Breast Augmentation & Autoimmunity – Episode 172

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  1. [8:50] Radiation From Flying
  2. [12:54] Renegade Diet
  3. [13:35] Clean Deadlift Vs. Deadlift
  4. [21:10] Police Fitness
  5. [25:23] Breast Implants and Autoimmunity
  6. [30:02] Hunter Gatherers and Monogomy
  7. [37:39] Deer Antler Velvet
  8. [39:28] Neuropathy (HNPP) and Nerve Regeneration
  9. [43:55] The Marshall Protocol and Vitamin D



1. Radiation levels from flying

Bob says:
Hey Robb and Greg,

Lets skip the knob-slobbing and get straight to the question: is radiation from frequent flying something to be concerned about?

I am an airline crew member and just found it about increased radiation levels while flying. Apparently European airline companies have a max limit they allow their employees to gather annually (no clue how they do it) but we don’t have any kind of restrictions or ways to track it. I’m seeing a lot of mixed reviews in terms of how much is dangerous and how much a flight may expose you to.

Assuming it is a concern, what are some things I can do to combat that besides quitting? I see things like spirulina and bee pollen being suggested, any thoughts?
2. Renegade Diet

Chris says:
Hi Robb, I am looking into Jason Ferruggias’s Renegade Diet.  He lists you as a reference, which I like, but there are no referenced studies to back up his book.  I suffer from frequent constipation so I like his emphasis on optimizing digestion, but do you think it is a worthwhile endeavor to try it out?


3. Clean Deadlift vs Deadlift

Michael says:
Thanks for the awesome podcast guys, it has been a valuable education tool for me.

My questions is about teaching new athletes to do the clean in a CrossFit group class environment and how much I should get into the weeds with the first pull. I have read the second edition of Greg’s “Olympic Weightlifting”. It does a great job of explaining the difference between the two and why there is a difference.

However, the difference was never stressed to me by any previous coach. Back in 2009 I tried to ask why it was different at my CrossFit level one seminar and basically was told it is not. I have started to suspect that it is just glossed over because in a non-weightlifting specific environment it is just too complex and less important than other faults such as pulling early with the arms or not getting the hips full open etc.

It does seem a bit confusing to teach new lifters to do the two lifts differently as they already have so much on their plates. At times I feel it may be easier just to drill the mid-hang to death and not worry so much about how they get there.

On the other hand I have what is in effect blank slates and I don’t want to waste the opportunity to teach them correctly. I do wish I was taught correctly.. and I guess that could be my answer right there!

I ordered “Olympic Weightlifting for Sports” just before asking this question and hope that maybe I can glean some insight there.

Thanks so much!


4. Police Fitness

Nate says:
Robb, I am a cop and for the most part my job is not very demanding physically.  Hours of sitting in a car or in front of a computer typing reports. With that being said,  there are brief moments of all out physical work with little to no notice that randomly occur. Do you have any recommendations for exercising to prepare for this in order to minimize injury risk?  I currently do heavy lifting 3 times a week, walking/hiking, and sprints/plyo once a week. Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work.


5. Paleo girl considering not-so-paleo-tits

Tiny says:
Hi Robb & Greg,

I hope the subject line made the cut :) I searched for “breast” in your podcasts but nothing related to large fake boobs.

I’m in my mid-twenties and am considering a breast augmentation, saline preferred but possibly the new solid “gummy” silicone option. I know it isn’t Paleo but having larger breasts can be so much more fun!

I’m 5’1 and 110 lbs. Aside from food sensitivities (gluten/sugar malabsorption) I’m healthy and am very in control of my health through my choices in food, thanks to you.

I wanted to know what your thoughts are and what someone with autoimmune issues should be aware of before putting something foreign into their breasts. I also have no history of breast cancer in my family. Thanks!

Kind regards,
Tiny, but decent :)


6. Hunter Gatherer’s, players or monogamous

Mark says:

Your the best.

So I was wondering whether hunter gatherers were players or formed life long relationships with a single partner?

Did you my caveman Grandad swing his stuff round the camp whilst my cave lady grandma put it about? Or did they form monogamous relationships with a single partner?

Why’s this important? Well depending on the answer I get I could use this as a justification for my behaviour.


7. Do, I dare, an IGF-1 deer?

Ricardo says:
Firstly you guys rock.

So what’s the deal with deer antler velvet?

