Testimonial: The Key To Healthy Living

Testimonial written by: Sara Jason

It all started in February 2012. I had been through a ski accident and ended up in the emergency room in March 2012 for an aggravation of the knee injury. At the time, I weighed 323 pounds, wore a size 24-26 and was taking 7 pills a day for different diseases namely anemia, asthma, hypothyroid and severe hormonal issues.

After spending a part of the night crying because I knew that my weight was partially responsible for my condition, I decided to make a change; a change towards a healthy lifestyle. I started a calorie counting diet: 2 shakes of protein per day and 1 normal meal that excluded cereals. Four months later, I had lost 40 pounds. I felt tired and had some serious digestives problems to the point that despite the weight loss, I almost regretted having started the process.

For the following 8 months, I carefully watched what I ate but had difficultly digesting grains. In April 2013, I had been working out in for a month and met with my friend’s trainer Alex Turcotte. He is a trainer at La Bat Cave in Montreal, Canada. When he met with me, he asked me if I had heard of the Paleo diet. I thought to myself: “What is he trying to get me into?!”. I had followed a trainer in the past and the results were not satisfying: I had gained a lot of muscles but I had no guidelines as to how to eat and why. I had not experienced the benefits of the Paleo lifestyle during that time. In addition, my health stayed the same. I was still using my cortisone for my asthma and taking my 7 pills a day for my condition.

Bu all things considered, despite the fact that I was very reluctant, I was still willing to sit down and try something different (thank God!!). Besides, Alex was obviously looking forward to talk about it and sounded very informed. After our first meeting, he suggested that I do my homework and read “The Paleo Diet”. He even offered his own copy of the book! Throughout my reading, he remained constantly available to clarify some points or answer my questions; he also provided support when needed. My workout had also changed since it was inspired from the book as well.

Three weeks into my new lifestyle, I experienced better sleep. I started to feel energized. I was incredibly surprised since I had not felt this way in almost a decade. In addition, my body changed dramatically. I felt stronger, was losing weight and was toning very quickly.

The best surprise was to have some medical test run on me and to find out that the hormones I was taking (provera) since the last 2 years were not necessary anymore and were then stopped by my gynecologist; the iron I was taking for the anemia I had been suffering for the last 20 years were stopped by my doctor as well. My asthma was gone too: no more cortisone! I had no more anxiety attacks and in addition, I had lost an extra 35 pounds and 2 other dress sizes.

Since beginning on my journey, the best part was when I started the Paleo lifestyle. I weigh 239 pounds and wear a size 12-14 (from 324 pounds, and size 24-26). I had the privilege to be introduced to a life changing book, the key to a healthy living and the solution to a lifetime of use of medication. I still can’t believe it. I usually had bronchitis every 3 months, now I haven’t been sick in a year and half! If it was not for the Paleo lifestyle, my health would still be life’s predicament.

Today, it is my great pleasure to see my trainer trying to change people’s lives by continuously informing his clients of the benefits of the Paleo lifestyle. I am so proud to be an example of his good work. Unfortunately, in Montreal, he remains one of the few who abides by the Paleo lifestyle and above all, one of the few who keeps himself aware and informed on the subject. His clientele is composed namely of high performance athletes and young athletes .Today, my testimony is also a way of thanking him for showing me the way of a better living and I daily pay it forward as I tell my story to anyone who wants to hear. It is terribly unfortunate that we can’t find seminars on the Paleo lifestyle here! As we patiently await for such a thing to come to pass, Alex and I are keeping the “word out” and recommend reading The Paleo diet to anymore who wants to read on the subject.

I am proud to say that now my mother, who has been diagnosed with Diabetes type II for 30 years is now trying slowly to adopt the Paleo lifestyle!

Kind regards,
Sara Jason

Sara Jason

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  1. says

    It’s true that Paleo is more of a lifestyle than just a diet. We’ve seen many diets come and go, like the Atkins, the low-fat, etc. Paleo however has been awhile for some time and will remain so, for the foreseeable future due to its applicability and its principle of not starving yourself silly.

    • Dana says

      I’m a little tired of the Atkins hatred among some Paleo adherents. I can tell who hasn’t read the books (any of them), too, by what’s said. The diet was developed in the 1970s. It’s hardly a new thing. And although even in the latest editions of the book they allow foods that aren’t Paleo, that doesn’t mean you have to eat those foods to do Atkins. You could certainly follow Atkins by using Paleo food rules.

      Why? Because the point of Atkins isn’t the foods you’re allowed to eat. It’s finding out your personal level of carb tolerance. Someone in better metabolic health might not have to worry about that. Most people looking to Atkins or Paleo, though, have had their health take a nosedive. If they happen to want some structure while figuring out what their bodies can tolerate, doing Atkins with Paleo food rules is not a bad way to go about it.

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