Paleo grocery shopping on a budget – what do you want to know?

The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide

The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide - coming soon!

We’ve been teasing you for a while now about a new multimedia, interactive eBook guide that would be released soon – and… drumroll please… we’re proud to announce that in the next several weeks we’ll be rolling out The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide.

It’s going to be pretty freakin’ comprehensive. We’ll tackle stuff like:

  • Proving that Paleo is possible by busting up excuses such as: Paleo food is too expensive, I don’t have fancy stores like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, I can’t afford grass-fed or organic, I don’t have time to cook
  • How to cook – we’ve got original videos from some of the top Paleo bloggers showing you simple techniques in the kitchen
  • How to find “free money” and extra time to make Paleo possible for you
  • The foundation of cooking healthy meals on a budget – meal planning
  • Worksheets like the Meal Maker Checklist, This Week’s Menu planner, and a Shopping List
  • Money Saving Tricks to push your budget even further
  • Budget Shopping Priorities – Navigating “green lingo” like grass-fed and free-range, which produce to buy organic and which you don’t have to, what to do when you can’t afford grass-fed or organic
  • Making it work in the kitchen
  • Other great programs and helpful resources
  • Where to buy Paleo food online

And seriously, tons more. 

What do you want to know about budget grocery shopping while eating Paleo?

Robb’s going to do a special podcast all about budget grocery shopping. We want your burning questions. Please leave a comment below with your questions about Paleo grocery shopping while on a budget!

Are you a budget-conscious Paleo eater?

We’re looking for a few budget-minded folks to get a free, advance copy of our guide to review. Are you interested in eating healthfully while pinching every last penny? Interested in reading and reviewing this guide for free? Leave a comment below telling us why you’re interested in reviewing the guide, and where you’d be posting your review (a blog? Facebook? just want to give us feedback?) and we might be in touch with your free eBook!

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  1. Caleb Morley says

    Im just moving into the paleo lifestyle – only on chapter 2 of Robb’s book and just about to move out of my parents home on April 1st. The budget ebook is exactly what I need as I’ll finally buying my own food! Also live in the UK, so would be happy to give a UK perspective/review on the ebook. Cheers, Caleb

  2. Jay says

    Husband of 1. Father of 1. Between work, crossfit and the time we spend in the kitchen and as a family we are booked up. Food is really important to us – for our relationships – for our lives. We have a set budget for most things in our lives – food especially. We are ready and set to review something like this. A normal family, doing the paleo life, with a middle class budget and a way to compare where we are now and where we can be based on this new book. I’d say we are pretty dang qualified to help a brother out.

  3. Paul says

    Been strict paleo for several months in the Netherlands. Been focusing on economiesing organic food purchasing. Also been very focused on streamlining and making cooking endeavours time & resource efficient. Would love to contribute a paleo budgeting plan for Holland.

  4. says

    Hi! I’d love to review the Paleo on a Budget book. I’m a paleo holistic health coach and when I introduce my clients to the world of eating whole foods and paleo cooking, how to do it on the cheap (or cheaper) is the number one question I get.
    I’d post a review of it on my blog ( and on my blog’s Facebook page.
    Let me know! I’m very interested in helping out with this project.

  5. Rita says

    I would love to read and review your guide…I am an avid reader and follower of this and many other paleo websites. My Nook is FULL of paleo books by you, Mark Sisson, Loren Cordain, Dr. William Davis, Gary Taubes and many others.


  6. Ben leonard says

    As a student living in the UK. I fit two catagories of people who may be interested:


    Alot of paleo resources are majorly geared towards the US and Canada. getting a UK perspective would be helpful to you, and the consumer.

    I have good great ideas for shopping for paleo products on a budget here, but could also use some improvement myself. Thus I can provide feedback, and learn.

    I can provide feedback that will be useful to you in terms of student perspectives, UK and European perspectives and as someone who trains 3 on 1 off.


    • Ben leonard says

      And i’d review it on social netowkrs and popular forums i frequent: e.g. marksdailyapple, crossfit etc.

  7. Eva Tang says

    I would love to do a review!! I’m currently a 3rd year university student and I can attest to the troubles of being paleo on a budget. I would post the review every and anywhere I can! (Facebook, here, forums, etc) if a university student can manage being paleo while only working part time and paying their own way through school – then no one else has an excuse!

  8. Kathy says

    This sounds like such a great idea! I’m working on tightening my budget, so the tips would be appreciated. I’d only be able to post a review on Facebook, but I’m a college English teacher, so my feedback might be helpful, and I’d love to review it!

  9. says

    I’m in the process of developing a blog and Paleo resource guide for the Dallas/Fort Worth area and this would be an amazing source of information for me to reference on the site. I’d love to do a Facebook review as well, especially since a big part of my Paleo story is having to get over the fear of not being able to afford it.

  10. Rachel Simon says

    I love the idea of meal planning worksheets! And when are we getting a Paleo/ Primal cooking show?

  11. says

    What dried foods are practical to buy, versatile to use and don’t break the bank? Where can I find them? I know peas are sometimes deemed paleo enough and sometimes not, but are there any other ideas…dried cauliflower, maybe?

  12. says

    I would love to review it! I’d only have FB and a feedback loop (I do have a blog I ignore regularly, but have been thinking about going back to share my Paleo journey), but I am definitely in the “Paleo-on-a-budget” camp. SAHM, 5 year old triplets, just started about 2 months ago – have PCOS and am seeing some great changes already. I have not figured out how to get away from conventional eggs and butter and meat as of yet, but even just by cutting out grains, sugar, processed foods and increasing my uptake of veggies has had a huge impact. Would love some cost-effective tips on how to transition to grass-fed meats and more organic veggies. My husband is not on Paleo and my kids are about halfway, so planning meals is a big challenge!

  13. Laura P. says

    I am new to Paleo (2 months in) so I could definitely us some help and guidance with paleo shopping on a budget. I have five kids so am trying to feed a lot of people on a budget. I would love to know how to prioritize my grocery budget…i.e. what products are most important in general for a paleo pantry, and what items can be cut on a given week without compromising quality of meals. I would love an opportunity to review the book and offer a perspective of a novice paleo eater/cook with true budget constraints trying to provide meals for a large family…no blog (no time for that with 3 yr old twins!) but I do have FB and could post there.

  14. Tamara Griffith says

    I feed a family of five on a small budget. Have been for a year now. I would love to read this book.!i currently use coupons, list I buy telling me best prices etc, and I shop clearance meats, when possible buy bulk meats like from a local farm. I have learned to freeze, make jerky, vacuum seal, etc to make use of more of the food i buy with minimal loss due to going bad etc. my husband had a quintuple bypass few years back which led us to trying paleo and never turning back. The difference in his health and the whole family’s health is impressive. A reduction in medications, allergies, and improvement in kids moods, and physical activities. I have been such a believer that I have been advising many folks in similar economic situations as mine and health how to follow the paleo method especially on a budget.

  15. Melissa says

    Hey – budget concious shopping for Paleo is a great idea for a topic thank you.

    My question is whether it’s ok to eat high fat meats eg pork shoulder for slow cooking as these tend to be cheaper.

    Thanks v much.


  16. Maria Acker says

    I have been struggling with this issue a lot lately. At the end of October, I had to leave my cushy government job to tend to the medical needs of my son. I had been eating paleo for a little over a year. Frankly, because we had the benefit of a two income family, I didn’t pay much attention to the cost of eating paleo. After Christmas this year, my husband got on board with following a paleo lifestyle, which benefitted me bc I didn’t have to make multiPle meals. Since the beginning of the year, I have been watching my grocery budget and it is starting to be cost challenging to feed my family of four paleo meals. I would love to review this book before it is available. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, maybe emPhasizing parts of paleO that aren’t the most important when your cost conscious. I know my health has imProved since starting to eat Paleo and so has my family’s health, I don’t want to use budget as an excuse for not feeding my family in a way that optimizes their health and well being. When I talk to other friends about my grocery concerns, they tell me their budget is a third to a half of mine per month and when I ask what they buy it’s all processed crap. I would love to learn how to shop paleo on a budget for my family but also to share with others that they dont have to buy crap and compromise their health.