Here are a couple of links:

It contains a banned substance, a growth hormone called “insulin-like growth factor 1,” or IGF-1. Since this one ingredient is banned can we assume there is some benefit in consumption of deer antler velvet supplements?

Or is it simply another crock of shit example of where not to allocate ones time & money?

Cheers guys!


8. HNPP and nerve regeneration

Phil says:
Hi Robb and Greg,

I’ll make this short and sweet. I’ve been diagnosed with a hereditary neuropathy with pressure palsy. Aside from quitting my high stress/long hours desk job, kicking in the BJJ bucket and keeping paleoness at 100%, what can I do to get use of my shoulder and foot back?

Lower omega 6’s? ALA? B vitamins? Carnosine?

Please help a paleo brother get back to showering without his mum. It kinda sucks.

Cheers guys


9. The Marshall Protocol (Vit. D)

Matt says:
Hey Rob, long time listener, first time questioner. My wife has hypothyroid and has resisted taking vitamin D because of the idea’s in the Marshall Protocol. What are your thoughts on the Marshall Protocol for autoimmune diseases- especially as they relate to vitamin D supplementation? Thanks,

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  1. Anders Albert says

    Thanks guys, that was funniest shows I have listen to of all the 172 you have done. Good information and lots of laughs.

  2. says

    Robb & Greg,

    Best podcast ever…boobs, velvet deer antler & dead lifts…on my!!!!

    With regards to ionizing radiation there are some good hits on Mercola. Flight attendants suffer from significantly higher miscarriage rate than general population. Also have read that flying at night dramatically lowers radiation exposure.

    Robb, congrats on potential upcoming hospital presentation, integration and TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION!!! To quote Gandhi, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

    Lastly, with regards to the last question, my wife who survived cancer started out giving up sugar—no easy task as she is French Culinary Institute trained pastry chef. Blood levels showed hypothyroid. She then stopped eating gluten and dairy and, VIOLA, thyroid returned to normal—6 weeks!!! Proof is ion the pudding, on vacation during summer, she decided to have stir-fry with tempura batter…”what can a little gluten do?” How about a fun-filled night arrhythmia!!! Be Well

  3. Cher says

    Great podcast today! Just wanted to pass on another option to the young woman contemplating forever changing her breasts (guess you can tell i’m not a big fan of fake boobs LOL) that there is a somewhat more natural option of transferring your own fat into your breasts. If she isn’t interested in cartoon sized boobs, this might give her the results she is after without the lifetime of maintenance, and a much more natural feel, for her and any others who may benefit. Dr.s are getting very good at this process, and you get a little lipo at the same time! Of course the choice of Dr is very important for either procedure, but I just hope this gives her another option to choose from. :-)

  4. says

    Holy crap, I’m furious about how angry I am not! I wish I were closed minded and intolerant right now so I could say something like, “How dare you science my species with facts and things! I do not like you for you have made me think thoughts that make me uncomfortable and now you will feel my imagined wrath!”

    Damn my open mindedness and education!

    Good podcast, guys. Possibly my favorite lately. Then again, maybe I’m just a fan of boobs and sex talk. I smell a topic shift coming up. “Evolving Up Sexy, with Robb Wolf and Greg(g) Everett”

  5. Judith says

    As a breast cancer survivor, I opted for reconstruction because that is what is assumed that every woman wants. I have learned a lot about implants since they were placed April of 2012. I had a bilateral mastectomy so the implants had to be put under my chest muscles and I was told they would comfortable and look nice. What they didn’t say is that they really don’t act (or feel) like real breast tissue and they “jump” everytime I use those chest muscles to reach or lift. I am now campaigning to have them removed with no reconstruction. Please look at other women’s experiences (both good and bad) with implants before making your choice. Because of your age, you will have to replace the implant at least once in your lifetime if not more. Here is a website that I found helpful but there are others.

  6. Lindsey says

    Awesome podcast!
    I read Sex at Dawn and thought it made a lot of sense (I will check out that critique that leoncaruthers mentioned, though). As open minded and frisky as I am it has been hard to convince myself and others it’s an okay way to behave. I could see this being functional in small, egalitarian societies but getting my boyfriend to be cool with a couple other dudes joining has been a no go. To the guys that want more women, can you flip it around and be cool with your girl being with multiple partners? I think it really is the possessiveness of males that’s holding back a lot of good sex. And probably the potential of catching a STD… But anyway, I think once women achieve equal status and have a smaller need for a man’s status/resources to raise babies this whole monogamy thing will fade. I could go on but I probably shouldn’t. :)

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