Paleo Was Our Answer

Testimonial written by: Katherine Wray

In January my husband and I were in Reno NV taking care of our married daughter who had recently had hip surgery.  She is an avid workout person and was worried about gaining weight during her recovery time (about 8 months).  Her surgeon recommended Paleo, and said he had been eating Paleo for over 10 years.  So long story made short, I ran out of reading material and picked up her Paleo book.

What surprised me more than anything were people’s lab results after being on Paleo. I was so impressed that I had my husband read it.  We decided on January 16th the day we flew home to give Paleo thirty days.  We cleaned out the pantry and the freezer and went grocery shopping. We had been eating whole foods for some time but had gluten and dairy in our diets.  I was baking our own bread and we have had a garden with fresh veggies for a couple years.

I am a 64 year old overweight female and my husband is 67. My blood work at the end of February knocked the doctors socks off.  Blood sugar levels down, bad cholesterol down, blood pressure better (I am on meds for both), plus I had lost 20 pounds.  It is now the first part of April and I have taken off 32 pounds, my husband has taken off 20 lbs.  My husband just had his yearly physical and is waiting for his lab results.

Our energy levels are up, we are sleeping better, and just in general feel amazing.  Both of us had been battling constant upset stomachs for some time.  As it turned out, gluten was my problem, and dairy was my husbands. We have no more stomach issues.  My internist doctor asked me one question, “Is this sustainable”?  I told him it had to be, period, that’s it.  My daughter and her husband are also eating Paleo and feeling amazing.  Who said you can’t teach old dogs new tricks.  It goes to show you that no matter how old or young you are Paleo is the answer.


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  1. Ro Bailey says

    Hi, Robb,

    I’m a Stage IV Ovarian cancer survivor with the BRCA2 gene mutation. Chemo ended almost 2 years ago with three very small spots remaining in my lungs (metastasized). My naturopath attended a cancer conference that had a workshop on this exact case. They have done studies showing a restrictive ketogenic diet with two days fasting a week has resulted in stopping tumor growth, shrinking tumors, and in some cases complete remission. I’ve been on the diet, which is about 95% Paleo with just a couple small changes (no citrus fruit, no sweeteners of any kind including maple syrup (sad but true), no sweet potatoes, for example) plus the two separated days of total fasting per week, exercise, and a couple new supplements like the Betain and Florarinse to help replace the mutated gene’s action, since 1 March. I have been strict with the diet, with just a small bit of cheese for taste as my only cheat. Not as good with exercise, but getting better. So far I’ve lost 10 pounds (150 lb, 5’7″ female, 63 yrs old), my most recent blood work was pronounced “extraordinary” by the oncologist, and my recent CT scan shows the same three spots which were growing fairly slowly have slowed the rate of growth. Considering prior to the diet I was a true sugar addict, typically having a glass of wine 3-4 nights a week, hit the chips bag often, and was happily discovering all the new gluten-free breads and non-gluten grains, this is a big change in just 38 days. Interestingly, my years-long shoulder problems have vanished, though I have done nothing different in terms of therapy-specific exercises or treatment. I continue to work on exercise and enough sleep (currently starts too late and is interrupted by bad leg cramps about 4 am. I’m increasing magnesium to try to deal with that, but haven’t reached the magic level yet. Meanwhile my entire office is fascinated by the rapid weight loss and apparent ease of adjustment to the diet. Knocking out the addiction foods was hard the first week or so, but now people can wave pizza, chocolate (amazingly), anything at me & it just doesn’t appeal.
    Clearly I will stay with this. My next PET scan is July, more than 120 days after starting this, so my A1c should be as low as it can get, and hopefully the three cancer spots will have stopped growing entirely, or even show some reduction in size. I will let you know.

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