  17. says

    I work full time second shift while my husband stays home with our 9 year old son and our 3 year old daughter. Needless to say we are on a tight budget. We have slowly but surely been moving towards paleo. It can be difficult though. We live in a small town with one Foodlion. It has an organic area but our choices are very limited and expensive. I would love to read your book and see what else I could be doing to further our paleo way of life.

  18. says

    I’m interested in reading the e-book. The gym I work at has a ton of people who are Paleo-curious, but are afraid that it may be too large of a financial investment. I’d like to read this guide to help illustrate the Paleo possibilities and also point clients in the direction of a resource they can get and keep for themselves. I’d put the review up on our gym page’s blog and my personal blog.

  19. Adam says

    My number one concern is bacon and sausage. I like to eat bacon and eggs for breakfast, but when shopping I try to find the product with the least amount of additives.

    What brand is good?
    What ingredients are a red flag?

  20. Angela Kupper says

    I would love the oppertunity to review your book. I am struggling with Paleo due to having a family of 5 (although my 16yr old eats enough for 3 adults so it feels more like 8), being a college student/mom and my dear husband is the only one with a steady income. I’ve tried my hand at couponing but let’s face it- most of the coupons are for “the center of the store” which I try not to shop in (sigh, they put the healthy oils behind enemy lines). I will give an honest and fair review on Facebook, Twitter, my Family & Friends and Everyone. I hope you consider me and I look forward to hearing from you.

  21. says

    I’m well aware that living on a budget while keeping paleo is difficult, it was hell while I was in college. I’d like to know how Rob and company get around the tight budget situation – i.e., cheap nutritious veggies and meat, without having to go the factory farm rout.
    I’d love to do a review of the book on my blog, the dirty little carnivore ( My blog delves into the paleo diet, environmentalism, as well as critically analyzing news and science.

  22. says

    I’m a paleo eater, trainer at SLC Crossfit, and professional skier. I blog about my adventures both in and out of the kitchen and would love to post about your book and give you feedback. Despite coaching and my sponsors, skiing isn’t exactly a lucrative sport, so I’m constantly working on a budget to make sure that I’m getting the most nutrition for my dollar. I’d love to read you’re tips for keeping on a budget and maybe share some of my own! Thanks!


  23. myles says

    I am wondering (I just started your book so pardon my ignorance if Im asking before doing my homework), if buying 100% organic all the time is always top priority. My trainer has told me to focus on organic, but Im self employed and some weeks i just dont have the budget for a full grocery trip 100% organic for the week, partucuarly for meats. Are there some things that i shouldnt compromise on over others?

  24. says

    As if you’re not already going to include this – cuts of meat that best suit paleoites would be a great list. I know many folks who just head to the chicken breast and ground turkey over and over. Walking right past the good stuff.

  25. says

    I am just starting the Paleo Diet and I know a few of my readers are working on living Paleo by trying to balance their budgets. I have a blog, facebook page & twitter where I regularly review products a few times a year…I would love to opportunity to review the ebook.

  26. Paul B says

    Would love to check this out. Out grocery budget is out if control right now so we certainly need this! Will post review to twitter/facebook.

  27. Jamee Hubbard says

    We are budget-concience paleo eaters and would like to review your guide! We are a family of four (mom, dad, 2 young sons) and the budget can get tight. We do our best to find inexpensive sources of grass-fed meat (though we found a supplier of grass-fed ground beef for reasonable) and we eat a lot of cheap kale, but we would like more inexpensive options. I would likely be posting on Facebook, where I’m always trying convince my friends (some with cancer, some with other health problems, mostly I’m concerned for my friends with young kids) of the health benefits of paleo.

  28. says

    I’m a budget-conscious and INGREDIENT-conscious Paleo eater. I would love an advance copy of your guide!
    I live in SW Germany and don’t have access to “fancy” ingredients that some Paleo recipes use (i.e. coconut aminos, almond flour, etc.), or if I can find it, it’s usually in a very small size. I order the more obscure ingredients from online sources, but with shipping costs, it gets expensive. I’d love more ideas for eating Paleo on a budget!!!
    I would review it on my blog (, share the info on my FB page (, and share the info with my MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group — many of my fellow MOPS members are interested in adopting a healthier lifestyle in terms of diet/food.

  29. Mary Ann Grimm says

    I would love to review your guide!!! This will be a fantastic tool. The most often excuse I get is it’s too expensive to eat Paleo, even though I tell them it’s not!! I would love to help them see the light. It would also help my family too! I was the foot dragger last year at this time. but after my hubby’s first “30 days”. I decided to give it a try. Not only did it help, it also helped me stop taking my allergy meds every night – within 2 weeks. I was hooked – I’ve lost 50 lbs so far – but I can always use help find where to get the good stuff and I really need help in the kitchen!!!

    It would be so amazing to be part of getting the word out to more and more people about how easy it is to go Paleo!!!

    I will definately post a review on Facebook!!!! Maybe I’ll even become a blogger….
    Mary Ann

  30. Michael says

    I’d love to offer feedback, I’d post a review via Twitter and Facebook for you. The main reason for interest are the arguments I am currently having with my wife over the cost of my Paleo life. Our shopping bill has increased over the past 3-4 months as I’ve sought better produce (grass fed etc) and started buying more meat and fish to replace the normal pasta, rice and tomato sauce we used to consume daily!

    I’m actually in part a sceptic about paleo on a budget, I have so far agreed with the wife that we could eat more cheaply if we moved towards potatoes and pasta but I’ve extolled the virtues of paleo arguing that the health benefits outweigh the financial cost incurred. I’m intrigued to see if Paleo really can be done on a budget, I’m not sure it can, can it?

    If so I might even be able to convince her that the whole family could live this way, for the time being her argument is that it’s too expensive to do so!


  31. says

    Hey Robb, I love the podcast and have been listening for a while now. I received The Paleo Solution as a Christmas present and I’m currently in the process of reading it for the second time. I would absolutely love to review this new book. Since reading The Paleo Solution I’ve completely stopped buying “healthy” frozen dinners. I spend more time at the grocery store now, I got to Kroger, and buy real food that I actually really cook. However, I’m a single, 26 year old male so this cooking thing is new to me. I try to buy organic when I can but it’s tough and I just do my best. As far as meat, I buy chicken and wild caught fish in frozen bags. As far as the other stuff, it’s just veggies, fruit, nuts, and berries. I would love to read about a more detailed idea of what food to get and where I can get it in the most inexpensive way. I currently post pictures of my meals on Facebook from time to time and I usually get good feedback from my friends on them. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to review this book. I would love to read it. Thanks for all you do.

  32. says

    I would love to read and review the book. I am always on a tight budget, and have had several friends approach me with concerns that they cannot possibly eat Paleo because it is just too expensive. I am doing my best to convince them it is doable, but hearing tips and tricks from the experts might be just the ticket to bring over a few more converts!

    I blog about Paleo and other things at

    Thanks for all you and your associates are doing to help!


  33. says

    I’d be happy to review this guide and make appropriate suggestions. I will be sharing the results on my social media accounts as well as e-mail list of several hundred associated with my chiropractic practice. I already practice frugal eating with an eye of discernment for micronutrient density. I believe local sources of food are best and that food science applied in the kitchen is imperative to those living on a budget. Eating seasonally and foraging locally are a great way to save money. Gleaning from the windfall of unpicked fruit and preserving through dehydration is one way I practice this.

  34. says

    This thing ended up being a monster! it’s a lot more than just a budget guide, I think folks will like it AND get a ton of useful info out of it.

    • Christopher says

      I have to admit, it is a really good guide. I’m not just saying that because I work here either. It’s got lots of info to cover all the excuses, teaches you how to cook, how to shop and prioritize, how to plan and prepare meals, how to save time, as lots of money saving tricks, lots of resources, etc. Robb isn’t kidding when he says this is a monster with lots of super helpful info.

  35. Eileen says

    I’m very interested in this! I learned to be super frugal over a 64 week period of unemployment and now that I’m working, maintaining the penny pinching so I can get out of debt. Paleo is a health issuer me -I’ve cured all sorts of major medical problems by removing grains, sugar, legumes etc from my diet. Anyway, i would love to review the book – I’m, a designer, writer + editor, and “user experience “expert so I can throw a lot of perspective into reviews and feedback. No blog at the moment, at least not on this topic but I’ve reviewed software and apps for years.

  36. CanadianArcticPaleo says

    I would love to review this and maybe provide feedback?

