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  1. [8:09] Gluten Free Beer From Barley
  2. [14:40] Mind Altering Paleo Options
  3. [17:43] Lipolysis And Muscle Hypertrophy
  4. [21:48] Fats Post Workout
  5. [33:21] Catching Up Chest In Workouts
  6. [45:26] Cheat Days For Getting Ripped
  7. [1:04:48] Detoxification



1. Gluten Free Beer Brewed With Barley.

Anna says:

You guys kick ass… I’ll leave it at that. My question is about Omission Beer. I know gluten free beer is not the ideal beverage as far as low carb and grain free goes but once in a while a girl just needs a cold one after a big mountain bike ride. Nor Cal Margs don’t always cut it. I’ve generally stuck to beers brewed with rice or sorghum but Omission Beer is the first gluten free beer I’ve ever had that actually tastes like a real beer. Their IPA is the hoppy, bitter, liquid gold that I’ve been missing for the past 11 years of life without gluten. And the reason it’s so damn good is because they brew it with barley and then somehow magically remove the gluten. Pretty sure they do it by filtering the brew through a unicorn horn.

Question: If there’s no gluten left in the beer, do you see any reason drinking an Omission gluten free beer brewed with barley would be any worse than drinking a gluten free beer brewed with rice/sorghum (in spite of the fact that it’s delicious which makes me want another)?

Bonus question: Aside from the carbs in gluten free beer, are there any additional reasons to avoid it (lectins, nasties, etc.)?

Thanks a heap for taking the time to answer this as I’m sure you understand the extreme urgency and importance of this potentially life altering subject.




2. Mind Altering Paleo Options

Patrick says:
Rob and Greg,
I figure the title is right up you’re alley with all the talk of blow and hookers that goes on.
I really enjoy my after work drink but sadly it usually turns into the plural of drink anytime I imbibe.  I don’t plan on quitting alcohol altogether because then nobody would hang out with me.  I would however like to find a good relaxing alternative to replace my after work drink.  I though of pipe smoking but that doesn’t seem like a habit to pick up when you’re cultivating health.  Any recommendations on Paleo friendly options that don’t have negative effects from regular use.  Herbal intoxicants, magic brews, or is the NorCal Margarita my only option?  Thanks for all you do and keeping it light.

Asheville, NC


3. Lipolysis for muscle hypertrophy?

Thomas says:
I was wondering this morning if lipolysis is ever used for muscle hypertrophy?

As I understand (in the context of food), to build muscle we need to consume more energy then we expend. But would/could the body utilize body-fat for this purpose, or do you know if it simply down regulates muscle growth if energy is kept at maintenance levels despite available body-fat?

Many thanks,

London, UK.


4. fats post workout

Erik says:
Hey Rob, loved listening to you on Joe Rogans Podcast, so i decided to give your podcasts a shot..So far i love them and my clients thank you. Im a personal trainer and am curious about the consumption of healthy fats post workout after crossfit and after a 5 by 5 workout.( bench, rows, squats, deadlifts) Thanks for everything you guys do.

Ps you and greg need to get back with Joe Rogan


5. Playing catch up

Rob says:
Hey guys,

I wanna start off by saying thank you guys for all the work you do. You really change lives; you’ve saved my parents from a lot of needless suffering and I couldn’t thank you enough.

So my question starts about 3 years ago, when I first started working out. I was 21 at the time and doing some routines I found on the internet. After six months I noticed my chest really wasn’t seeing much progress relative to everything else. I had really only done football before hand and maybe did a whole whopping 100 push ups before I started working out. So I thought it’s just undeveloped and things will just get better if I tough it out.

After about a year I start working out with a buddy and he notices I’m lifting my left shoulder during any kind of press, regardless of the type of grip I’m using. He says I should try to stop that, but doing so meant dropping the weight and the hell if I’m gonna take a step backwards. The idiot I was…

A few months after that I started seeing a trainer who also said I should keep my shoulders stable and on the bench but at this point the damage has been done. I start a new program a few months later and the 1st day of the 2nd week I do chest again and say ‘This strain on my should is just way too much, there’s gotta be something wrong’.

