We Want Paleo!

The people behind Paleoplan.com are excited to unveil We Want Paleo.

“It’s a website where people can submit their names and zip codes – like a petition – with which we’re hoping to identify some key locations that have a lot of Paleo followers. Once we’ve identified some locations, we’ll start reaching out to the restaurants in those areas specifically. And we’ll keep the We Want Paleo subscribers up to date on where to find new Paleo-friendly restaurants. We think those restaurants who do offer Paleo menu items will be handsomely rewarded by our business.”


The majority of us following a paleo lifestyle probably cook most of our own food and eat at home. However, lots of us like to “kick up our heels”, go out to eat, be with friends and family, and let someone else do the cooking and cleanup. Wouldn’t it be nice to have restaurants in your area that had paleo friendly items on the menu? Sign up and let restaurants know what we want, We Want Paleo! It’s a win win. You might start to find good paleo friendly items on the menu without having to special order, and the restaurants might get more business to boot!

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Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Paleo Transformation

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  1. Patrick says

    Looks to be a great idea. Shame that it’s so parochial – there is paleo life outside of the USA!

  2. rob says

    Its so cool that the momentum in the Paleosphere is getting stronger and stronger.
    Who knows what will happen in 12 months. So exciting!!!!!!
    Keep up the Fantastic work Robb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • says

      It’s not as easy as you think. Many restaurants add seasonings and/or other ingredients to otherwise innocuous foods that render them distinctly “un-paleo”… Of course, it depends on how strictly you follow the diet. An example – if somebody seeking Paleo cuisine comes into my restaurant, I make sure they know that I use grain/soy oils in some dishes, but I will gladly swap for extra-virgin olive oil if possible. I think that situation represents the kind of attention to detail this group is seeking. I applaud the effort.

  3. Dave Mayo says

    Great idea! I have a 30 day Paleo Challenge going on via facebook that starts Monday with 30 people signed up so far. The biggest stumbling block I see people post so far is ease of implementation and this will certainly help. Hopefully peeps give me some feedback on other issues they have so I can get more folks on board. I will pass this on to them and other Paleo clients I have.

  4. says

    I would like to add that wewantpaleo might consider adding a registry, so that Paleo-friendly restaurants can enter their information into a database so consumers can more easily find them. I have not found a way to contact them myself, or else I would have already suggested this to them directly.

  5. Daniel Luterman says

    Where can we add a restaurant that is paleo friendly?

    And I also have a question….. Anyone know about seasonings and additives used in Brazilian BBQ? they seem to be popping up everywhere…. And they epitomize MEAT and veggies!!!

  6. James says

    I am on the road a lot and as a result find it incredible at what there aint out there – even at the so called healthy places!

    I don’t like to eat close to PALEO, I like to eat Paleo period. So I don’t settle, instead, I started staying at Candlewood suites because you can cook in the rooms. I can then go out to the local grocery and put enough together to get some decent eating. But when I have those business meals with others it gets real challenging and usually ends up the classic chicken salad.

    Some establishments will substitute and make a pretty decent go with whats on hand. They always get at least a 20% tip and return kudos from me.

    There are some places that add MSG and other rot to alter taste and even how you drink. Only bad thing is you can’t read the label on a menu.

    Keep up the effort!!

    Jim – the newbee

  7. Erin Nissen says

    Robb Wolf, YOU ROCK!!! Keep up the great work. I live in Saint Louis, Missouri 63105. I would love for you to check out the site that my friend has:
    Project Paleo STL
    just Google it…her name is Leeny Hoffman and she is a BIG FAN and so am I.
    If you are ever in town, please contact us.
    You are healing so many… we have so many stories.

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