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What Your Dog & Your Diabetic Uncle Have in Common

Guest post written by: Amy Marshall   It’s your family’s customary night out for dinner at your average chain restaurant. It’s a special occasion because your favorite uncle was able to make it, but your heart sinks with each labored step he makes toward your table.  It wasn’t that long Read more…

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laura sidebyside

Testimonial: Ulcerative Colitis In Remission With A Paleo Diet

Testimonial written by: Laura Scaviola Born into an Italian-American family, it was inevitable that I fall in love with food. Fresh mozzarella, homemade pasta, and a crusty piece of Italian bread were components of an average meal. But my passion for food was not limited to Italian cuisine. I used Read more…

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The Perfect Cast Iron Steak from The Paleo Foodie Cookbook

Guest post written by: Arsy Vartanian   Hi Everyone! I’m Arsy Vartanian from the Paleo recipe and lifestyle blog, Rubies & Radishes.  I share recipes, as well as tips on living a Paleo lifestyle successfully, including having a Paleo pregnancy and raising a Paleo baby. I am so honored to Read more…

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Coming Soon to a Diet Craze Near You!

NEWSFLASH!! (As seen on a website (or three) near you.) –  If you want to be healthy, lose body fat, kick ass in the gym, gain muscle and dominate the world then you better make sure you’re drinking Bulletproof coffee, bone broth and kombucha; eating liver (and other organ meats), Read more…

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You are shitting me, right?

Meat: As bad a cigarettes?!

Just a quickie here: A number of folks have asked for my thoughts on the new study  which would have us believe eating meat is as bad a smoking . More epidemiology, more correlation without causation. Overeat, get poor sleep, stay sedentary and you have problems. That’s my complex, physiological un-packing Read more…

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Ancestral Food Summit Sale!

Hey everyone! We just wanted to let you know that the The Ancestral Food Summit (a telesummit package to help raise money for the Farm To Consumer Legal Defense Fund) is on sale this week for $49 (that’s $100 off!) when you use the code ” wolf ” at checkout. Read more…

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Sara Jason

Testimonial: The Key To Healthy Living

Testimonial written by: Sara Jason It all started in February 2012. I had been through a ski accident and ended up in the emergency room in March 2012 for an aggravation of the knee injury. At the time, I weighed 323 pounds, wore a size 24-26 and was taking 7 Read more…

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Food Freedom – Super Size Me 10 Year Anniversary Summit

Hey everyone! We wanted to let you know about the upcoming free Super Size Me 10 Year Anniversary online summit featuring Robb as one of the expert speakers. Be sure to catch Robb’s talk on Food Freedom and the other talks in the summit, join the discussions, and get inspired! Read more…

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Las 3 Razones Más Grandes del Porque las Mujeres NO Levantan Pesas

Read this article in English Escrito por Jim Laird En los últimos 10 años he aconsejado a miles de mujeres acerca de sus objetivos  en el mundo del  fitness. Muchas veces durante estas conversaciones tengo que argumentar sobre las ideas falsas y creencias arraigadas acerca de los conceptos como perder Read more…

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The WolfPack Impact

Guest post written by: Luke Robinson   ‘“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ― Margaret Mead How did I go from growing up on a farm in Maine to the brink of becoming Read more…

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