Hey Everyone!

I wanted to put a cool resource on your radar, Lobster.com. About a month ago I wanted to do something a little different for Nicki as far as dinner and I started looking around for some options. Reno has some pretty solid food choices, I just wanted something a bit unique. In my digging around on the interweebz I found Lobster.com and thought “this might be pretty cool.” I shot the folks at lobster an email, asked a few questions and then placed an order for 2 medium sized LIVE lobsters and a pound of fresh scallops.


The photos below will give you a pretty good idea of the fiesta, but as to specifics I just followed the cooking instructions included with the shipment, steaming the lobsters. While that was rolling, i cooked the scallops in a pan with Kerry Gold butter. When the scallops were finished I carefully removed them from the pan (a set of kitchen tongs is really helpful here) and then cooked some french green beans form Trader Joe’s in the same pan, using the butter and scallop juice to flavor the green beans. I melted some more butter to dip the lobster in and added 3-4 cloves of crushed, fresh garlic to that. By the end of the meal our kitchen table was a thin layer of butter and lobster but it was amazing!

If you are looking for a little something different, either for yourself or as a holiday gift, check these folks out. they can ship anywhere in the US overnight, I’m not sure about international orders though.

Ok, hope y’all are well. I’m working on a post with my thoughts on Low carb and paleo.

Good times inside!



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  1. Dawn says

    Wow – good for you. In my case that lobster would have been a pretty expensive piece of place decoration, because I’d be full and finished after eating that many scallops! Oh, plus the green beans, with butter – I have to go lie down now.

  2. Doug Weatherbee says

    Sounds great Robb. I’m originally from Nova Scotia but now live in Central Mexico. Used to have an old cedar shake house on an island off Nova Scotia with the lobster fishing boat wharf in front. Cooked a lot of lobsters. You can’t find this in Reno, but… if you ever find yourself near the ocean, cook the lobsters in sea water, yum.

    • says

      Doug! We get down to Eluthera about once per year and I’ve managed to catch/spear a good bit of lobster and always cook it in sea water. Mind my asking where in Mexico you living?

  3. says

    Hey Robb

    A GREAT idea, my wife loves lobster so this has inspired me. I am in the UK, so will have to source my lobster locally, but I live close to the coast and there is plenty of seafood on the radar.

    How did the dinner go down with your wife?

    BTW, looking forward to your Paleo/Low Carb post. I tend to eat that way, and although I am very active, so far, I don’t feel the need to eat sweet potato etc to meet energy requirements, and my weight is holding steady.

    Some things I would love to see in that post are your views on:

    Low carb (sub 50 grms per day) as a long term strategy, implications of that if there are any.

    Low carb and aging. I’ve seen a couple of people ranting about longterm low carb is not good for the body and pushes the again process along. I am not convinced by that, any views?

    Thanks again for a great resource, loving it!

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