What the "Paleo" World Eats – Call for Contributers

Get your carts ready and your cameras out.  We want to see what foods you and/or your family buy and eat in a week including photos of the purchase receipts.  Confused, wondering why and what for?  The inspiration for this assignment/project comes from my favorite coffee table book: Hungry Planet: What The World Eats.  The book shows photos of what families around the world eat in one week with everything laid out in one shot.  It also lists the foods pictured, their costs and the entire bill for the week (this is why we’re requesting pictures of the receipts too!).  At the end of all of this we’ll be able to see how eating styles, costs, and family compliance/non-compliance factor into the paleo way of eating around the country and hopefully world!

Here’s what we need:

  • Photo(s) of your/your family’s weekly food purchases – this includes restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, and anywhere else you buy any other consumable item.  Include ‘non-paleo’ foods too for price comparison and to illustrate that in some cases not all family members are paleo followers.
  • Photo(s) of receipts from all food/beverage purchases (this includes bottled water and non-paleo foods too.).
  • List of the foods pictured and amount of each. (example: 4 apples, 1 pound grassfed ground beef, etc.)
  • Any other photos of meals you prepared, shots of your family eating, grocery store shelves, farmers markets, etc. to help illustrate the culture are welcome.
  • I highly recommend looking at this slide show and/or checking out the book at your local library to get an idea of how awesome this project could be!

This is going to be fun, eye-opening and a great way to show the rest of the world (paleo or not) what you eat!

  • Submit all of your photos (up to 5) and information below:

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  1. says

    i’m interested in contributing but can’t seem to upload my info. i’ve tried several times. i’ll keep trying. please forgive if your receive multiple submissions from me.

  2. Nick says

    How long do we have to submit? This is a great idea. I have seen that slide show before, but I forgot how much processed food people bought!!!

  3. Mel says

    Great idea, but do I as a single person family unit count? The cats also eat paleo but I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for….

    • Amy Kubal says

      Yes!! You definitely count! Just let us know how many your food is feeding! It it’s just you and the cats that’s all we need to know! :)

  4. says

    I am looking forward to share our family experience, all the way from the Netherlands. Our 3 children recently started eating paleo food and we have seen such great progress in their behavior! I have already made plans to start a Dutch website with information for parents about how to feed children in a paleo way:-)

      • says

        Hoi Monique,

        Ik zie nu pas je reactie. Via facebook heb ik je ge-friend, misschien kunnen we ervaringen uitwisselen. NL is nog niet zo bekend met Paleo, zeker niet voor kinderen. Wij zijn nu 2 maanden bezig met onze 3 kids (en mijn man en ik zelf al ruim een jaar) en het is ongelofelijk hoe ze zijn veranderd. Ik ben benieuwd naar alle foto’s die Robb nu aan het verzamelen is:-)

  5. Chantel says

    From looking at the Times slideshow, it appears that the obesity epidemic and poor eating habits are not unique to the United States. Paleo needs to takeover the world! :)

  6. Sonya says

    What a great idea! Educational and feeds my voyeuristic appetite, too! *grin*

    I just bought 16 lbs. of locally raised grassfed beef on sale so my freezer is full and my shopping will be limited. I suppose I could pull what I would eat out of the freezer for a photo op…. would that work?

  7. says

    I’ve just uploaded 5 documents, I could only include 3 food images because I needed one spot for the receipts and one for our actual food list. You can contact me or friend me on facebook for more images. We’ve been 80/20 Paleo since the beginning of March (my daughter closer to 30/70), before that we ate healthy (no processed or junk food, organic, grass fed meats) but it included grains, legumes, more dairy and a little more sugar. Looking forward to see the result! Be well, Monique

  8. says

    I love this book! I also have “Material World” by the same photographer. I had taken a photo a few years ago of our weekly food after reading this book. Don’t know if I can put my hands on it.

  9. Laurence says

    Thank you for sharing your info. I truly appreciate your efforts and I will
    be waiting for your further post thanks once again.

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