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  1. [5:55] Your Definition Of Health
  2. [11:26] Paleo Intervention For Food Addiction
  3. [18:38] Soylent: Non-Food Nutritional Liquid
  4. [27:17] Glycogen Storage and Depletion
  5. [33:13] Outback Workout
  6. [35:20] Sleeping Outdoors In Moonlight
  7. [39:59] Peanut Butter
  8. [45:15] Paleo Work Snacks
  9. [48:12] Tinea Versicolor



1. Your definition of health

Anthony says:

I heard Chris Kresser have a cool answer to what his definition of health was.  I was wondering what you and Greg’s answers are.

Question 2:  I was drinking water everyday out of a styrofoam cup.  Am I going to die earlier than the palm reader told me?  Or did she know about the styrofoam?

Stop spreading the good Paleo word, the more people that listen and learn, the less food for me!!


2. What about food addicts?

Nainoa says:
Aloha my idols,
I am back, one of your original 6 listeners, and benefactor of episode 29’s great advice.  Thank you.
I am going to buck tradition and just start with my question.  Do you think that there could be special Paleo interventions for food addicts? Some examples might include weighing and measuring or an addiction program.  I wonder what the research might say about a detox period where you avoid intense flavors and even mixing food to change the pathways in your mind.

Update, since episode 29 I have lost well over 45 kilos; from as high as 159 kilos to just over 90 now; from a 54 inch waist to 34 now.   I did it all without exercise, until most recently. So I am not the beast I was when last I wrote, but I have been greasing the groove and doing Power to the People and can feel my Polynesians genes activating and my new body is revealing a previously hidden side of my athleticism.

Just “going paleo” didn’t work for me.  I would be able to eat paleo for a good month or two but still couldn’t lose weight, because, first, I could just put down that much nuts, fruit, and sweet potatoes.  Secondly, I could not let go of the frickin cheat night.  I needed my fix.  Unfortunately the binge nights turned into days, and I stayed fat.

I lost my weight doing a 12-step food addiction program that is pretty paleo.  For my detox I have eaten 8 oz. Greek yogurt, 6 oz. fruit, and one ounce (dry weight) of oatmeal for breakfast.  Dinner and lunch are 6 oz. lean meat, 10 oz. cold veggies plus 1 Tbsp. no-carb dressing, and 6 oz. steamed veggies.

I ask this question because I feel there might be those who fall through the cracks, not for lack of will power or guts, but who, like me, suffer from addiction to food. They may come off weak or stubborn, but in reality are just slaves to the chemistry of their brains.  Maybe more could be reached with a special addiction intervention.   Thanks for all you do.  I am personally so grateful to you.


3. ‘the perfect balance of everything your body needs to function’

Michael says:

Have you guys read/heard about this?

The article is very seductive to read. It goes against EVERYTHING we believe right now, but the effects the media have extrapolated it could have on world hunger, agriculture, obesity, food poverty and the military are profound.

Ignore the name – it’s not soy-based from what I can see.

In having followed FDA recommendations I’m sure we could get things to a much better place with tweaking the formula provided with what we now know as a community.

What are your thoughts? What would the long-term effects of living on an ‘adult formula’ be? Rob’s set up a site to enlist recruits for informal trials:

Greg you’re going to hate it I’m sure, but could this be a revolution is cutting food expenditure, waistlines around the world, and in so doing ramping up overall productivity for those willing to forgo the enjoyment of food?


4. Glycogen storage and depletion

Thomas says:
Robb and Greg,

Been listening since day one and can’t get enough of the invaluable information and witty banter. Keep it up. Even though I’ve given it a gentleman’s try, I can’t seem to find any definitive information on the amount of glycogen that we burn at a resting and/or sleeping state. I feel like I need to know this stuff for a cyclic, low carb; or back-loading to be effective. I also can’t find info on the amount of consumed carbohydrates we can convert to glycogen both post work out and during other parts of the day. I’m just trying to kick some ass like everyone else. Please help me kick some ass.


5. Outback Workout

Liam says:
Robb and Greg,
I am moving into outback Australia for work. Needless to say unless I purchase a fighter jet I will be unable to make it to a gym.

