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Luke’s Journey To Paleo – “It. Was. Awesome.”

Ya know, I’ve always been prone to trying crazy things when it comes to “health and fitness”. I’ve run the gamut of different supplements (nothing too crazy there), different diets, different workout routines, and most all of this based off all the “expert” advice I gleaned from reading stacks upon Read more…

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Getting Back on the Boat – How to Recover From a Paleo Fall-Out

You see and hear it all the time. It happens to the best of us, because in reality we are all human! Let’s start this out with a “hypothetical” story, (keep in mind the person in this story is in no way, shape, or form me…). Let’s say there’s this Read more…

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When “One Size Fits All” Paleo Stops Working

It’s safe to say that the “Paleo Movement” has taken off.  What started as a relatively small bunch of ‘reformed Zoners’ and ‘ahead of their time meat lovers’ has evolved into a large group of people dedicated to performance, health and longevity.  The overall ruling concepts of Paleo are pretty Read more…

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