Episode 215

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  1. [5:25] Vitamin K2 and Natto
  2. [8:14] ASMR
  3. [13:57] Temporary Undercover Weight Loss
  4. [17:00] Obese 16 Year Old
  5. [20:50] Fructose Biochemistry
  6. [25:11] Floating Stools and Fat
  7. [27:06] Almond Flour
  8. [29:52] Hyperparathyroidism
  9. [34:31] Shoulder Labral Tear and Muscle Loss





Beth says:
Hi Robb,

I’ve loved every one of your podcasts, thank you!

My question is about eating natto for the vitamin K2 content. I did search the site since I couldn’t remember if you’d already addressed this, and found a comment in the post on WAP vs. Plaeo: http://robbwolf.com/2008/04/11/weston-price-vs-paleo/ but no real answer.

I have heard great things about eating foods high in K2 along with good fats and protein, but in my research I found that the food with the highest amount of K2 is Natto (fermented soybeans). I have always heard to avoid soy.

My question for you is whether the fermentation process addresses any of the health issues with soy, assuming it is organic and GMO-free?
Or would the concerns with consuming soy outweigh the benefits of the high amounts of K2 to be had?

Thank you for your thoughts!

Oh, here is an article on foods high in K2, and natto is at the top. I know there has been some bad blood between WAP & Paleo people, but I think both camps have some great information!



Josh says:
Hey Robb and Greg,

Im a new listener to the podcast and enjoy it immensely. Slowly making my way through the backlog of episodes so please forgive me it this has been covered before.

Ive known about paleo for about 3 years and tried to eat this way as closely as possible since. Ive found the closer i eat to a strict paleo (clean meat, veggies, small amounts of fruit and nuts) diet the more times i experience  an ASMR “episode”.

Also about the same time as adopting paleo, I probably committed the most unAustralian thing possible and quit drinking alcohol. It wasn’t a problem for me, i want an alcoholic or anything, but it definitely was starting to impact my life negatively and being surrounded by alcoholics at work and in my family, i just decided to stop.

My question is, from a biology perspective, do you think the reason for these “episodes”  occurring again (I remember experiencing this a lot in school but it definitely stopped for 5-6 years) is due to not drinking anymore or more to do with my diet?

If your not familiar ASMR ive included this link;


I think this article is quite a good representation of ASMR. Side note, these videos around on youtube haven’t triggered me before either. My triggers seem to be actually getting a haircut and listening to certain people talk about a subject they’re passionate about. Listening to you guys hasn’t triggered me before but i suspect that is more due to the fact i mainly listen to the podcast when I’m walking or commuting to work.

Symptoms of an episode for me is probably best described as goosebumps on my brain (not on top of my skull) and i go into this deep tunnel vision that I can only reference to a somewhat out of body experience. Its an amazing feeling and very enjoyable. These episodes seem to be becoming more frequent and i find myself able to gain more control of it.

Thanks guys. I wont worry if you think i’m bat shit crazy. Hell, i thought i was until i found out this is an actual thing earlier this year and other people get it.

Perth, Australia


3. Undercover officer weight loss

Jim says:
Hi Robb,

I am an undercover officer in a major metropolitan police department. Part of my job involves looking like a drug abuser.  I am wondering if you can recommend a safe, paleo-centric method to (temporarily) lose a significant amount of weight.  I am thinking somewhere in the range of 30-40 pounds.  Think Jared Leto in the Dallas Buyers Club.

I am 6’1″, currently weigh 190 lbs, and have eaten a paleo diet for the last four years.   Knock on wood, I have no major health concerns.  My exercise regimen involves mostly cardio and some weight training.

I would appreciate any advice you could give me.  I have followed your books and podcasts in all phases of my career in law enforcement and I owe a great deal to your work.

Looking for that cracked out look,



4. Best course for morbidly obese 16 year old

Sambot says:
Hey Rob and Greg,

You guys are great, awesome, beautiful, etc., etc.
So here’s the deal, at age 23 I’ve had incredible success with an ancestral diet over the past year and a half after 4 years of yoyo dieting. I started out at 265, now I’m 176. Proof in the pudding right? The reason I’m writing you though is because I have a 16 year old sister who is closer to 300lbs, she is on a plethora of medications (mostly psych stuff, lithium, antidepressants, tourettes meds), and she is generally pretty depressed.

