Coconut oil giveaway winner

Congratulations to Mattison, you’ve won a quart of Virgin Coconut Oil from Tropical Traditions. And that Paleo Bark recipe you posted sounds pretty darn good. Make sure you check out the comments from the giveaway post for tons of uses for coconut oil. There are some great suggestions in there. Thanks to everyone for playing!… Continue Reading


Coconut Oil Giveaway

Coconut oil is one of my favorite fats to use in cooking. There are lots of posts out there that tell why, what it’s good for, and how you can use it, so we won’t rehash all that here. What we do have is a giveaway! Want some coconut oil? Tropical Traditions is hooking it… Continue Reading

The Robb Wolf forums are here!

By popular request, may I present to you, the Robb Wolf Performance, Health & Longevity Forums! We think this will go a long way toward furthering the community that many of you find on this blog in a more conducive format to discussions and being able to keep tabs on questions and answers that you… Continue Reading

Paleo Biscuits and Sausage Gravy Recipe

The Paleo Table: Biscuits & Gravy

Last week on the 6 DIY food projects to try in 2011 post, Troglodyte in Training said, “And here I was all excited over mastering sausage-bacon gravy using coconut milk with powdered arrowroot for consistency.” Well, my little Troglodyte, you now get your wish! Gluten-free biscuits & gravy Biscuits and gravy were definitely on the… Continue Reading


New year, new goodies!

Hey, it’s Amber the Web-gal here! It’s only hours before the start of 2011 here in Virginia. So, before I take my disco nap and head out to celebrate, I wanted to make a quick post letting everyone know about the new features we put up today. First and foremost, please refresh your browser. We’ve… Continue Reading