Females, Carbohydrates, and Hormones

Oh, carbohydrates.  Just like politics and religion, discussion on this macronutrient is not dinner table material.  There are many strong opinions on just how many carbohydrates are “safe” to consume.  Some advocate “high” carb, others prescribe a “moderate” amount, others “low” or even “very low”. And to mystify things further, what’s considered a low amount… Continue Reading


The Female Athlete Triad

As a dietitian, I’ve worked with a variety of individuals (ranging from those with eating disorders to  neurological conditions) improve their health through nutrition and other lifestyle modifications.  Often times when I meet with clients, the desired goal is weight loss, but when it comes to women that can come at a cost. Whenever we… Continue Reading


Are your goals working against you?

What are your goals?  We often hear that question, think about it for awhile, and then plan to think about it later as we carry on with our busy lives.  It seems like one of those questions that we are always asked, but don’t give enough thought to.  We know that in order to accomplish… Continue Reading

Kombucha Shirleys

Crazy About Kombucha

  If you’ve been listening to any of the Paleo podcasts or have read any of the blogs lately, I’m sure you’ve heard a good discussion or two about gut health.  Foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, and kefir are being discussed all over the Paleo blogosphere, but there’s one fermented product that is really catching some… Continue Reading

lunch at restaurant

My Paleo Challenge Is 60 Days Young

I took part in the 30 day paleo challenge in a group setting as part of an exercise and fitness education program offered by my workplace. The group challenge was exactly what I needed to get started down the path of paleo. I had heard of The Paleo Solution and read a little bit about… Continue Reading

pumpkin spice latte

Seasons Drinkings

Tis’ the season for an endless assortment of food and drink temptations! Tis’ the season for a self-check in motivation. I know there’s at least one person reading this that gets a little giddy when they see the infamous red holiday cups at Starbucks. I’ve honestly never tried their Pumpkin Spice Latte, Gingerbread Latte, Peppermint… Continue Reading


The Paleo Rubik’s Cube

As a Registered Dietitian, I make my living knowing anything and everything that I can about nutrition and food science. I am a self proclaimed “foodie” and love trying new recipes, going to farmers markets, reading blogs, and learning the latest and greatest research. Many of you reading this blog right now are also self… Continue Reading


  Oh food industry, you’ve done it again. Turning something that should be simple into a science experiment and causing mass confusion amongst the general public. What started as a delicious concoction in a can is now showing up in the milk aisle, next to peanut and almond butters, amongst the yogurts, coffee creamers, kefirs,… Continue Reading


There is Life Beyond Bagels for Breakfast

Whenever I consult individuals currently following the paleo plan and those interested in starting there is always one concerning question: “So what can you eat for breakfast?” The grocery retailers would have you believe that breakfast cereals, oatmeal, bagels, fruit, and juice are the essentials to a “complete and balanced breakfast.”  Early morning business meetings… Continue Reading