The good news is, she’s trying to move in with me on the Big Island of Hawaii to find a new perspective on life. This is her chance to turn things around and I want to support her as best I can. I have a pretty broad knowledge paleo protocols and research for a layperson, but there is a lot of info out there and I would love your opinion as to the best route to take for this young woman.
16 years old
around 300lbs
no exercise background
SAD diet but less vegetables
ready for change

My general goal is to start by healing the gut with lots of simple foods, bone broths, meat, some veg, probiotics of some sort, and RS supplementation (if I can get her to drink the stuff!) which will increase incrementally as I just listened to Kresser telling you about the possible bacterial backfire with the stuff.

On the exercise side I thought maybe I could start with just walking every day as much as was comfortable. Then maybe moving on to modified squats, inclined push-ups, resistance band type pull-ups, and maybe a little yoga type stretching.

Sleep shouldn’t be an issue, it seems to be a priority for her right now, and I’ve got her meditating, so hopefully stress will come under the reigns as well.

I guess the real question here is, does that sound reasonable and ideal? Also, would it be better to start off with a more low carb approach to work on metabolic derangement, or should I start her off more moderately and then work down into it for an easier transition?

Goals here are more energy and a happier disposition, I know the weight will come off quickly, so I’m not worried about that, I just don’t want to stress her out too much.

Thanks for all the great work you guys do, it’s a bit of inspiration and insight that I look forward to every week. Also, I’m pretty sure Robb is going to save the world one day with his sensible paleo approach, so go you!

Your Bro,


5. Thanks you LEGENDS!!

LEGEND says:
First off, you both should be running this country. It would save us all a lot of grief and I know you’d outlaw this crazy curriculum our medical doctors are taught and regurgitating. Problem solved…country saved. Second, you guys are Legend…wait for it…wait for it…Dary. L-E-G-E-N-D-A-R-Y.

Alright, time to get my lips off your guys ass’. Big question, I NEED YOUR HELP DUDES.

I’m a pro soccer player. I know I would be considered an “elite athlete type” and I should go higher carb, but I just can’t skip out on benefits of fatty/nutrient dense food. I eat a lot of fruit, because I want to keep liver glycogen full to keep anabolic and have plenty of energy throughout the day (because glucose goes to muscle first). I’m more concerned about keeping my liver full than muscle. I prescribe to everything you say, but eat most my carbs as fruits. I believe fructose can have it’s benefits if used at the right times by a person that knows what he is doing. I know you will probably ignore me after this, but if not…

My other question, is just for you to expand on the biochemstry of fructose. You say it turns into a glucose sponge, so does that mean a 50/50 (fructose/glucose) piece of fruit would all go to the liver or the glucose would still by used to replace muscle glycogen. Greg hates me I know. Sorry brother. Thanks Legends.

Thanks President Wolf and VP Greg. Catch you on the flipside.


6. Stool

Alex says:
Hi Robb,
Love the show I am on episode 54 and catching up fast! If this has been answered on a later podcast please let me know and i’ll look it up.
Since starting Paleo with butter a year ago my stool has started to float. Is this normal due to the increased amount of fat? If not what should a normal stool look like? A nice S shaped as advertised?

Thanks, Alex


7. Paleo Baking/Almond Flour/Kids

Crystal says:
Hi guys,
We have two small kids, ages one and three, whom we have been raising on about a 90% paleo diet. They eat primarily all organic; yams, apples, pears, coconut milk,chicken and grassfed beef. We suppliment with fish oils and D. Raw veg and eggs are “if they’re in the mood foods” so we try to sneak cooked veg into yam puree when possible. A staple they have gotten used to however (that freeze well and sure are nice for on the go) are almond flour based paleo baking The kids now have a small muffin or a couple of pancakes per day. I found this article below about the “dangers” of too much Almond flour consumption and that coconut flour is better. Would love to know your thoughts on this and wheather we should cut out the almond flour all together or if this one of those “everything in moderation” things? my Dr. is also concerned about our kids getting enough calcium being Paleo. Any recommendations you may have to optmize kids health as well as your thoughts on probiotics for kids and any brands you recommend would be great to know too. Thank you for your time and all your  constant efforts that keep us infomed and healthy. All the best from the Bugg family in North Vancouver British Columbia.


