Texas chile

By: Hans ten Broeke

Servings: 4-6

Wick Fowlers Chili Kit
pasture butter, bacon or lard
1 large onion coursely chopped
2 lbs grass fed beef or lamb chopped into 1/2 inch cubes
1 lb ground venizon or grass fed beef
1 28oz can Crushed Fire Roasted tomatoes

Instructions: Melt a healthy chunk of butter or lard or render the bacon and saute the onion over medium heat, when translucent add the chooped meat and brown over medium high heat and then add the chopped meat and brown. Add the large chili seasoning package to the meat, stir well. Add the crushed (diced is ok) tomatoes to the chile. Fill 1/2 the can with water and add. Bring to simmer and add the rest of the chilli kit except for the masa harina (throw that away). Simmer till you can’t stand it anymore and enjoy. Gets better with each passing day

Notes: Nothing special here other than a pretty authentic Texas style chile (no beans preferred in Texas) using real vacuum packed chili spices.

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