Testimonial: The Best Version of Me

Testimonial written by: Kimberly


For years, pretty much all my life, I struggled with insecurity, my weight, body image, and wanting to be healthy. I just didn’t know how to find the right balance. Though I have never been overweight, I have fluctuated through my teens into college from battling anorexia. I have gone from being as small as a child’s size 12 and 90lb to up to 150 lb and a size 10 (I am 5’4″). I also have battled stress issues that manifested in terrible eating or lack of eating, leaving my body without proper nutrients and exhausted. I also never maintained a regular workout schedule, finding spending hours of doing cardio and strength training exhausting after long days of work and meetings. It was taking its toll on my body, my confidence, and my stress levels.

This year I turned 26, and 30 days ago I began Paleo and working out every morning (5 days a week doing a combination of HIIT and lifting to build strength). It has been the most amazing process. I haven’t felt deprived of food, I feel healthy and strong, I see my muscle tone building and fat shrinking on my frame. I sleep better and I don’t feel gross after eating, the way I would after eating unhealthy foods. I am now a size 4, 10lb lighter, lost 1.5 inches on my waist and feel completely motivated to not be on some crazy diet trend, but to be THE BEST VERSION OF ME I CAN BE! I want to be the healthiest possible and create a culture of healthy living for myself and one day my kids and family. I love cooking healthy meals, trying new recipes and feeling energized throughout my day. I truly believe that ANYONE can be THEIR BEST SELVES! It doesn’t take being a model, fitness guru, or beast in the gym to make it happen. It doesn’t take deprivation and love/hate relationship with food and the gym. It just takes simple adjustments and a commitment to do it. Once you start seeing the results, you will be even more motivated to stick with it! I am grateful for this new lifestyle change and to be in the process of becoming my BEST SELF! Know that YOU can too!



Kimberly before and after.

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