Food Freedom – Super Size Me 10 Year Anniversary Summit

Hey everyone! We wanted to let you know about the upcoming free Super Size Me 10 Year Anniversary online summit featuring Robb as one of the expert speakers. Be sure to catch Robb’s talk on Food Freedom and the other talks in the summit, join the discussions, and get inspired! Read on below for more details:



10 years ago, the Oscar-nominated documentary Super Size Me showed how food can drastically change a person’s body and health over just 30 days.

In this groundbreaking, eye-opening, conversation-starting, film, co-star Alex Jamieson helped to change the way we think about fast food and how what we eat affects our bodies.
But 10 years after Super Size Me rocked America, we’re still facing some big challenges.

People who desperately need good nutrition, like the working poor, don’t have access to it. Our children are still bombarded with junk food messaging, and our schools have yet to embrace healthier lunch programs and nutrition education.

And at home, we still deal with emotional eating issues,  weight problems, and body image troubles. Even when we know that we could be doing things differently to eat better, the idea of fixing healthy food at home seems like a chore.

Which is why I’m excited to join Alex on her mission to #FixFood.

Alex is still a passionate and inspirational leader in the health and wellness field. In celebration of the 10-year anniversary of Super Size Me, she is reuniting the powerful voices that shaped the film and helped make this little documentary a global sensation.

She’ll also ask the 30+ top experts in food and health who have come up in the last 10 years how they intend to help all of us #FixFood.

And she’s bringing all of these leaders and experts together for a virtual event like no other. . .

The Super Size Me: 10-Year Anniversary Summit

This conference is available via online streaming for FREE, March 10 – 14, 2014!

Get inside information on what the future holds for food from Alex Jamieson, and experts including JJ Virgin, Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Mark Hyman, John Robbins, Robb Wolf and many more.

We have the power to change food culture – and it all starts here. See you March 10!

What you need to know:
Dates: March 10 – 14, 2014
Price: FREE
Where: Sign up online HERE



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  1. Elenor says

    Unbelievable!! Spurlock has NEVER released his food logs; he’s clearly been lying all this time about how much and what he ate — and y’all are CELEBRATING his lying “documentary”?!? Holding him up as an example? Did none of you ever watch Tom Naughton’s Fat Head (*actual* — you know, TRUE) documentary which completely disassembles Spurlock’s *fictional* movie?!

    Everyone in the paleo world is celebrating Denise Minger for showing how “The China Study” was bogus — but y’ll are throwing a party for liar who is EQUAL to T. Collin Campbell?!

    I’m really really disappointed!! I thought truth came before borrowed fame! Really disgusted.

    Sure, Robb personally knows Spurlock from that great ‘caveman’ reality-TV show (Spurlock can do entertainment — he just can’t do SCIENCE!), but providing access to Robb’s folks, lending ROBB’S validity and trust to a guy who won’t back up his “word” detracts from Robb’s status!

    Bad, bad choice folks!

    • Martin says


      thanks for reminding me Tom Naughton’s film! Yes, he exposed Spurlock quite clearly.

      Notice though that Naughton presents carbs and the increased insuline as the main problem or at least one of the problems, and he quotes Taubes a.o., whereas for Spurlock it’s all about super-size, i.e. he prefers the energy balance hypothesis or as recently called in the Paleo world, energy overload. Your preference of either of the movies might depend on which side you take 😉

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