8. Hyperparathyroidism


Crimson says:

Hail Paleo brothers!

Former superwoman here…I’ll sum up my past. I’ve always had issues with bone pain, migraines and stomach problems. I went wheat free about eight years ago. Gluten free seven years ago. I wasn’t full on paleo at that time, but close. I felt like superwoman. Nearly all of my issues were gone. :) I did weight training, yoga and Pilates. I put on some much needed weight. I am 5’4″ and was at that time 104lb. I am currently usually around 118.
So, something happened about six years ago.. Over night, headaches, stomach problems, weight loss, extreme fatigue and all manner of hell… and then the kidney stones started. I have had almost non stop kidney stones for three years now. No kidding, these damned things are relentless.
I tightened up my diet and started eliminating dairy, nightshades, etc. Nothing helped. I am still gluten free ( I have a serious gluten issue) and now very low oxalate. (The stones are calcium oxalate) This is not stopping the stones. Doctors think that hyperparathyroidism may be the cause of my constant kidney stones. My calcium is in the high normal range. So far, I also know that I have pancreatic insufficiency. I’m working on getting the enzymes necessary to help with that. *they are over $1,000 a month!*
I am currently working out two days a week with light weight training and yoga and pilates mixed in with my routines. So, I manage about two hours of work out a week. This is what I can manage at the time with a 12 year old girl and full time job and kidney stones… always the kidney stones. My job is not really high stress or anything. I do body piercings. I love what I do.
I sleep well. Sometimes too much. I often have to rest in the middle of the day. This is even after a full nights sleep. The fatigue can sometimes be overwhelming.
So, I’m facing the possibility of having a parathyroid gland or two removed. Which is said to make symptoms disappear with in a couple of weeks. This is looking VERY good to me. I would consider ripping them out myself if it wold stop the stones.
I can find very little in reference to hyperparathyroidism on your site. Are there any specific dietary recommendations you would have for this?
I have a few months to maybe get control  of this before I let them take the parathyroid glands that are acting up out. What issues might I be looking at if I do let them remove one or two of them?
Though I wish I had more witty comments here, I really just want to get to the point. Much love to your podcast and your team. You’re all f***ing wonderful!  ^_^



9. Preventing muscle loss while rehabbing a right shoulder labral tear

Jamie says:
Robb and Greg,

I recently found out I have a posterior tear in my labrum in my right shoulder. I’m scheduled to have it surgically repaired in mid January.

My ortho said the rehab period is 4-6 months. I was wondering if you have had any experience rehabbing clients/athletes after this type of surgery?

I eat Paleo 85-90% of the time so I’m not worried about putting on weight. I’m mainly concerned with losing muscle mass due to mandated inactivity.

Any suggestions to minimize muscle loss and prevent drastic declines in muscular strength would be greatly welcomed.

Thanks for all that you do to make living a healthy life easy and entertaining.






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  1. Jordan says

    Robb, thank you so much for covering ASMR. I found out about Paleo and ASMR around the same time so seeing you cover this was such a great surprise that I actually had an ASMR experience just thinking about it. And Josh, cutting down on the booze does wonders for my ASMR experiences as well, and I also don’t get much from all the YouTube videos out there except for getting very relaxed.

    And Greg, to address you concern with ASMR and driving, it never happens to me. Driving requires too much concentration and there are too many little stressors and noises for me to be in the calm, relaxed state necessary for ASMR. So don’t worry, no one is going to drift into a lane of oncoming traffic because of ASMR.

  2. Hank says

    Regarding Hyperparathyroidism.. I have had the surgery and researched the topic extensively before being cut. All the literature says you need to have surgery to bring the calcium levels down. Upping the vitamin D does nothing.

    Find an endocrinologist who also performs the surgery on a daily basis. They can perform all the proper scans and positively identify the problem. These specialists can be very difficult to find. You don’t want a general surgeon doing this procedure. Dr. Yeh at UCLA did mine and I highly recommend him. You can find others on the net and if you have to travel, do so. Best of luck to you.

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