Episode 208 – Guest: Tara Grant

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Featuring guest: Tara Grant


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  1. MichelleJ says

    Robb & Tara,

    Fantastic discussion, thank you! One of the most concise dialogues about autoimmunity that I’ve heard.

    I’m one of those for whom going Paleo hasn’t been quite enough, and I’ve been all over for three years trying to find the right tweak. Autoimmunity makes sense–it’s all over my family tree & I had a significant stress cascade three years ago.

    I’m going to give your protocol a shot. I’ll let you know!


  2. says

    Excellent conversation by two of my heroes! Well done. 😀

    You two played huge roles in my own Paleo journey (my story is on this site November 2012) and I thank you for all your hard work from the bottom of my heart. Let’s hope many more find this – and use it! I will definitely add this to my list of resources and pass it on whenever possible.

  3. Marcus says

    This was in interesting episode, but it would have been easier to follow if somebody explained what HS is. You sort of presumed that everyone listening knew exactly what it was. I had to stop the car and google it to know what she was talking about…

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