Paleo Proved Me Wrong!

Testimonial written by: Anonymous

I read The Paleo Solution prior to downloading the Quick Start Guide and have found both incredibly informative and useful. The first few days of starting my Paleo journey I was plagued by cravings and felt very tired / lethargic. I blamed Paleo and thought, “This is not going to work for me.” THEN, day five happened and I haven’t looked back! All of the sudden my body felt like a new Paleo machine – no more cravings, lots of energy, appreciating the foods in front of me and not feeling SICK after eating. Paleo proved me wrong #1.

I really can’t believe how much better I feel. I read about people saying how “life changing” it can be and I always approached that gushing with the same sense of disbelief I typically reserve religious zealots:  there are plenty of folks out there that get so obsessed with diet / food that a rogue piece of cheese will cause an anxiety attack. I told myself it was that same type of person that raved about Paleo. Paleo proved me wrong #2.

I also believed that Paleo living would be much more expensive at the grocery store but it’s not. When you buy only meats and vegetables at the store the grocery bill remains very reasonable. Another one of my past excuses crumbled before my very eyes (and wallet). Paleo proved me wrong #3.

I am a recovering sugar addict. I started on this journey because I had an unhealthy obsession with all things sweet and doughy. Surprisingly, I am not a gargantuan beast but it’s not from a lack of eating junk food. I’d like to lose about 10-12 pounds ultimately but I am really fascinated by how great I feel. I also want to avoid the damage sugar and refined carbs can do to my body.

I don’t even feel like I am “missing out” on delicious foods like I have felt on other eating programs. I feel healthy and satisfied and am now convinced it’s the right path for my body at this stage in my life.


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  1. Sergey says

    Cool. I’m from Ukraine are just beginning to discover the paleo. Nevers many people in what paleo can save lives.

  2. Paul says

    Your feelings of tiredness and lethargy at the start were obviously low carb flu. Often it’s best to transition into a low carb diet rather than go cold turkey. A good place to start(assuming you can’t quite come at unsweetened coffee and/or tea)is to replace sugar with stevia. Then after a week to a fortnight, start tapering off the grains. This way you should be able to avoid low carb flu.

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