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Why More Sunlight May Be The Answer To A Smaller Waist

Written By: Kevin Cann I know we have been down this road before. Out of all the nutrients that exist within our diet vitamin D is perhaps the most talked about. This comes with good reason. Inadequate vitamin D levels can lead to all kinds of health concerns such as; Read more…

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Grazing for Change Conference – Local Discount

The Western Regional Grazing Conference: Grazing for Change is offering a special discount to locals and local producers (local means California, Oregon, Nevada, Washington, Idaho) for their upcoming conference in Chico, CA. Local producers can go to and enter the discount code: Local2015 to receive 15% off the registration Read more…

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Testimonial: Fribromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue

Testimonial written by: Carol McAllister Hi Robb – I’m sitting here in tears…you have changed my life. I’ve suffered from what was eventually diagnosed as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue since the mid 1980’s.  I’ve lost so much of my life to pain and brain fog… I just turned 68 and Read more…

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Ideal Weight Program

The Ideal Weight Program: The Goal of Sustainable Fat Loss

Guest post from our friends Stephan Guyenet and Dan Pardi Also be sure to check out the podcast with Robb, Stephan, and Dan embedded at the bottom of the page.   As we approach 2015, many people are thinking about their resolutions for the year, which often include weight loss. Read more…

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Hunting: How to begin if your Dad never taught you

One really important aspect of “being Paleo” is knowing where your food comes from. Understanding the right way to hunt is a critical skill for anyone looking to understand sustainable food systems. The following is an excerpt from my book, The Homegrown Paleo Cookbook, which is not only a cookbook, Read more…

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Testimonial: my experience has been life changing and saving

Testimonial written by: Tezza Hi, I just thought I would drop you a line explaining my Paleo experience. I am 66 years of age, had been on 2 insulin injections 3 times daily.. would go from low of 2.5 to high of 25 all in 24 hours.. absolutely diabolical. I Read more…

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Ecuadorians are no longer eating this traditional food

In an era of trendy diets and “superfoods” from around the world, it is hard to believe that those foods could be inaccessible or even rejected by the people who live near or grow them. Here is a summary of the complex story of why people in the tropical regions Read more…

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Testimonial: Paleo was the answer

Testimonial written by: Sandra Choate Here is my story. I have been over weight all my life. I have been on so many diets since I was 12. I took Dexatrim when I was 13 and starved my self. I did the cabbage soup diet, then tried the so called Read more…

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Feeding people is important, but feeding people well should be a priority.

Guest post from: SeaShare Of the 4 billion pounds of food distributed through the Feeding America food bank network, less than 2 percent is nutrient-dense, animal-based protein and seafood makes up only a fraction of that. More than 49 million people in the US have limited access to nutrient-dense foods Read more…

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Paleo is an IDEA, and not just for food

Guest post written by: Max Shank   I find it funny how everyone is always looking for the “perfect workout” the “perfect diet” or the “perfect job.” You find the same ideas in martial arts, “Gracie Jiu Jitsu is the best,” or “10th Planet is the best.” People get caught Read more…

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