    I’m a 24 year old student who has eaten paleo for two years since being turned onto it by Tim Ferris. As a struggling student and avid jiu jitsu practitioner, shopping effectively and “on the cheap” is something that I feel I have mastered! Maybe I’m full of myself….but it’s been working for me.

    Would love to read it – I think it would be a great resource!!!

    Best Regards,

  37. says

    I’m a 2012 AHS volunteer, college student, and I’m poor. I’d tend to think this ebook was written specifically for me. I’d review it, blog it, tweet it (only 200 followers, but one’s Robb), put it on Facebook, and post it on the AHS Crowdvine.

  38. says

    I would LOVE to read this book asap, WHY?

    I am a single mom of two boys who has to budget very carefully. I am, not by choice, gluten, dairy, corn, soy and almost all gf flour free! I was forced into the paleo way almost 4 years ago and I love it. I try to eat as paleo as possible, but it gets pretty expensive. I’m trying to feed my boys the same way so we can all eat the same thing. They are picky eaters and trying to satisfy everyone is costly. I will take any help I can get!

    Thanks for writing this!!


  39. Jessica says

    I have been looking into making some lifestyle changes, and have done plenty of research. Paleo just seems to be the best choice for my husband and I. I would love to read this book, and find how how simple this lifestyle change could be!!! I follow you on fb, and Twitter. I have also started a blog to help me stay focused and motivated. Hope I get to be one of the lucky chosen ones to benefit from this great opportunity!

    ~ Jessica

  40. says

    This is great. We are a family that is always trying to find ways to save on our groceries. Currently we buy seasonally which helps and but all of our meat in bulk. It also helps that we have been preparing all of our food from scratch, like homemade coconut yogurt and jerky. I would rather spend the time making our food instead of paying extra.

    I would love to review the ebook. I think people tend to think they can’t get there whole family on board because of the money and time. Well we make it work on a single income with two boys.
    I would post about it on my website as well as facebook and twitter.

    • Holly says

      Could you email me the recipe for the Coconut yogurt you have pretty please??? My son who is 4 has epilepsy and coconut foods are SOOOO good for him. I’m looking for other ways to incorporate it. Please email me at if you wouldn’t mind.


  41. Edward says

    This is just what I have been looking for. I’ve always been a very aware shopper and made sure I got my money’s worth.

    Having this book, in conjunction with the paleo cookbooks I have, will be the tool I need to finally get my fiance and our son on paleo.

    I would definitely give some direct feedback along with posting a review on my facebook page.

  42. Melissa M says

    Hi, I would love to review the book. I am a single mom who is trying to change out eating habits to paleo. My budget is tight but I am doing the best that i can to provide a healthy lifestyle for myself and my son. I would love to be able to read this book and share it with others via facebook and through my local crossfit and friends that constantly ask about paleo and crossfit.

  43. Jess says

    I’d be very happy to give feedback, particularly as I use every excuse to save money! I quit my job, went back to school, and am struggling to make ends meet but still eat well. I feel so much better since I started eating Paleo, and I really look forward to seeing how I feel a couple of years down the line! I cook every meal I make, so I’m definitely interested in new perspectives on shopping! Thanks!

  44. Stan Morrice says

    I have been a known bargain hunter when it comes to Paleo shopping. It is always a challenge to find the ingrediants for a great paleo recipe in the discount shopper market, but it is possible. Definitely takes a little extra effort to find appropriate substitutions and adjustments to recipes with what you have available, but it all works out.

    Our family has started a meal exchange program with about 4 other families. We choose a meal and prepare the ingrediants for 5 family servings. This way we can purchase items in bulk and make up 5 of the same meal, precooked preparation. Kind of like Dream Dinners where all the veggies and meat is cut with spices. So everything is ready to cook for the evening. Then we exchange one of our meals with another families meal. In the end we would have taken 2 to 3 hours to prepare our exchange meal and receive 4 different prepared meals for the week. Average about $40 – $60 for 5 prepared meals for the week and they are all ready to cook.

    One of the many ideas to save time and money eating paleo.

    I would love to review and give my opinions on this e-book The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide.

    Stan Morrice

  45. Janelle Pica says

    I would love to set up a budget friendly blog for affordable Palo Living. I live in the center of a hub of speciality stores. I have trader Joes, Whole Foods, Market District, as well as a plethora of local farmers that are now coming in for the markets. Plus, our cultural district here in the city has bargains on whole fresh fish and meat (I live in Pittsburgh by the way). I would totally set up a blog for this! I could do a run down on different prices between stores and the local food from farms around our city. Plus, combining it with any information/help from this book would be fantastic. I would love to set up a review for you guys! I did Robb’s 30 day challenge and really look and feel amazing. In fact, I may even be a strict paleo convert now, for life!

    let me know if I can be of service!

  46. Keith says

    I would love to review this with my wife who we are new Paleo Lifestylers for 4 months and we are newlyweds also and have a very strict budget. My wife is also a miser when it comes to any spending also so a ‘Budget Book” would be fantastic in my house.

  47. Susyn says

    I would love to read the guide, but simply cannot afford it.
    I have to feed two adults and two dogs on about $30 a week, it used to be $40, but gas when up and I can’t walk 10 miles each way to work. It is very, very hard and although I keep applying for better jobs, they go to someone else, so the situation doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon.

  48. Sherrie Martinez says

    I’d really like to review this book from the standpoint of a newer but not new paleo follower. My fellow paleo or simi-paleo followers and I have been exchanging ideas for about 6 months, and we’ve found some very helpful ways to save money. I’d like to learn more, see if our ideas have been included, and determine if the ideas in the book will work for city-living vs county dwellers, single vs families, cooks vs “non-cooks” etc. I think this is a great idea to help with the perception that the paleo lifestyle is only for the “rich”. We have created a facebook page as well as a blog to share our own ideas as well as recipes and workout tips so this book review would fit right in.

  49. says

    I’d LOVE to review this book and give you feedback! I’m getting married this May, and my fiance and I are working hard to eat healthy and keep a close eye on the budget at the same time. I would certainly take the time to read and apply the principles in your book, and provide feedback directly to you about our experiences. Thanks for the consideration!

  50. says

    Would love to review a copy on my fledgling blog. It’s been a while since I’ve done a post about food, but I have a lot of friends who have complained about this very subject while trying to feed their families, sometimes on Food Stamps, and still avoiding processed foods, so it’s been on my mind. Thanks for the timely post!

  51. Farah Lane says

    I love this idea!! I live in a home that is currently divided (me – paleo versus my husband and children – need more convincing). So this would be a great tool to have!! This would be a definite bonus!!

  52. says

    I would love to review this new guide. I hate hearing the excuse that Paleo is too expensive, yet I seem to be busting my food budget each month myself. For me, it’s more about my refusal to compromise on quality and wanting to always have plenty on hand. I’ve recently gotten better at meal planning and making (and sticking to!) a shopping list. I think I could benefit greatly from this new guide for new ideas and tips. I have a blog, where I’d post the review: It would also go on my FB page.

  53. Terry says

    I don’t normally post on these and at the end of this long line of volunteers, I’m pretty sure I won’t be chosen, but I would love to review your book. I would post on Facebook and my blog on I’m new to Paleo and have spent the last couple of months trying to find ways to make this lifestyle work around my full-time job, volunteer work and family commitments. In addition, I would love to convince my penny-pinching hubby that it can be cost effective to eat healthy food. He’s a diabetic with severe neuropathy and so far thinks this is all just nonsense.

    • Holly says

      Terry, wish there was a “like” button here. My husband is a penny pincher also and the amount I spend on groceries drives him bonkers. He understands why, but just knows we are doing something wrong in our shopping!!!
      Best Luck and wishes to you on receiving the book.


  54. JB says

    I have enjoyed Robb’s take on the Paleo Diet through two of his books and his podcasts. I am a teacher, husband and father of two. We are always looking for ways to make paleo more affordable. I would enjoy the chance to contribute some ideas to a book that could help so many others like Robb has helped me. It would also be a great resource to share with fellow teachers that are on tight budgets.

    Thanks for considering.

  55. says

    This concept is near and dear to my heart! I have become super adept at economic grocery shopping and minimizing food waste while eating Paleo – and deliciously so, too. I would love to give a review and compare/contrast the way I’ve learned to shop on a budget with the ideas and tactics in the book.

