Thank You From A Medical Provider


This is a long winded thank you…

I have to say I love listening to your podcasts, and thoroughly enjoy
the candid banter!  I am a Physician Assistant/medical provider for
the Department of Defense, and let me tell you, I am dealing with all
of the issues you discuss on your program on a daily, nearly hourly
basis.  I have been a paleo proponent for years, and was first
introduced to the Zone about 15 years ago. I have been doing my own
experiments with my “N of 1” on my diabetic patients and others with
the zone for a LONG time, and felt then like I was a pioneer and a lone
wolf in the quest for eating to promote wellness and healing instead
of medicating lifestyle and pandering to modern medicine!  I have been
a crossfitter now for 2+ years and it fits my physique perfectly
(former gymnast) and I personally feel better than ever:)  We have
been strictly Paleo for the past several months with really nearly NO
cheating, and workouts and endurance are improving steadily (although
my 49 year old mommy perimenopausal belly still remains…but I’m
ripped underneath!!).  My boyfriend also has UC and has NOT cheated one
iota in the past 3 months. He has been able to taper down on
Prednisone for the first time in years without a flare, and until he
got down to 7.5mg even his knee didn’t blow up! (bone on bone from
injury and years of hammering skiing)…all in all, I believe it IS
life changing for nearly every one I prescribe this for, and have many
of my own success stories in my patients…

One in particular is a wonderfully vivacious lady with Rheumatoid
arthritis…She was diagnosed about a year and a half ago, and after
seeing the rheumatologist, dealing with flares with mcp joints swollen
to twice their normal size, and dealing with daily increasing pain, was
placed on methotrexate orally 15mg weekly….She improved, but
continued to have some flares…Then the specialist decided to put her
on injectable MTX weekly…It so dramatically suppressed her immune
system, while vacationing in Silverwood over the summer, she ended up
with a community acquired pneumonia and was hospitalized. :(  Being that
my patient has a wonderful sense of humor and faith in God, she was
joking that all her grandkids and family members were gathered around
her in the hospital singing “Kum-by-Ya” holding hands and praying “let
grandma live”!  She even had pictures!  She was on O2 for weeks after
discharge, and came to me for advice.  She didn’t want to take that
shit ever again!  I gave her only one option… grains, no dairy,
Paleo autoimmune protocol for 2 weeks,…if that didn’t improve
anything, we would look for other more toxic yet “conventional”
treatment for her RA.  She came back in less than 2 weeks, had no MCP
inflammation, we checked her ESR, CRP, etc and low and behold!!  Her
sed rate was 2! (previously 65!)  on NO MTX, NO nsaids except an
occasional tylenol, eating a paleo auto immune protocol!  She was
stoked!!!  She then took this news to her rheumatologist and
unfortunately, they blew it off!!  She said she’s not going back to
him…I have another pt that wants to be taken off of the EFM program
(exceptional family member, restricts where her husband can be
stationed due to her “condition”) due to the profound improvement in
her “fibromyalgia” (I HATE that diagnosis!)…essentially, Paleo Cured

Thank you thank you thank you!  I am also a four letter word slinging
plain talking medical provider, and I think my patients appreciate my
candor and I can appreciate yours and your passion for what should be
a revolution in the American diet culture …getting back to our
origins in all we do from family values to the food on our table will
help save this country!


Anne Blanchette, PA-C
DOD Family Practice medical provider of 20+ years


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