my almost decade long battle with multiple sclerosis.  Part of me was absolutely grief stricken that I Read more…

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Why Eating Close to Home May Just Be Our Saving Grace

Guest post written by: Ben Kramlich I’d be willing to bet that most people who truly care about their health have come across Paleo and most likely they have come across the name Robb Wolf early into their studies. Whether you are fully immersed in a paleo lifestyle or have Read more…

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“Fat” is Not a Feeling

“I feel FAT.”  Three words.  Three words that carry a lot of ‘weight’. ‘Heavy’ words that you hear, say, or think every day, or every 15 minutes in some cases. You may go to bed at night feeling totally awesome and wake up the next day feeling FAT.  Logically, you Read more…

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Paleo Proved Me Wrong!

Testimonial written by: Anonymous I read The Paleo Solution prior to downloading the Quick Start Guide and have found both incredibly informative and useful. The first few days of starting my Paleo journey I was plagued by cravings and felt very tired / lethargic. I blamed Paleo and thought, “This Read more…

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