    Thanks and looking forward to this!

  56. Catherine Wrighter says

    I’ve started looking at the paleo diet just a few months ago and decided to really commit to it during the season of Lent. I live in a rural area of the south where it’s difficult to find organic foods and grass fed meat. I stay at home with my two girls and we are on a fairly tight food budget. It’s important to me that we eat well and stay healthy. I would post the review on my facebook page and our local CrossFit page.

  57. David Xiaoxi Li says

    I’ll put my name into the hat! Although I doubt that hats are really Paleo, so rather, I’ll put my bison sketch on the cave wall! I’m a dedicated Crossfitter from Boston who’s been doing Paleo for about 6 months, and I’m planning on starting a Paleo/Crossfit/lifestyle blog sometime within the next month. I’d be honored to make a review of this e-book one of the first posts.

    I think that disseminating this e-book strategically to different locales is essential. I don’t think I’ve seen many materials about living Paleo on a budget, so this could be something of a seminal work that could serve as a backbone for a network of budget-minded Paleo folks communicating through satellite blogs dedicated to different geographical locales. For instance, my blog might focus on savings in Massachusetts, and it might link to sites from other states. Think globally and act locally!

  58. Jacquelyn says

    I’d love to review this book. We had such great results from our first whole30 that when we decided to do it again after we understood the paleo concept better 6 months later, we brought a ton of people with us. Now up to my ears in questions, and while I’d love to help each person individually, I’d love to have another solid resource to offer. Budget is the biggest barrier for most of them is money. I feel like I have a pretty good handle on offering affordable options through bone broth stews (meat on the bone) and a heavy reliance on pastured eggs, but if eggs are not well tolerated, I am completely at a loss.

  59. rachael says

    I’d love to do a feedback/review. We’re a family of five (three elementary aged kiddos) who have transitioned to paleo over the last year, without increasing our food budget. We shop a combination of our local grocery chain, farmers markets, and nearby family farms, and are in the process of installing our own garden and hen house. We’ve found that one of the keys to eating well on less is simply that eating well requires less – satiety is much easier to achieve when you are eating a tomato, or an egg, or a chuck roast that is what its supposed to be. That sounds so crunchy, and we’re not really like that, but it’s true. Also, we’ve applied the good/better/best strategy – we maximize our return on investment that way, and how we feel, our improved physical well being, informs how we’ll proceed when deciding what and from whom we purchase our food.

  60. says

    I’m a grad student in Boulder, CO; and I would love to review your book for Paleo on a Budget, since a grad student means low income and in Boulder means low value (Boulder is a REALLY expensive city).
    I’ve been living paleo for the past six months, and I have seen an improvement in my health (particularly I’ve started to gain weight after being underweight for 22 years). However, I’ve been juggling in order to afford most of the stuff I eat, so it would be interesting to try and cut corners and such.
    I think I can give an interesting perspective, I will give you immediate feedback and I would post about the book in my Facebook page.

  61. says

    Sounds fun, I would love to review the book, been Paleo (well mostly) since January… no great weight loss, although I wish…perhaps it is my addiction to almonds…but have been cooking Paleo, even though my husband is not interested…yet.
    Budget is always a concern. And for some of my friends who are on the Paleo diet.

  62. says

    A fun addition would be: You Can Eat That! For example, I think this to myself as I trip the greens off of radishes and turnips, to be eaten later. I also love the greens that we can trim from our broccoli and cauliflower plants in the garden, as they grow. There are plenty of foods that get wasted because people don’t know they can be eaten! Even something as simple as putting the giblets in the stock pot– eeking nutrition out of every bit.

  63. Michele says

    I have been on strict paleo for about six months. Moving from a career in IT to a career in Social Work has really hit my food budget hard! I am trying eat only organic and grass-fed but it has been really difficult. Would love to read the ebook and provide feedback. I have a lot of strong opinions on changing the ways in which eating healthy is geared toward the wealthy in this country.

  64. Jake says

    Hi Rob,

    I’m interested in writing a review for your ebook. I think that I bring a few different things to the table in regard to writing a useful review. First, I am a college student, so I can write from that perspective in regard to budgeting and staying on schedule. Second, I live in an agricultural region of the U.S., namely Oklahoma, that is notorious for scoffing at the idea of grass feed animals, so I can provide a review of how well your guide can be followed in such areas. Finally, I have an autoimmune disease, and I can write from the perspective of someone who will have extra restrictions to deal with on top of the general paleo guidelines. I think my situation allows for me to write a uniqueand useful review of your new ebook. Hope I can help.


  65. says

    I’m interested in reviewing this because I want to show my friends and family they can do this and they can afford it. I spent $900 in one month on Paleo foods and it was worth every penny, however, long term I can’t sustain that and do not expect my friends to be able to either. I would post it on my blog, tweet about it, and fb about it, and do some old school word of mouth because my friends are interested, but tend to think in dollar signs.

  66. Carl Estabrook says

    Hello – Im on a tight budget due to living on SSDI because of FA(Freidriech’s ataxia). I started eating Paleo about a month ago because I also have three auto-immune diseases. The Paleo lifestyle has definitely made a huge effect. Ive been able to stop NSAIDS and other medications. My problem however is the cost. Id love to eat grass-fed meat and all organic but I just cant afford it. I am looking forward to reading your new book. Its exactly what I need. Being able to review it would be even better.


  67. Danny Seals says

    Hi Robb & Amber

    I would love to review an advance copy of the guide I’ve emailed many questions into the show on how to do Paleo on a budget and how to make things that little bit cheaper.

    I recently posted the question on the Paleo UK Facebook page:

    “At the moment money is tight.
    Am mainly looking for any shortcut or anywhere you could point me on how to make it as cheap as possible.
    How much would you say it would cost to keep two adults on paleo per month.
    While my girlfriend want to jump on bored she highlighting that cost wise unless we find cheap ways around it paleo isn’t financially going to work”

    I wont just review the guide ill be putting into a daily routine
    Ill post my review view various social network Facebook, twitter I will also post a review on the Paleo UK page on facebook.

    It would be a great privilege to review the guide

    Thanks again


    twitter Dannyboy83
    facbook Danny seals

  68. says

    This is great, what a fantastic idea. My blog is more personal finance related, and in my sphere there are always BS articles on “how to save money by eating pasta and beans and rice all the time” and it kills me, these people, saving ten dollars now is more important than staying out of hospitals later. I would absolutely review this on my blog.

  69. says

    I’d love to give feedback. Our family eats paleo, DH, me and 2 teenage boys. They can pack the food away, let me tell you! I’d love to review and give feedback on I get the mix: singles, couples and families. Can also direct feed via twitter. Can’t wait to hear the podcast and check out your book!! You rock!

  70. says

    I’m a personal trainer, national level NPC figure competitor, co-owner of a local fitness bootcamp (High Octane Bootcamp) and true believer and lover of paleo nutrition :) I’ve been educating my clients on the paleo lifestyle and recommending The Paleo Solution like crazy! My bootcamp co-owner and I are on a local radio morning show every week talking about the bootcamp and I’ve been talking a lot about grains and giving information about paleo nutrition. It’s been causing quite a stir in this small Northern Louisiana town, and it’s been SO rewarding to see so many “southern corn fed” people begin to change their lifestyles and RAVE about their results and spread the word as well. Word is spreading into the local medical community bit by bit, and one of my clients who happens to be a nurse practitioner is now educating her patients about it as well.

    I moved down here from Northern Virginia four years ago with my husband and three children, and the state of people’s health and the way they eat has been tough for me to see! I’ve been determined to somehow help educate everyone here on how to be healthy. Cost of food is definitely an issue, especially here in this impoverished state. Our bootcamp is doing a three month body transformation program right now in which I am showing them how to gradually change their nutritional habits over the course of the program, and teaching them how to shop on a budget is going to be a huge part of this. My goal is to have as many people as possible doing a 30 day paleo challenge with us at the end of the program. Many of our clients have read Wheat Belly and the Paleo Solution and have already switched to a paleo way of eating or have at least cut out wheat. I’m afraid that many of them will wind up going back to their old eating habits if I can’t show them how to do it on a budget, though. I would love to review your budget shopping guide! I would love to post a review of it on our blog ( and recommend it to my clients! Thanks for all that you do!!!

