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eustress vs. distress

Winning The Olimbic Games (Part 2): Are you on Team Sympathetic or Team Parasympathetic?

Guest post written by: Mike Ritter _____ If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Part 1. _____     “The opposite of love isn’t hate. The opposite of love is indifference.”- Steven Pressfield   Creating allostatic balance in our lives requires an understanding of stress itself and its Read more…

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Testimonial: Paleo helped reverse vitiligo

Testimonial written by: Victoria Rombola   My story is that I have a 7 year old son that was diagnosed with vitiligo 12 months ago. He lost a lot of colour very quickly around one eye and had a large patch on his neck. As with any autoimmune disease, and Read more…

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4 Quick Tips For Living a Frugal Paleo Lifestyle, plus Easy Thai Coconut Chicken Recipe

By Ciarra Hannah, author of The Frugal Paleo Cookbook: Affordable, Easy & Delicious Paleo Cooking and founder of the blog, Popular Paleo When I made my commitment to Paleo a couple years ago it did not come without its share of hurdles. I was at home with my 2 year old Read more…

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Nine “BLOW YOUR SKIRT UP” reasons to go to Paleo f(x) 2015

Nine “BLOW YOUR SKIRT UP” reasons to go to Paleo f(x) 2015   Ladies and gents, it’s time to make plans and get your party on! Paleo f(x) 2015 is fast approaching, and if you haven’t heard about it or reserved your tickets yet, don’t wait! This event is for Read more…

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Winning The Olimbic Games: Why you need to understand allostatic balance

Guest post written by: Mike Ritter  ______________________   “Allostasis is the process of achieving stability, or homeostasis, through physiological or behavioral change. This can be carried out by means of alteration in hormones, the autonomic nervous system, cytokines, or a number of other systems, and is generally adaptive in the short term. Allostasis is essential Read more…

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Testimonial: Life Is Fun Again

Testimonial written by: Cindy N.   It was your article on Paleo that helped me make that initial hard decision to plug my nose and jump in to the deep end. Before I did, I had been told by my doctor that I needed to go on Cholesterol meds, that Read more…

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Red Meat Increases Cancer Risk Because of Toxic Immune Response

Written by: Kevin Cann I am sure seeing this headline on the Paleo Solution blog caught your attention. That title was the title of a January 2, 2015 article published in Discover magazine. If you live in a cave and have not yet been inundated with this via your Facebook Read more…

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The Journey To Health: Hey! This Map Is WRONG!

Moving SUCKS. I mean really, does anyone actually enjoy the process of loading everything they own into a vehicle, U-Haul or truck only to have to unload it and put it all away again somewhere else? If anyone said yes, they probably have never actually had to do it. But Read more…

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The Pain Relief Project – Free Online Jan 19-26

Hey All! We wanted to let you know about The Pain Relief Project coming up soon where you can catch a number of videos/presentations on health challenges, chronic pain, and other great health topics online for free January 19-26. There will be a number of talks from a great lineup Read more…

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Testimonial: Wrestling Ulcerative Colitis Into Submission

Testimonial written by: Kate Lawrence   I spent twenty-three years trying to wrestle my autoimmune disease into submission. The paleo diet finally helped me to conquer it. When I was seven years old I was admitted into the hospital for a week with crippling stomach pains and other symptoms that I Read more…

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