Want Dinner on the Table Fast – Try Paleo Slow Cooking!

Life moves fast.  It’s in constant motion from the time you wake up until you go to bed.  Balancing the kids, school, work, activities, etc; who has time to actually think about what’s for dinner?  It happens almost everyday – you get home after a long day, you’re hungry, tired and definitely don’t feel like spending the next 30-60 minutes ‘russling up some grub’ for you and the family.  Well, I am here to tell you that your fate doesn’t have to be a quick call to Pizza Hut or a can of tuna and a bag of spinach.  I know what you’re thinking – How is this possible?  Are you crazy? While I may be a little crazy – I assure you it is in fact possible and you only need to do three things.  Number 1 – Buy yourself a slow cooker.  I’m telling you, if you don’t already have one – it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!  Number 2 – Order a copy of the NEW “Paleo Slow Cooking – Gluten Free Recipes Made Simple” Cookbook written by Growing up Paleo’s own Chrissy Gower.  Number 3 – Use both the slow cooker and the cookbook regularly.  Really now, was that so hard?

Now on to business. Let’s talk about the latest and greatest Paleo cookbook on the market and why it’s a ‘must have’ for every kitchen (even your non-paleo friends and family will be impressed!!).  First off, the author Chrissy Gower, knows exactly what it’s like to be BUSY.  She’s got a family (husband and 2 extremely cute little kids – one of which has just recently hatched), a job, and a blog.  Additionally, she wrote this book while she was pregnant!  A-FREAKING-MAZING!!!  Chrissy ‘gets it!  Secondly, the book is very well put together and provides a wealth of information along with the great recipes.  You’ll find out how Chrissy and her husband ‘found paleo’, how to raise a paleo family (and include the kids in the kitchen!), pick out a slow cooker, find out what utensils you’ll need,  learn what foods work best for slow cooking, and learn a bunch of cooking techniques too.  All of this and we haven’t even touched the recipes yet!

Did you know…  You can make breakfast in a slow cooker?  How about bake sweet potatoes?  And yes, even dessert!  Seriously, my mind was blown!  Who knew?  Really, who needs a frittata when you can have a Sausage, Mushroom and Spinach ‘Crock-tata’, and Jalapeno Sausage Hash?  When you see the pictures you will completely understand – like, lick the page worthy…   The soups and stews section holds recipes for bone broth, Coconut Cream of Broccoli Soup, Classic Chicken Soup and so many more!  And while were talking comfort foods; Fire-Roasted Meatloaf, Butternut Squash Lasagna (yes, lasagna in a slow cooker!!), and Grandpa’s Saucy Ribs are just a few of the main dish offerings.  The side dish section let’s you step away from the crock and accessorize your meal.  There are salads, sauces, salsas and vegetable sides – and all you hard charging athletes – be sure to check out ‘Robb’s Post Workout Carbaganza’ – this is no doubt the recipe that will finally make this Robb Wolf guy famous… (and by the way he wrote the book’s Forward too)  Finally, no cookbook is complete without a few ‘treat’ recipes and Paleo Slow Cooking is no exception.  From banana bread to brownies, Chrissy’s got you covered.

So if your life is moving ‘fast’ start cooking ‘slow’ with Paleo Slow Cooking and kiss the delivery guy and canned tuna goodbye for good?

How ‘slow’ can you go?

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  1. says

    Definitely will be picking this one up!! I’ve been scouring the land for some good recipes with slow cooker season upon us. Then again, perhaps all year should be slow cooker season!

  2. Amber says

    My pre-order arrived last night and my 3 year old sat down with and basically demanded every item out of the soups and stews section based on the pictures alone! Everything looks delicious and so easy. I have always loved my crockpots (yes, I have 2), but my repertoire of recipes just quadrupled with Chrissy’s book. Can’t wait to dive into it!

  3. Amy V says

    We got it and my daughter said, “there is no point in me marking pages, I want you to do them all.”

    That’s the very best endorsement from my non-paleo teen!

  4. says

    i’ve had a crock pot for about a year and only used it a few times. based on this review and amazon, this should get me started in the right direction. combining paleo recipes with the crock post is genius! thanks for posting!

  5. says

    I’m just learning about paleo and trying to get my diabetic mother in on the change as well. She can’t put down the white bread, sugar and processed foods but will give them up for recipes that include her slow-cooker….. We may have hit gold!! Can’t wait to order this book for Christmas. Yay me :)

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