So I go to a physiotherapist, I explain the problem, he takes one look at me and knows immediately what the problem is. My lower traps are essentially Steve Rogers before he was Captain America. My shoulder blades stick out like crazy as a result and I’m told to hold off on any kind of chest exercise: press/fly/dip or shoulder press till I get this worked out with Physio, about 3-4 months.

I was told I can go to town on legs and back; but my chest was lagging to begin with. So how the hell am I going to get things even now? Other than the physio I’m doing what kind of exercises/routines should I be doing and what kind should I be doing after recovery to help my chest catch up?

Side note: The fact that this went on for so long and even a trainer didn’t really advise looking into it too much has made me super skeptical about health advice I receive, even if I’m paying for it. Although, I always feel I’m in good hands when listening to you guys.



6. Cheat Days for Getting Ripped as Shit

Sam says:
Hey guys,

So I’ve been doing a lot of reading into how to make my body not only a deadly weapon in terms of athletic movements, but also a deadly weapon in terms of looking like a badass. I recently joined a CrossFit gym (sorry) to enter into a community where there will be people to push me physically past what I was doing on my own. Worry not, the programming there tends to be 40 minutes of mobility and strength with maybe ten to fifteen minutes of sweating.

Anyways, I’ve previously lost a lot of weight following Tim Ferriss’s diet from 4HB, and got ahold of “Engineering the Alpha” too. In both books, and in many protocols like the attached GQ article about Chris Evans, the diet guy recommends taking a day per week to go totally apeshit on eating junk food.

What’s your take on this? I know Mat LaLonde wasn’t huge on Tim’s protocol, but it seems like these protocols are all similar, get results, and will help me become a monstrous athlete with the sort of abs ladies fight to eat sushi off of.

Cheers to you both, kind sirs.



7. Detoxification

Grant says:
Straight up. I think its bullshit. However I have been known to be wrong before.
No one has ever shown me anything that could be considered proof and I really don’t like the ignorant hippies at the health food store and subsequently don’t waste my money on such things.

But…you have shown to be rational and have some cred. So how about it?

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  1. Jerm says

    Loved the Rant near the end of the podcast, nice to know that I’m not alone in the way i feel about tv, wasted time, etc! If you ever stop the podcast, im packing my shit and coming to Reno and going all “white belt trying to sink a bow and arrow choke” on your ass! You provided me with the proper info to change my life and health and i could never thank you enough. ha

      • says

        I started laughing out loud so much after hearing your rant on the removal of the gag reflex for the media cock. Priceless! I spit out my water on the freeway after almost losing control of the wheel my from laughter. Thank you for that. I also am congruent with your take on people drastically shifting all the energy, resources, spirit, and emotion they put into the meaningless race to have nicer cars and bigger houses, and put that into being a better human being. What kind of relationships, how I feel about myself and those I love, and how I value my friends is and will always be worth so much more than knowing what type of sweater that Kim Kardiashian’s dog wore Saturday. Hell yeah Rob love your thoughts. Still laughing.

  2. Joseph says

    The last part of the podcast was amazing! Please write the blog post you were referencing – I’m looking forward to reading it!

    • Antti says

      Agree 100% with Joseph and Jerm.

      The rant part was the funniest and true shit I’ve heard in a long time! :)

      Love ya guys!

  3. Ty Fyter says

    Hey Robb! What was the name of that gluten-free beer in Australia that tasted good?? I couldn’t make it out in the podcast,,,


  4. Grant says

    Thank you for your answer on “detox”. It closely matches my own findings, yay confirmation bias! Lol Had forgotten submitting it until I listened to the podcast this morning! Cheers and be well guy’s

    • says

      I agree! The best! Still fired up about it I know there are a TON of people that feel that way but are too wound up in the competition of modern society. Shit is real!