  71. says

    I would be thrilled to review the ebook! I think this is one of the biggest roadblocks for people when moving into the Paleo lifestyle. As a student (working on getting my R.D.), my budget is of the utmost important to me, too! I would love to be able to refer clients to a budget-friendly Paleo resource because Paleo definitely doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive but it certainly can be. I think it’s great that you’re getting the word out that the Paleo diet is possible no matter your circumstances. Awesome work!

    I blog at – I would blog about the book, tweet about, and FB it! Gotcha covered on all fronts. I look forward to hearing from you.

  72. Andy says

    RE: meat quality. Is it OK to eat fatty cuts of industrial fed meats like pork? I know most toxins are stored in fats so it makes me wary of them. Are they safe?

  73. Laura says

    I’d love to review the book! Our grocery budget (for 2) went from $500 to $800 per month in the DC metro area. Yes, it’s worth it, but it would be nice to bring it down a little. So any help would be greatly appreciated! And I’d be happy to post about it on my blog and on facebook. :)

  74. says

    Burning questions:
    – What are some cheap, no-refrigeration-needed, Paleo snack options to take on the go? Besides nuts and sulfur bombs (hard-boiled eggs).
    – I eat low-carb Paleo and still consume a ton of food. (A high metabolism is expensive!) To save money on food (and water on toilet flushes), what can I do to feel fuller faster?

    Why I would be an awesome candidate for free stuff:
    I’m a stay-at-home dad who needs a ton of reading material for those far too often occasions that require I sit in a small, confined space in solitude. The back of the can-O-Glade no longer keeps my attention.

  75. Danae says

    My husband and I have been wanting to try the Paleo Diet for quite some time but due to budgeting (and being pregnant), we just couldn’t figure out how to make it work. I’m a stay at home mom so we’ve had to make a lot of sacrifices and stay on a somewhat strict budget. I coupon and shop sales and clearance for groceries and other items.

    We are planning to start the Paleo Diet next month, and I feel like your new book is arriving at the perfect time! I would love to read it, apply it, and post a review on facebook and on my blog. I also would love to give you feedback. Thanks!

  76. Chris says

    I’ve recently started making the transition over to a paleo lifestyle. As an active duty member in the military I always strive to encourage a healthy lifestyle and eating habits to my fellow Airmen. A lot of them are on a tight budget though, and need answers. As a paleo enthusiast, I’m already spreading the word on the benefits of a paleo lifestyle. This book may be the ticket into helping their lives as well. Thank you!

  77. Holly says

    I would like to receive an advanced copy as I have a son (4yrs old) with epilepsy and eats a mix of Paleo and Modified Atkins to help control his seizures. My husband and I also eat Paleo. I’ll be honest, I’m a terrible bargain shopper and would love help in getting ideas on how we can get more bang for our buck. My marriage will thank you on it!!! :)

  78. Holly says

    Oh forgot to let you know about how I would share my review…..I would post my review on Facebook as well as a Crossfit Blog my old college buddies and I have started where we take turns post recipes and WOD’s.

  79. Richard Gibson says

    I’d be delighted to review your eBook. I’m 62, retired and enjoy eating only non-inflammatory foods. I’m particularly interested in expanding my choice of these foods (I think I like everything!) which may require shopping further afield. This is where I hope your eBook will steer me in the right direction.

  80. says

    I’m VERY interested in the book and would love to read and review it on my blog and FB. As a Paleo triathlete who lives on an island, I really need to find out about (and share) information on how to make Paleo much more budget friendly on an island where sources are limited.

    What I’d love to see: a list of suppliers who will ship to Hawaii by priority mail rather than cost-prohibitive UPS and FedEx.

  81. says

    I’m completely new to Paleo, I haven’t tried it as yet because I had been put off by my perception of the fuss and cost of ingredients.
    I could review your new book from the complete beginners point of view. I’m a busy shift worker, training for middle & long distance road running events.

  82. says

    I’ve become a new paleo lifestyle fan. I’m currently emptying out my current food supplies and have almost eliminated all things carb related.
    Thanks for all the wonderful information thus far.

    Keep up the great work!!

  83. Kitava Oonga says

    Hello. I’m a Kitavan horticulturalist. I do the Paleo diet and I don’t even know what money is. I mainly just eat sweet potatoes and taro, with some fish thrown in from time to time. I suggest you try eating like me instead of making 3-cheese salads from grassfed fine European cheese and prewashed salad mix with a healthy store-made organic dressing. Variety is extremely overrated. We have less variety in our diets than you Americans yet we are healthier.

    If you want to be like me, grow your own sweet potatoes.

  84. says

    I would love to review your book. We have been paleo for about 3 years now and are a family of 4. I am always looking for was to save money! I would post my review on both facebook and my blog.

  85. says

    Hey, I have a paleo/primal-oriented blog called The Paleo Drummer, I would love to review a copy of the book. In fact, just today, on my blog’s FB page, I got a question from a college student about how he could possibly manage paleo on a student’s budget. And then he explained that that is why he is eating pasta and drinking beer. I found myself quoting Robb about the “big hippie copout” that is saying, “I can’t afford grassfed meat, so I am eating pasta.” The quotable Wolf….

  86. Maria says

    I have just changed jobs, to a slightly lower income. I did this because I was always stressed and unhappy at my job – now I love going to work every morning. I am getting used to my new budget and will appreciate this book in any case, and would like to review it. I could give you feedback and maybe also write something on my blog. Aside from helping me ditch the excuses, I could also use this to convince all the naysayers close to me who claim this way of eating is elitist.

    So, whether or not I get to review the book, thanks for making it anyway. I hope to find Robb’s usual kick-in-the-butt style there :)

  87. says

    I am a 21 year old American college student currently studying abroad in New Zealand and cooking for myself for the first time. Like the many above me, I am working with a pretty tight food budget and I often find myself reaching for the cheap-o pasta in the supermarket each week. I would love to read and review this book, and let you know how being in New Zealand versus the USA changes things. I could post this in my blog and on facebook, but I will also continue to get the word out to all of my gluten-munching college friends that they too can eat well without breaking the bank.

  88. says

    I would love to do a review if you’re still looking for people. I’m a single 24 year old in southwest virginia. I don’t make a whole lot of money so I invariably set most of my budget aside for quality foods (and thus less in other areas of life I’d like to spend it… *sigh*). I have a blog (should be linked to my name) and a facebook page for my blog. Right now I’m in the middle of a Whole30 and I think an ebook like that would be a great addition to my current project!

  89. says

    I would love a chance to review the budget guide. This is an all too common theme in our gym. Thanks a ton for the work on this! I am a nurse and gym owner. This will surely be helpful for folks out here. It is an honor to help! I can share it on our blog on our gym’s webpage and/or the gym’s facebook page. As well as to y’all good folks over there!

  90. Kerri C. says

    I need a variety in snack ideas for kids. And lunch box ideas for kids. They are growing tired I the same few options.

  91. Chris d says

    Wow. Peeps have a lot better stories than me. Oh well, my 2¢:

    I’d love to review this book because my wife and I have been paleo for over a year now and I think it was partially responsible for the ease of her pregnancy, the speed of her labor and delivery, and the rapid development of our little girl. I do all the cooking in the house and my wife and I have decided that she will leave her job and stay home to care for our girl. As a result, our household income is now 50% what it used to be and I earn a teacher’s salary (i.e., not much) and we live in New York (i.e., expensive). We live in a kind of run-down neighborhood and there is very little organic produce and no grass-fed beef. I need a guide that’s going to help me navigate cooking paleo on a budget. Plenty of other people are in the same position as me, but as someone who eats paleo and really wants to raise my daughter paleo as well, I think I could contribute to this project. All the best and can’t wait for the book, regardless!

  92. Chad says

    Hello, I am a father of 8 children. I have been paleo for about 4 months, lost about 35 pounds and found energy I didn’t even know I was missing. Based on my success, my wife started as well and we have been trying to convert the whole family over. I have been tracking our food bills to try to see where all of our money has been going (i.e. categories coconut oil, fish oil and Vit D, meat, veggies, macadamias, dark chocolate, wine, etc.).

