Paleo For Primary Lateral Sclerosis

Testimonial written by: Doug Goudsward

In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, our home was without power for a week. The morning after power was restored, I went down to the basement to exercise on my elliptical trainer. I found I had tightness in my back. It progressively got worse over the next few days. Within a month I was barely able to stand and my left leg was partially paralyzed. I saw a number of doctors including a pain management specialist, a neurologist, and an orthopedic surgeon. They all gave conflicting stories of what was wrong. Ultimately I ended up at the Hospital of Special Surgery in Manhattan where I received devastating news. I was stricken with primary lateral sclerosis. Visits to Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center in New Jersey and the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota confirmed the diagnosis. “You can’t exercise or diet your way out of this>” These were the words of the head of Neurology at the Mayo Clinic. I wasn’t prepared to surrender yet though. First I came across some articles by Dr Marios Hadjivassiliou linking gluten to neurological disease. Then I discovered Dr Terry Wahls TEDx presentation on her recovery from MS. I began a Paleo diet, also incorporating cleansing herbs and spices into my diet. Initially my neurological problems remained the same or perhaps even worsened. However, I stuck with the diet because I very quickly lost 30 lbs. My cholesterol level which had been borderline high came down to healthy levels. Likewise with my blood sugar. After about two months I was able to come off blood pressure medication. After about four months, my neurological problems began to reverse. Motor function began to return and the back spasms stopped. I was able to stop using the wheel chair, and then the walker. While I cannot say that I am fully recovered, I am able to go about my day to day activities without using a cane. I owe it all to the Paleo Diet and a consistent exercise program.



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  1. rs711 says

    God DAMN does this nearly bring tears to my eyes…Congrats dude!
    “You can’t exercise or diet your way out of this” —> the corollary being: you’re suffering from a Big Pharma Pill deficiency? F*ck You Conventional Institutionalized (non-emergency) Medical “care”

  2. says

    “You can’t exercise or diet your way out of this.” These were the words of the head of Neurology at the Mayo Clinic. Nice. I’m sure he’s a brilliant man, but it’s an unbelievable shame he isn’t more aware of what’s being done to reverse the mitochondrial dysfunction that seems to underlie so many of these neurological conditions.

    So glad you’re out of your wheelchair, Doug. I only wish other people in similar situations had the wherewithal to take their health into their own hands and not accept the first opinion they here, even if it comes from someone as credentialed and knowledgeable as “the head of neurology at the Mayo Clinic” must be.

    GOOD. FOR. YOU. Stop at nothing.

  3. mike karmire says

    Great story! I hope you email this link, or snail mail this story, to all of these ‘medical professionals’ you dealt with while you were trying to get an answer to your issues.

    Thanks for sharing and great future luck!

  4. says

    This is what my grandfather has had for the last ten years. He is nearing the end of his life now, and it has been devastating. I wish I knew about this years ago.

  5. Mac says

    Glad for you. I went paleo and became very healthy and then got neurological problems. A year later no diagnosis.

    PLS takes years to diagnose. How did you get so quick. Honestly I don’t think you had PLS. It’s extremely difficult to diagnose.
    Again I’m happy you are feeling better but to give people hope that actually have PLS is irresponsible.

    My neuro says I have either ALSor PLS and it will take years to diagnose. Good luck

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