Two guys and donuts-censored

The Porn You Eat

Disclaimer: This article will be talking obliquely about pornography and may possibly contain tasteless jokes. If those kinds of things bother you then please do not read this article. My Goal: To make junk food as unappealing as possible. I watched the following movies as research for this article: The Bi-curious Case of Benjamin Buttman… Continue Reading

Meal Management Theory

I had a boss once who used to drive me nuts. One day he gave me three tasks. My response was, “What is the priority of these tasks? Which one should I do first?” He would say, “Matt, they’re all important.” Even though I hounded him about it, he wouldn’t prioritize them. This is what’s… Continue Reading

The Case for the Short Metcon

The ‘Metcon’ (short for metabolic conditioning) is a staple of CrossFit style training. Typically it is two to three exercises repeated for rounds. A classic example from CrossFit is one called “Cindy”, one round consisting of 5 pullups, 10 pushups, and 15 squats. This is repeated for 20 minutes and scored based on the number of rounds completed. A metcon… Continue Reading

Meat & Potatoes: Back on the Menu

Just in case you haven’t been paying attention lately, meat and potatoes are okay to eat again. It’s a pretty comical situation, really. Meat and potatoes used to be the basic chow of every American – at a time when Americans were the healthiest and tallest people in the world. I was a youngster in… Continue Reading