I have Stuck With Paleo and Realized Just How Much It Changed My Life!

Hi Robb,

Let me start off by saying I attended your seminar in September 2010 in Brooklyn NY, and am so happy I did! Now, ANY question any of my clients have about Paleo I reference you. I tell them you are my guru when it comes to the Paleo Lifestyle. So ”thank you” for all your research and willingness to share with us mere mortals!

I am 50 years old and started Paleo Lifestyle in January of 2010 after trying many, many other diets. I have stuck with Paleo and realized just how much it has changed my life!

At 45 my husband of 25 years decided he did not want to be married anymore, so now I was in divorce, my youngest was off to college and I became an empty nester all by myself, my son had enlisted in the Navy was in the Intelligence end working with the SEALs (serving two tours in Afghanistan), I was selling our home of 15 years, I lost my job of 10 years, I started my CrossFit Affiliate business, and to top it all off I was going through menopause. So of the top 10 stressors in life I was dealing with 6 of them all at the same time. To tell you I was a wound up ball of stretched rubber bands waiting to snap is an understatement.

I have always had ADHD, anxiety, reflux, sleeplessness, stomach issues, and have been told many times I had way to much energy, and that people couldn’t handle me all of my life. At 45 when I thought my life was over, and dealing with the 6 top stressors in life, I was going through life on adrenaline. Honestly looking back, I don’t know HOW I got to where I am today. It all seems like a big blur. When I started Paleo the first thing I noticed was that I no longer had reflux! For me that was huge, because a glass of water at times could bring on heartburn. I was amazed, then I noticed for the first time ever (that I could remember) I started being regular in my bowel movements (gross I know) but again for me this was huge! I went to the doctor for an MRI for my lower back and he told me I was literally full of feces and I needed to get that under control because it is a poison that leaks into your system and other issues can occur! After success with those two issues it was enough for me to stick with Paleo. I have since noticed my anxiety level has dropped, and my ADHD is for once in my life under control. My stress level has subsided and I am able to control it (most times). The biggest compliment I have received is from my two daughters. When they tell me how proud they are of me because I am so much better at handling my stress and not flying off and yelling at anyone in my path (mostly them), it is such a feeling of pride and accomplishment for me.

I competed in the CrossFit Games Open in 2011 and came in 72, this year I came in 50 and next year I hope to be going to the games as an athlete and if not that’s okay because my LIFE is so much more manageable because of my eating!

My CrossFit affiliate is growing bigger every day, and we hold Paleo Challenges at least 4 times a year for our members. I don’t even have to ”brow beat” any of my members into Paleo. When they join we talk about diet, I ask if they want any information about the Paleo Lifestyle, if they are interested I tell them about you and to get your book, The Paleo Solution” and if they say no, then they are usually coming to me after they see results from one of our Paleo Challenges.

I could go on and on Robb but I think you get the picture. Honestly ”thank you” for all that you do to keep us informed of the Paleo Lifestyle. I love your newsletters and look forward to reading them every morning when I start my day.

Dawn Bancroft
CrossFit Sine Pari


  1. D C Green says

    Hi that’s really interesting that the ADHD symptoms abated. Can I ask, please, how long did it take? My son has characteristics of (although not full-blown) ADHD and as my husband and I are adopting paleo ourselves, if it alleviates ADHD it’s an even stronger case for putting my son on it too.

  2. says

    What an awesome story. I love to read the success stories ad it pushes me on to achieve my goals.

    I will be one of the paleo success stories in the future.

  3. GB says

    Good for you! Rock on!!

    Amazing when you find a key that fits most of the locks you’ve been trying to get rid of…

  4. Deb says

    awesome story! thanks for sharing! I am just starting paleo, actually on Day 22 of the Whole30. After less than a week, I was eating veggies that usually triggered my reflux. I am drinking coffee too. I have GERD & a hiatal hernia and am on med’s. My GI doc has been suggesting surgery but I hesitate. I saw him yesterday and he was so pleased with my results so far! I can now wean off some of my PPI and then maybe the 2nd dose also! I now believe if I eat well, my body will be well. Thanks for sharing your inspirational story!

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