    I have actually been thinking about putting together an eBook that used sample recipes, mutliplied by family size (different values for mother, father, teenager, young child, toddler, infant, etc.), then put together a weekly shopping list with estimated costs. Would be very interested in reviewing your new book and providing you with feedback and/or suggestions if you are interested.

    I have not started a blog about health yet, as I was waiting to finish my success story(ies) first. But I will get it up for a review and also share on facebook, and wherever else I can think of.

  93. Paul A. says

    I believe that I would be a perfect person to review the book as I am the target audience for this book 100%. I am 25, a graduate student, recently married who has been paleo for just about a year now. I have certainly reaped the health benefits and love the paleo lifestyle. I am also on a very strict budget as my wife and I are living off of her social worker paycheck while I finish up my degree. She also has a masters and we are now paying back her massive amount of debt. We’ve been doing okay as far as trying to figure out paleo on a strict budget, but I am really looking forward to some fresh ideas.

    • Paul A. says

      I would continue to spread the good news about eating a clean and healthy paleo lifestyle to my friends through word of mouth at school and on facebook and twiter.

  94. stephen says

    I’m down for reading the book and posting a review on my facebook page, where I’m in many paleo groups. I live in the Southeast were obesity is a major problem. I’m super conscious of my spending and this book would fit into my life quite well.

  95. Clint says

    I’d be stoked and honored to review the ebook! I’m a 32 year old Firefighter, and have been eating Paleo pretty strictly for the last 6 months, and have never felt better. I’m trying to convert the guys at the station, and all I ever hear is “It’s too expensive to buy that crap”, and I’d love to have some ammo to get rid of any excuses I get. I’m not much of a cook, but have been trying out new stuff that I’ve never even thought of eating before and it’s really opened up my eyes to all the foods that are out there, and the endless possibilities with Paleo. I’m also a die hard listener to Robb and Greg’s podcast. I’d for sure share the review for sure on my facebook, and with friends and family and co-workers. Thanks!

  96. says

    This is so awesome, and I can’t wait to read it! I feel like I spend way too much on groceries. I shop primarily at Trader Joe’s and between my boyfriend and I, we probably spend about $150-200 a week on groceries, and that’s not including eating out, which we don’t do that often. We mostly eat eggs for breakfasts and salads and such for lunch, but we take turns cooking each other dinner from our elaborate Paleo books… would love to find a way to spend less without compromising on quality.

  97. says

    I’d love to preview the e-book. As a hard charging triathlete, my biggest struggle is affording the large amounts of butternut squashes, kabochas, sweet potatoes, and tons of veggies I have to buy to meet my carb needs. Any input around this would be awesome.

    I’d also review the ebook on my blog at!

  98. says

    My wife and I would be happy to review this e-book. We reserve Tuesday’s (called Tasty Tuesday’s) for nutritional articles on our website, We both follow a Paleo/Primal template and have continued to adhere even during her pregnancy, with helpful additions from Chris Kresser’s Healthy Baby Code. We help host an organic produce co-op pickup at our gym. We have found money saving tools from buying in bulk (including a 5 gallon drum of coconut oil!), using coupons, and scoring free wild game meat from friends and family. We would be honored to review this product. Sincerely, Drew & Laura Lott

  99. says

    My quick question about shopping on a budget is what is a “good” price for grass fed beef and free range eggs? What should I ask about when buying these items from a farmers market? I live in Iowa, where I’m surrounded by farms that offer grass fed beef, but their prices are all over the map.

  100. says

    Oh my gosh I’m so excited for this. We love to cook and try new things but it as been a little nerve wracking to see the total at the end of the grocery trip. We are very budget conscious. I’m anxious to see this info!

  101. Alex says

    I’d love to review the ebook. I have a strong editing background and do technical writing for a living. I don’t have a blog, but could email you with specific feedback. Thanks.

  102. Bree Obrecht says

    So excited about this book! I have autoimmune, so I know grass fed and organic are must haves to stay in that anti inflammatory zone. I travel a ton for work, and am often in crazy places where they don’t have quality food, so am already outside of my comfort zone often. When I’m at home, and for my family, including a precious a toddler, I insist on quality food. This is our biggest monthly expense! Can’t wait to hear some solutions.
    Love the blog and podcasts, thanks!

  103. Sarah says

    Budget question – bones:

    I make beef bone broth (sometimes chicken instead) that I simmer for a couple of days to extract everything possible. I want to know if it is dangerous – or what are the dangers – of using conventional bones, vs. grass-fed bones; and, would I be getting as much of the benefits? What gets concentrated in the bones, the marrow, and the connective tissue… if I use conventionally raised bones, am I getting extra doses of bad toxins, hormones and diseases? Am I not getting the good fats and minerals? I’d love to save money on bones, but fear I’d be doing more harm than good.

    I also prefer to use beef feet, but so far haven’t found any that are grass-fed. Cheap and easy to find CAFO… but I worry about hazards in the feet, having stood around in their feedlot before slaughter…

  104. says

    I want to review this book because it is an area that can profoundly benefit my clients. People constantly generate excuses and put up barriers to success. It is incumbent upon us, the practitioners and staunch proponents of a healthy lifestyle, to help others overcome these obstacles. I intend on reviewing the book with my clients, friends and family on Facebook and Twitter, and, if it is of good quality, utilize it in my daily personal and business practice.

  105. says

    I’ll review the book on fb.
    Extremely limited income, four kids, wife is a stay at home mom and Obama is President. What more do you need to know.

  106. Shazmon says

    The timing is amazing. The Nutritionist at my gym has convinced 500 members Australia wide to try Paleo style eating for a month. We are in week three now and the there is a buzz in the gym about how good everyone is feeling and losing inches.

    I am keen to continue living the Paleo livestyle after my 30 day “trial” and have been furiously searching the internet for more information. I have listened to Robb Woff’s first five podcasts over the last two days and today is the first time I have been on this website.

    The two negatives that are discussed in the gym about Paleo eating are the cost of food and the preparation time required. A book providing cooking techniques and budget shopping would be extremly useful.

    I’d love to review your book from an Australian perspective and provide you with direct feedback. I would also share the review with the blog with my gym.

  107. Candice says

    Would live the opportunity to review the book. Limited income of a family of 4. Trying to get everyone in board. Would be able to give feed back and review on Facebook.

  108. Ruth says

    I want to review the book and would do so on Facebook!

    I am coming up on my 1-year anniversary of going paleo. The money- and time-saving tips would be fantastic for my busy life and my continuing effort to get my husband to 100% buy-in. I’ve also been a part of a new crossfit box for the last few months and have led a few people to “the paleo way.” Choose me to review to help them and myself!!!

    P.S. Holy cats!

  109. Tom says

    Thanks for producing this book. I look forward to reading it whether I preview it for free or buy it when it comes out. I would be interested in previewing it because I am very cost conscious (OK, I’m cheap). Since making the transition to Paleo eating a few months ago, I have been constantly looking for inexpensive ways to adhere to this way of eating. If allowed to preview, I would gladly post a review and link on Facebook and provide you with feedback. Thanks.

  110. says

    Heres my audition. I don’t have a blog, a website, or a fan following. Im just a very broke college student at a major D1 university in ‘Merica. You posted this within an hour of me googling “cheap paleo meals” in between class. It’s my final year of school, as well as my most hectic. Fast food and quick(read:unhealthy) satiation is all around me. Everywhere. With rent and fees for my LSAT course finally taking its toll on my wallet, my grocery budgets been cut in half here lately. If I don’t find some quicker easy meals, my subsistence will revert back to dollar menu meals to keep work&studying going smoothly. Ive been eating paleo for a month so far and like the results, I feel much better than when I’d eat a large pizza in one night. So, now that things r getting closer to crunch time I’d hate to screw up what I’ve worked for so far on account of money and no creativity during shopping. But most of all, why I want this book is because as a college student I love anything that is free. And if I can’t get something free every once in a while, then what’s the point of America?

    I write this at 8 a.m at work with $1.00 in my bank account.

    No, dad just called. $101.00 now in my account. Tonight we dine like kings.

  111. Linda says

    I am very interested in any way to be more cost effective in my grocery shopping to continue eating Paleo. I’m cooking the majority of our meals, we carry leftovers for lunch. Our eating out has dminished from 4-5 times a week to 1-2 times.

    I have just myself and my husband, and spend now what I used to spend for a family of 5. Would love to find more cost cutting ways.