  5. Jerermy says

    Although it’s been said well above, I loved the rant and thought that it’s something that we all need to be reminded of. Thank you for not self-editing that.

  6. Geoff says

    “A fresh horse and a new club” is destined to join “6 listeners” “5 fries” and “Back the F off the Thighmaster” in the Paleo Solution Catchphrase Hall of Fame!

  7. duey says

    yea robb

    dont stop the podcast!! ill forgive you for controversial truth but damnit what is the point of living without robb and greg every tuesday. 😉

    but seriously. loved this podcast (esp the rant)

  8. Stephanie says

    Whoever needs some sort of mind altering intoxicant that’s not really intoxicating should try kava. It’s a nice beverage made from pounded and soaked roots and is traditionally consumed in the south Pacific, especially Hawaii and it makes you super mellow.

  9. Rob says

    Thanks for the tips guys, spot on. Really got me psyched about working on back! Side note: I’m 23 and Robb called me ‘kid’. Suddenly I feel very young.

  10. Sonny says

    Holy crap! angry Robb rocks! Spin right round baby right round like a record baby round round right round
    Wrt hacking, what do you think of occasional use of nicotine to enhance creativity/ boost mood, caffeine to blunt hunger and use preworkout in a fasted state? Melatonin, steroid (pro)hormones, modafenil(that shit’s legit) . In a perfect world none of these would be required, but used discriminately and judiciously they may help improve quality of life, no?

  11. Danelle says

    Having just found the Omission beer yesterday, I’m thrilled. The gluten free beers have always left me feeling sad and wrecked. I always perferred to just take my chances with a real beer and deal with the consequences. The Omission was really good and left my system intact. I highly suggest trying it out and seeing how you feel. (I know this sounds like some paid endorsement, but it’s not.) I hope they come out with a porter or stout.

  12. Jim says

    I’ve found one company that makes a good gluten-free beer and they have both dark beer and pale ales. It is Harvester Brewing out of Portland, Oregon. I’ve tried Omission (good but it has 10ppm of gluten) and New Planet (out of Colorado)and they are tasty beers and much better than Redbridge. But I like Harvester best. Hope this helps out anyone looking for a dark gluten free beer.

  13. says

    Holy shit, that was fantastic! I was listening to episdoe 189 when I heard you went off the reservation in this episode so I had to check it out immediately.

    Aside from laughing to the point of coworkers wondering what the hell I was doing, I couldn’t believe that I was hearing almost the exact conversation I had just yesterday.

    Like eerily similar, I believe my quote was, “If people spent even half the time they do learning about what the Kardashians are doing and instead just read a fucking book, our society would be leaps and bounds ahead of where we are and we could get rid of most the problems that plague us.” What makes it even better is the conversation started because I’m known as the crazy nutrition guy at work and someone who always eggs me on (it’s not hard) was joking about eating a $1.95 donut that couldn’t fit on a dinner plate and I just finally lost it.

    Thank you for saying what needed to be said! I’m glad you have an audience to hear it, I just alienate myself amongst coworkers and get a talking to from HR.


  14. says

    I was out cycling and catching up on some podcasts from you guys. I have to echo the sentiments of the previous posts here, I loved this episode and your rant on life and everything. References to the media and gagging had me laughing and almost losing control of my bike, good times!

    But in seriousness the issues you both touch on about cheat meals and the psychology of them is really great. For me personally it’s a really interesting topic and very close to home. I hope people listen to this and get as much from it as I have.

    Cheers from Australia,

  15. Kirstin Adam says

    I concur with all of the above comments. Hands down the best podcast yet. I might have to go and listen to it again just for the pure entertainment value. And to make me feel a bit better about my status amongst my friends and family as a “food Nazi” haha.
    Loved it and agree whole heartedly with the sentiments of your amazing rant Robb.

    Kirstin, from the UK

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