A single kettlebell and trx, enough to stay jacked?

How would you structure it, goals to simply maintain some sort of physical nature.

Thanks boys, Liam


6. sleeping in the (moonlit) dark

Nik Hawks says:
Gentle people,
Was wondering what your thoughts are on sleeping in total darkness?  I hear you hitting on it a bunch as part of the total Paleo lifestyle but I feel like I’m missing some info.  I sleep outside pretty regularly and have noticed that no matter where I am (near a city or out in the wilds) there’s always some ambient light.  On full moon lights you can forget about any kind of dark time.  How could we have evolved to sleep in total darkness if we never (or rarely) actually experienced that condition?
Cheers & fuck yeah,


7. Peanut Butter

Tyler says:
Conventional wisodom says its a great source of protien and fats but the paleo community is quick to avoid it like the plague. If there are any benefits, would organic be a step in the right direction or does it really matter? Please put this one to rest once and for all and end my extra chunky vice that is peanut butter.

p.s. The show rocks. If it were up to me I would give you guys a spot on prime time TV and fire the idiots who thought it would be a good idea to have actors play doctor and give “health advice” to millions everyday.

8. Not your usual Paleo Snack Questionn

Nikhil says:
Hey guys! Great show, keep it going. Been Paleo since 2010, and am loving the really positive benefits it’s had to my health!

My question has to do with recommended Paleo snacks for snack bars. There is a snack bar at my job and it’s filled with the usual foolishness like Snickers, M&M’s and other stuff. It is pretty successful (people love junk food!). I want to replace the present junk with paleo-friendly snacks but I need to convince my boss that the things will sell and at a good profit. I was thinking of buying some bulk purchases of high quality paleo type snacks online to save money. What paleo snacks do you guys recommend that I can use to undermine this sugary stronghold? Thanks!


9. I’m a Leopard..

Marko says:
Hi Robb & Gregg, last year I visited a dermatologist and paid $180 for a 5 minute chat about my skin (fuck him, he told me not to train). For the past 3 years of my life I’ve been diagnosed with Tinea Versicolor; for the most part I don’t really mind looking like a Leopard but it does bother me from time to time when my skin becomes red and itchy.
I know it’s much more prevalent in hot environments so that sucks because I live in Australia and it get’s pretty humid here. I also train in BJJ with a couple of sessions of Weightlifting and Kettlebell work during the week. I don’t plan on stopping BJJ so I know that probably won’t help the condition. After some digging around I found some ‘natural remedies’ such as aloe vera gel and saprox that might work, there’s also some info on selenium supplementation in treating Tinea Versicolor.

Is there anything you suggest? Foods to avoid or eat more of, supplements, herbals, hippie crap etc.. Your help is greatly appreciated.. Thanks for all the coffee fueled drives to University while listening to your podcasts.

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  1. Kevin Cann says

    Amino Acid Therapy has worked very well for my clients with food addiction. Might be something to check out.

  2. Josh says

    Hey Robb

    What’s your take on Paul Jaminet’s advice regarding fungal infections?
    He advises that people fighting fungal infections not go ketogenic because he believes that it worsens the problem.

  3. mister worms says

    Agreed on the peanut butter… that is some tasty stuff. If I have more than a teaspoon or so (who can eat only 1 tsp. of PB??) it seems to influence how easily I break out in stress-induced hives. Then there’s PB + chocolate + stress: the perfect recipe for a cold sore.

  4. Kevin says

    So I had Tinea Versicolor for a few years. I live in the North East so it would get really bad in the summer and better in the winter. Would always be the worst after a hot shower.

    I went to the dermatologist. She gave me an oral anti fungal. It was brutal stuff, messed my gut up for a while, and made me really sensitive to sun light(skin & eyes). She also advised me to use “Head and Shoulders” as a body wash. But it did the trick, it was gone in 2 days, hasn’t come back in 2 years and i will still use the head & Shoulders shampoo a few times a week.

    I felt stupid waiting so long to see a Doc. I say find a better dermatologist.

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