    So pick me please!!!!

  112. says

    I’m a single mom of 2, a trainer at my local CrossFit, a public education teacher where I’m part of our wellness committee, and a blogger. I’d love to review the guide and post my thoughts via my blog, our gym’s blog, Facebook/Twitter, and our school’s newsletter. I’m always looking for ways to manage healthy eating for myself and my kids on a budget, as well as resources to recommend to my clients and friends interested in making changes. “But it costs too much!” is probably the biggest concern most of them have, and it would be great to direct them to a resource that eliminates that!

  113. Vanessa says

    I would love to review the book. I am a recently seperated single mom of three daughters. My nine year old twin daughters have autism. I have turned to paleo for a healthy lifestyle and the possibility of inprovement in my girls. My budget is super tight and I am a highly motivated mother:)

  114. zdxerr says


    I’m from Germany and I would like to review this guide (and post the review to my facebook page). I am very interested und how applicable it is in Germany.

    Thanks in advanced.

  115. Alyssa J says

    I am a new paleo–22 days in and a 3rd year law student. With that said, I have a very limited income and usually buy whatever paleo approved foods that are on sale that week. Usually this just results in spurring my creative juices and making up my own recipes! I would LOVE to read and write a review for this new book. I recently started my own blog about mine and my fiance’s conversion to paleo and it would be a great addition to the blog! I also would love to distribute that review through facebook and twitter!

  116. says

    Can’t wait for this to come out. You seem to have addressed EVERY barrier people come up with to follow through on this. Priceless information, in my opinion, and I am very excited to have it in one, condensed, resource. Would be happy to post reviews on our blog, facebook, email list, and in person to all our clients. Chances are, I will regardless of a freebie or not, but would love the advance peek anyway!

  117. says

    I’d love to review the budget book and either way can’t wait to get a hold of it. We travel around a lot with my husband’s job. When we are here at home, I know where all the best buys are. Moving to a new place gives me sticker shock every time. It’s possible I know all the secrets. LOL! But I’d love to see what you have. We’ve been paleo since November of 2010 and are two of the healthiest people we our anyone else know. :-)

  118. says

    This is great!! As someone with a limited budget, I’m always looking for ways to stretch my dollar further. I was just having this discussion the other with a friend whom I introduced to Paleo and “The Paleo Solution”. I also wrote a blog post about how eating healthy can be cost effective and have long-term benefits over eating out (especially fast food). But, to have a guide that can help me with Paleo budget eating? That’s pure gold…

    I’ve already shared this on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. When I get my own copy (free or otherwise), I will definitely be doing a video review of it on my blog at

    Looking forward to this book!

  119. evangeline says

    Would like to review the e-book. Would like to prove that eating Paleo does not necessarily mean frequent trips to Trader Joe’s or WholeFoods and that there are alternatives and can still be within budget while staying healthy.

  120. Karen Martin says

    I definitly would be interested in previewing/reviewing the book. I have switched to the Paleo lifestyle for little over a year and I have had huge personal gains – lost 85 lbs, been the fittest I have ever been – no turning back now. I am the lone soldier in my household no one else wants to committ – I buy all the groceries so this could be hugely helpful with meal planning and budgeting a constant battle! I appreciate all this community does to support and spread the good word! Thanks!

  121. Lori says

    Oh wow great resource–I would love it and I would review it…behind the chair at my salon–tell all my friends and clients : ) and on FB–can’t wait–you guys rock!!

  122. Kari says

    Hi! I’m a budget minded paleo (ish) eater. I was introduced to paleo this January, when my friend convinced me to do a challenge with her (she was participating with her gym).
    I am a graduate student, with a bunch of debt, and an unemployed husband. This means, we live month to month, sometimes even week to week. I try to plan everything out financially and sometimes have enough left to do something fun, but not as often as I’d like.
    I’ve read all of the blogs about staying paleo while on a budget, but its a little difficult. I live in Santa Barbara, CA. Which means there aren’t many inexpensive options (without paying for membership at Costco). I’ve been scouring the Farmer’s Market and now know who has the least expensive items and frequent those farmers.
    If chosen to review your book, I would post on facebook, and my (currently not super active) blog:
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  123. says

    I’m a single guy and active triathlete. I’ve recently started a blog after the feedback I got from friends after posting a series of pics on FB of dinners I ate for two weeks trying to show friends that eating healthy didn’t have to be constantly eating skinless chicken breasts and raw kale. I’ve been paleo for about 1.5 years now, but i’d be happy to review the book.

  124. says

    Hi Robb!

    I’m an exercise specialist and at my work we promote a Paleo Lifestyle to the patients. Everyone in the office is also Paleo. One question we always get is “How do you budget a Paleo diet?” We have come up with our own ideas but a book to recommend to them would be very helpful. I totally changed my diet last June and I had amazing results! I feel that this book will make it easier for families on a tight budget and I would love to review it.

    Thank You!


  125. Andrew says

    No joke, my nickname with my roomates is “budget.” I can be a little crazy with it sometimes. I spend about $450 a month on groceries and that’s just for myself. I would love to review this book and find ways to cut that amount down as mucha s possible! I’m a personal trainer and have been eating paloe for about a year and a half now. I have recommended it to all my clients. One of the first websites I send new clients to is Thanks for all the great info you have provided for me and my clients throughout the past year!

  126. Liz says

    I’d love to review the new e-book. I am a stay-at-home mom of 3 young kids. Since I don’t bring in a paycheck, I consider it my “job” to keep our food costs down. In my case, the labor is free so I try to use labor in place of expensive materials whenever possible. For example, I’d rather make my own jerky than buy the organic, grassfed stuff online. I like to cook, so it’s been fun trying new things on this paleo adventure as well as finding ways to recreate some of our old favorites. On the flip side, I’ve got a busy husband and 3 busy kids so there are some days when I don’t have a lot of time for hunting and gathering (and chopping and dicing and sauteing and braising, etc.). So I also have a repertoire of quick and easy meals that can be prepared in a hurry (or in a crockpot). Also, while my husband and I enjoy trying exotic meats and vegetables and spices, the children are often less enthusiastic about such things so I’ve got experience with both sides of that coin.

  127. Shannon says

    I would buy a hard copy of the book–it would be fantastic if it were designed like a day-planner (spiral w/ thick stock paper that won’t rip) and sized appropriately for carrying along to the store.

    It would be really helpful if certain types of information could be summarized in graphics/tables for quick reference (e.g. organic versus free-range versus all natural … or info re: veggies to prioritize for organic versus OK to buy at store … spice tips). If these charts fit on one page (or a spread) it would be easy to flip the aforementioned spiraled-and-not-too-large book to the correct page while roaming the produce section.

    Maybe a page for the book and/or question for the podcast: “Minutiae that you shouldn’t over-think”. Oh wait, maybe that is the theme of all of your podcasts! :) I guess I am thinking of my fish-sauce buying experience. It had a wee bit of sugar. Is it OK if I just don’t give a rip? Or should I? Yes, I know: “What are your goals–are you trying to lean out?”. Perhaps a chart that has a list of minutiae in rows w/ “What’s your goal?” in the column headers … and then a spectrum of “you should care” to “forgettaboutit”.

    Thanks for all you do.

  128. Nick says

    I do not want to review this e-book. Please do not send me a free copy to review. I promise I won’t do it. If you send me a free copy of this e-book to review, I will not post the review that I am not going to do on a blog that I do not have.

    I am eating raw broccoli and sardines for lunch because I am on a budget. Also, my parents asked me the other day why I don’t have any snacks in the house for my daughter. I said “I do…bacon and eggs”. Bammmm! Go Paleo. Also, sidenote: Joe Rogan promoted paleolithic nutrition on his podcast yesterday. Woot!

