The Paleologix Total Transformation Program for Gyms and Trainers

Hey folks!

I hope y’all are doing well and your prostates (if you have one) managed to survive the recent fish oil scare. I want to let you know about a new program Chris Kresser and I have developed that should be a huge asset to anyone running a gym or personal training practice, the Paleologix Total Transformation program, or “T2” for short.

We opened NorCal Strength & Conditioning almost ten years ago, and we’ve learned a lot in nearly a decade of operation. One of the most important lessons my staff and I have learned is that an effective nutritional program is critical to not only the success of your clients, but the success of your practice. Paying a trainer, be that for 1-on-1 or group fitness training, represents a not insignificant cost of time, suffering (I hear working out involves effort!), and of course the money folks pay to be with you and your facility. All that considered, it’s important that your clients get the results they desire. I’m sure most coaches are witty conversationalists, but if folks are not leaning out, getting pull-ups, or looking good nek’d those folks will likely not stick around the gym, and rightfully so. For you and your clients to succeed you need solid training principles, a good culture, and a dynamic customizable nutritional approach.

I’m going to assume that your training methodology is “golden.” You screen folk’s movement, you plan and periodize training, and you are generally not a knucklehead as a coach, whether your gig is yoga, kettlebells or CrossFit. I know, big assumption, but we’ll let that sleeping dog lie for now. I will however assume that you may not have a solid nutrition plan, one that can address the needs of the skinny high school kid who needs to gain weight for sports just as effectively as a mother of three who needs to both lose some fat and address suspected autoimmune issues. This is exactly what the T2 program can provide you.

The Paleo Challenge

We were only open about a year before we realized that a gym-wide nutrition challenge was an amazing way to improve the success of our clients. Beginners would make faster progress, and our Old Guard could refocus effort and shoot for new goals. That was all pretty obvious to us once we started doing these challenges. What was not so obvious was exactly HOW to run them. Before and after pics? Performance metrics? A cash pool that is divided up amongst the winners? Then there was the issue of HOW exactly do we get folks doing paleo? Do you have everyone buy a book? Do you generate the food plans yourself? How do you address the needs of 20, 50, or 100 people doing your challenge? That’s where the T2 program really shines, as it allows you to do what you do best: coach and motivate. Here is an overview of what you get with the program:T2 Benefits for your Clients

Let me walk you through the system so you can get a sense of what’s involved. You sign up as a partner gym which gives you access to our online tutorial about running an outstanding Paleo Challenge. You then decide to run a paleo challenge OR use this program with personal training clients. We provide you the affiliate links, you get your folks signed up and they now have access to:

-The fully guided and customizable 30 day Paleo Diet Reset program based off Chris Kresser’s Personal Paleo code system, customizable to each individuals goals.

-Online tracking tools to monitor progress and provide motivation.

Progress Tracker

-A Meal Plan Generator with over 700 recipes, customizable for everything from GAPS, to autoimmunity, to mass gain.

Meal Plan Generator

-Access to a members only forum staffed by Paleo RD’s who can answer questions and provide support.

-Seminars with Chris Kresser and myself.

What does this cost the gym or Coach?

There is no cost for you to sign up  as a partner gym or coach. You can use the Paleo Challenge material we provide to make your practice run more smoothly. If however, you decide that the T2 program might be of benefit to your clients, just get them signed up and you will make an affiliate commission. All of those details are covered once you sign up.

What if I do not belong to a gym? Can I still do the T2 Program?

Heck yea! If you workout on your own (or just want to eat better and benefit from all the support and features the T2 program offers) you can sign up directly, we didn’t forget all you unique snowflakes! UPDATE-Some folks asked for pricing without signing up for the program, just go to the link for the individual program so you can see options.

I’ll close with one of our Paleo Success stories, this one from Robbin.

Maybe this stuff does work!

Maybe this stuff does work!


Check that out, sign up and let us know how we can help you to reach your health and fitness goals.


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  1. Vanessa says

    Is there a way to get some info on the different cost structures to the client and the commission structures for the coach before signing up?

  2. Myron Hardesty says

    Tried to purchase the PT2 but as i submitted my payment it said that I had to choose a shipping optoion ?? (I had REMOVED the supplement option) I don’t see any opportunity on the order page to choose a shipping option. And if all I am purchasing is the community benefits et. al. and not the supplements – WHat’s to ship? not complaining just hoping I’m helping out in case there is a bug in the ordering. Love you guys. Thanks so much . I’ll try again. Already a fan of hte Personal Paleo Code on which this is based. Fantastic program. Keep up the good help.

  3. George Dixon-Spain says

    This looks terrific, and could differentiate me from the competition as I work freelance. I have been trying to put something like this together, so, thanks for doing it for us, with your combined knowledge I’m excited to get stuck in

    My question: do you ship your supplements to the UK?

    Many thanks for your time

  4. says

    i signed my gym up earlier this week but have not heard anything back yet. Just wondering when I should you expect to launch things? Really looking forward to implementing the program at my gym!


  5. Neil Barstow says

    Hi Robb, this is such a great resource, the PS book too. Thanks so much for taking the time.
    I see this post is old but I just found it and was interested to find out more about signing up as an individual (I train myself), but the “sign up” link goes to a 404 error.
    Thanks, neil

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