Best Weight Loss My Doctor Has Ever Seen!

I fall in the camp with those that say that your program probably saved their lives.  I am 63, and have been struggling with weight control and diabetes for about the past 15 years.

I picked up The Paleo Solution in February and got interested as soon as I started reading.  About a year and a half ago I read a book called Wheat Belly and learned of the detrimental effects of wheat.  I cut out the wheat and lost weight and my A1C dropped from 7.4 to 6.8 in just a 3 month period.  Then we went through a move and I was on extended travel for my company, so I lost my way, but I knew I could get back under control when things simmered down a bit.

Then came February and your book.  As soon as I started reading I cut out the wheat again.  It took me about 3 weeks to digest the book and get ready for the program (physically and mentally).  I officially started the program in mid-March.  During the 1 month period I dropped over 20 lbs and about 5 inches off my waist.  When I walked into my doctors office last week I jumped on the scale and from visit to visit (3 months apart) I was 40 pounds lighter.  My diabetes Doc exclaimed that this was the largest 3 month weight loss he had seen since he started practicing medicine.  The true test will be in the A1C numbers. I am anxiously awaiting the results of my labs. (Update: A1C went from 7.4 on Feb 8 to 6.6 three weeks ago.  I am convinced now that I can cure my Type 2 diabetes.)

The best part of it though is how much better I feel.  Oh, exercise has also played a key role in all of this.  I feel much stronger and have more stamina than I have had in years.  One of my main activities is hunting and fishing.  This has excited something primal in me.  Can’t quite explain it but it is something I didn’t expect when I started this.  The other thing I didn’t quite expect is how easy it is to stay with this.  I just don’t have the kind of discipline necessary to log or count every cal. that goes into my mouth.  I find it so much easier to just resign myself to the fact that grains and dairy are poisons to my system, and are not to be viewed as food, kind of like hemlock.

Again, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us.

Steve Hiett
Idaho Falls, Idaho


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    Please have Steve post again when he gets back his new A1C numbers. I know a diabetic that is convinced curing type II diabetes is a myth and I want Steve to prove him wrong. Good luck Steve!

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    I am 43 soon and was starting to get overweight and unhealthy. I had no energy was always tired and cranky and really wasn’t enjoying life. My partner got interested in the paleo diet and after a while we started to implement it into our daily routines. After about 6 months we are both a lot happier healthier and fitter, yes we also started a regular exercise program, but I am convinced that the paleo diet has a lot to do with how we feel now.

  3. Jack Thomas says

    Eliminating the wheat & glutens is tough – my favorite foods. You are totally on the right track – the key is loosing weight is not difficult, it just takes commitment to a routine–which is the tough part! And it takes balance, at least for me. Here’s my change: 1 – Exercise. 2 – Eat smaller portions. 3 – Drink tons of water. 4 – Supplements: I used: 5 – Eliminate Alcohol, Carbs, Sugar, glutens, and the bad stuff. The results are down 24 pounds in 8 weeks. You keep it up, it WILL pay off!

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