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Food Freedom – Super Size Me 10 Year Anniversary Summit

Hey everyone! We wanted to let you know about the upcoming free Super Size Me 10 Year Anniversary online summit featuring Robb as one of the expert speakers. Be sure to catch Robb’s talk on Food Freedom and the other talks in the summit, join the discussions, and get inspired! Read more…

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Las 3 Razones Más Grandes del Porque las Mujeres NO Levantan Pesas

Read this article in English Escrito por Jim Laird En los últimos 10 años he aconsejado a miles de mujeres acerca de sus objetivos  en el mundo del  fitness. Muchas veces durante estas conversaciones tengo que argumentar sobre las ideas falsas y creencias arraigadas acerca de los conceptos como perder Read more…

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The WolfPack Impact

Guest post written by: Luke Robinson   ‘“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ― Margaret Mead How did I go from growing up on a farm in Maine to the brink of becoming Read more…

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Testimonial: Breaking The Destructive Cycle

Written by: Donny M. ”You have gained a lot of weight, Donny. You don’t look good”. I looked up from my violin, having just rushed into her office, excited to play the newest piece I had learned in orchestra. I was crushed. Expecting to hear praise of my improving skill Read more…

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Females, Carbohydrates, and Hormones

Oh, carbohydrates.  Just like politics and religion, discussion on this macronutrient is not dinner table material.  There are many strong opinions on just how many carbohydrates are “safe” to consume.  Some advocate “high” carb, others prescribe a “moderate” amount, others “low” or even “very low”. And to mystify things further, Read more…

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Paleo For Primary Lateral Sclerosis

Testimonial written by: Doug Goudsward In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, our home was without power for a week. The morning after power was restored, I went down to the basement to exercise on my elliptical trainer. I found I had tightness in my back. It progressively got worse over Read more…

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The Importance of a Good Night Sleep

Written by: Kevin Cann I am a firm believer that health and disease are placed upon a spectrum.  The more behaviors we take part in that encourage positive gene expression the healthier we will be.  With that said I am reluctant to say one aspect is more important than another, Read more…

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Coming Out…

It’s not something I aspired to. I didn’t get out of bed one morning and decide, yeah, today’s the day this is going down. It just happened – slowly, progressively – happened. It’s consumed 23 years of my life. It’s all I know. It’s who I am. My name is Read more…

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I knew I could do anything for 30 days. What was there to lose?

Testimonial written by: Judy Three years ago, I was extremely frustrated. I could not lose a pound. I was a cardiac rehab nurse and thought I should have the answers. I was limiting calories and exercising. I was aware I was hypothyroid though they said I was ”borderline”, I had Read more…

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Evolution Based Nutrition Seminar!

Another quickie: From Feb 14-16, Dr. Staffan Lindeberg, along with his research collaborators Maelan Fontes and Pedro Bastos will be giving a 24 hour seminar in Lisbon, Portugal about paleo diet and Evidence based Nutrition.

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