I’m 34 but feel 24 again!

Written by: Jeremy Suggett

I was diagnosed 18 months ago with insulin resistance…also have
Microalbuminuria, high BP 161/100, and chronic pain.

12 months ago I put in motion serious changes to my life, as I had been
an ex athlete and suffered some terrible injuries/surgery that sent me
and my health on a massive downward spiral.

I achieved ok results in the first few months, dropping body fat, and
getting from 115 down to 108. My greatest changes have been since I
began crossfit in October- I was introduced to Paleo and therefore
wanted to learn more, so got your book.

Since about mid December I have tightened my diet up further- was
pretty good, but I really honed in on those sugars and wheat, and increased
my fats.

I saw my doc for the first time last week ( was seeing him regularly
as kept getting sick). My health is back in check, and I am now insulin
sensitive, BP is back to 129/80, no more albumin excretion,
cholesterol, sugars, everything is great. I was also discharged from
the pain docs, and am back off all medication saving about $250 a
month….. I am 34 but feel 24 again.The last ten years have been the
toughest for me physically and mentally. The biggest changes I’ve made
that have also help reduce my waistline by 15cm in 3 months have been
increasing my fats- 50% of daily intake would be from fats. It
seems to work for me as I don’t need to eat as much, or as often, and
haven’t been hungry or wanting more- if I do it’s just more protein or
fat. True, my carbs could be better, but it’s not affecting my
performance as yet. I imagine I well settle around 45% fat, 35%
protein and 20% carbs- for my health and potential to become diabetic
this seems to work for me, and I haven’t felt this good or confident in
my nutrition since I played competitive sport…

Thought I’d share with you, and thanks for the info, it’s changed my
life- and probably saved it


















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  1. says

    You’re big pimpin’ Jeremy! It’s crazy what an impact good nutrition has on health and the fact that it’s saving you money is awesome considering how often people at having to buy expensive grass fed beef over cheap but nutritionally empty breads and pastas.

  2. BJ says

    Jezza, are you sure the weight loss isn’t from all those party pills you been popping. I recon the fist pumping drugs you’ve been eating would contribute

  3. says

    Hey Jeremy, that is an amazing transformation, congrats on your tenacity to make it, inspiring!!!

    What amazes me when I look at before and after pics is how TOTALLY different some people look, actually like a different person. Your face is so different to the overweight pic, it’s incredible.

    This is yet another demonstration of how diet and movement combine to bring you back from illness and obesity to the fit, lean, healthy and vibrant human being your genes want you to be. Well done again.

  4. dm74 says

    Rob, I have been on an auto-immune version of the Paleo diet for a couple of years now; have lost a chunk of weight but symptoms remain but that is another story. I recently came across new research on the diet of early man which is labeled as “surprising” in which they found early man subsisted on sedges and grasses as opposed to meat. Since this seems to be new news how does it impact the Paleo view of things. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/12/121214200916.htm?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+sciencedaily+(ScienceDaily%3A+Latest+Science+News)

    • says

      Keep in mind that is from nearly 4 million years ago…right before all the changes in GI structure and increase in brain size that actually MADE us human!

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