  129. Shannon says

    This is a great topic. I know Robb did something on this awhile back, and while I thought that had some good information and the appropriate tone, I don’t think it really addressed many of the concerns of those of us in flyover country who have to deal with a lack of forward-thinking grocery stores. Perfect example–the regular, factory farm ground beef at our local southern Ohio Kroger is $3-$4 a pound. Organic, at that same store is $8, and it’s frozen. So that means when I make Everyday Paleo’s meatballs, that’s an extra $8-$10 just for that one dinner, without including the probably $4 extra for the organic mild Italian sausage, the extra couple of dollars for organic diced tomatoes, organic celery and carrots, organic tomato paste, and almond flour–a tiny bag for $8! Do you know how much flour you can get for that amount? (I’m using this recipe as an example because I made it for dinner last night.)That meal alone is probably close to $20 extra for the organic/grassfed version. I’m very lucky we have both a Trader Joe’s and an Earth Fare that both have cheaper options for grass-fed beef–more like $6-$7 depending, but their produce is very expensive. Kroger–$1.99 for 2 lbs. of carrots, TJ’s and EF over $2 for one pound. So yeah, it IS a lot more expensive to eat paleo when you’re used to being able to pop in a $7 frozen macaroni and cheese with a $2 bag of frozen veggies. Our food budget has gotten huge, and I really go out of my way to compare prices at the various stores and buy things on sale.

    So, my questions would be:
    I would love to buy a portion of a cow, but I have no idea what kind of meat I’d end up with and I don’t really know how to cook a lot of different cuts of beef. I would pay BIG MONEY for something that would include recipes for cooking up your family’s 1/4 of a grassfed cow. Same with a CSA share. Can I get a guide for cooking random veggies that will end up in that box? It’s not a bargain if I’m throwing stuff away, and I can’t spend an hour every day one line looking for recipes when I’m cooking for 6 people. Put it all in one place.

    Good recipes that don’t include a ton of ingredients. I cook for two younger guys at my gym so I’m very aware of how a recipe with 12 ingredients is so much more expensive than one that has 5. So, give me good recipes that can be cooked ahead or made in a crockpot and don’t nickel and dime me on ingredients.

    Robb seems to be pretty clear on his views of what kind of meat are worth the effort, but at what point should we draw the line and say, “I’m not going to eat that.” Our local Earth Fare sells a lot of grassfed, grain finished for the last 60-30 days beef. I’d consider that to be pretty good, and when it’s a $2 a lb. difference and I’m buying upwards of 10 pounds of meat a week, I’d like to try and save that money if I can and downgrade from entirely grass fed.

    Don’t just tell us to buy online. I think too many paleo shopping/product guides tell us to buy stuff online. When I’ve researched that, the products are usually more expensive, plus a shipping cost on top of that. I’d love for him to name in-store products that are paleo compliant so I don’t have to spend so much time reading labels.

    Again, I really hope he doesn’t downplay this very real concern. Our grocery bill has taken a serious hit, and we’ve had to adjust our spending habits in other areas of our life to support eating paleo. Overall, I think it’s worth the sacrifice, but it has been a sacrifice. (Real quote from husband, “It will be nice when your car is paid off next year. That will take some pressure off the grocery bill.)

  130. says

    Money has always been an issue of discussion in our household. I first started trying Paleo when we were a dual income family, but as the military does- it moved us to the mainland, and we’re now a single income family. I tend to overspend, don’t plan, and just waste some food because if bad planning. I would review this book on FB as well as Sparkpeople on my blog (where there are many Paleo foodies!). Although, currently I am wired shut for my fourth jaw reconstruction surgery (long story), when I get cut free… I am looking forward to whole-heartedly following the Paleo lifestyle…for the whole family. This book is gonna be awesome!

  131. Martha says

    It would be a privalage for me to be able to review this. I started over a year ago eliminating sugar and anything white out of my diet because of symptoms I was having. I was then exposed to paleo and have learned so much about other changes I needed to make. I am so thankful to finally find a way of eating that feels best for me. I have been making a slow and difficult transition with the rest of my household. We have always bought and organic beef at one time … And many other healthy choices as raising our own chickens… Fresh eggs…We live in an area where we don’t have access to trader joes or natural foods at reasonable prices . I am very interested in what you have to offer. I am now wanting to devour any information I can get my hands on. Also…. I started at 147 pounds and am now at 124! And feeling so much better!! Thank you

  132. ethan fox says

    Yes, this guy is interested.

    Why, you ask? Well, I just got married to a wonderful gal and weddings can be a money pit, ours was no exception. Said wonderful gal just found out the job she wanted near our home is not available and she will likely have to move two hours away in order to be employed. However, I will not be going with her as my PhD program starts in the fall. I do get a stipend, however 20k per year is tight.

    Oh yeah, one more thing, I love paleo. And paleo on a budget is what I need.

  133. ramsmom says

    Oh, man….after reading Shannon’s reply I have nothing to request; such a great summary of what I was thinking but would never be able to put in words so well! But, that being said, I’m a budget dummy and am trying to learn and balance new eating, etc. Would love to be a test case! Thanks for everything! (I am planning on purchasing when it’s available.)

  134. Sarah M says

    We are new and old to Paleo. We attempted it in 2010, but were lazy and recently we have just gotten back into it hard and true. We are a family of five and I spend $500 a month on food and gas. With gas prices going up and up, the food part of that budget is getting smaller and smaller. One of the advantages we have over some is that we can buy our fruits and veggies and some of the better meats at the commissary. Our area is high to buy into a CSA and I’m finding that some use the term organic a bit too loosely for my taste – being an Environmental Health major and all. I would love to review the book for you and possibly help you come up with new ideas for budgeting for paleo – outside of the general stock up mentality. I could do a blog review and facebook.

  135. says

    Paleo lifestyle – nutrition, sleep,exersize has changed my life and my families and now I have become a major carrier of this cavemen disease. It infects every area and every person I come across merely because they want to know why we look great and have so much energy. Nuff said!

  136. says

    I am very happy you are asking for input. I would like to be considered because I am new to this and have read The Paleo Diet book 2 times. The first time I read is informational, and then I read to study and make my plans. I am an older adult, with type 2 diabetes. Since I have begun the paleo way of life (less than one month), my blood pressure has normalized, my sugar levels are going down, and I feel enery that I did not think I would have. I would also like to be considered because I had to give up one of my jobs to take care of my mother, 86 with dementia. It is stressful, but with the paleo way of life, I have more energy to take care of her, and also she is feeling better. I am working her into the paleo life. I have emailed, told, called, and preached the paleo lifestyle. I know diabetics, those with chronic kidney stones, vegitarians, and people that suffer with high blood pressure. I made out a card with the websites from the book, and also key pages that will address their condition. I hope you will consider me to participate with input. I truly need to know the tricks on how to be paleo on a budget. My monthly budget has decreased without my second job. It would help me become better with the pleo way of life. Thank you.

  137. Vicarious says

    I’d love to review the ebook and see how it works. Today I am searching for a meal planner template, ideally a PDF file with fields you can fill in to customize it rather than having to write it in by hand. I could save it to my Dropbox folder and open the file on my phone to remind myself what I’m at the grocery store for and avoid forgetting something important or buying extra stuff I don’t need (a big problem for me and one that makes it even harder to stay on track with Paleo).

    I’ll be a full time college student starting this fall but even working full time I am still on a tight budget. I am saving like crazy as I desperately need to replace my car, and then I will be saving like crazy to pay cash for my school (no student loans for me, thanks!). Paleo has been a challenge financially, and I’d love to give the pages in this book a try to see much better I can do.

  138. Kaylee says

    I would like an advanced copy to review. I’m interested in reviewing it because I’ve recently gone back to college for nursing after working full-time for 4 years after I graduated college the last time. Every week I’m going over budget with my groceries. I’ve been eating paleo for 2 years now and need to maintain this lifestyle in school because it’s imperative to my health and mental functioning! I will send you my feedback and I would like to do a review of the material either in one of my nursing classes at college and/or my CrossFit gym. Thank you!

  139. says


    I’d love a free copy of the e-book. I am a wellness coach and definitely have heard the “it’s too expensive” or “too hard to find” concerns from clients when I teach them about the benefits of paleo eating. I’d love to recommend a book like this! Often one of the greatest challenges to change is to break the inertia of non movement or to create that bridge for a client to move from one track to another. It sounds like this book would really help my clients build that bridge.


  140. says


    I’m starting a food truck this summer and I am looking at ways to keep costs low while keeping food quality high and in keeping with primal guidelines.

    Please send me the advanced copy so I can incorporate the ideas into my business plan!!



  141. zach powell says

    The biggest issue that I have had in the last 13 months of eating paleo is some of the items (ie spices, vegs, etc) are not something that I can aquire easily. I live in a small town of 2500 ppl in west virginia. Ordering the stuff online is crazy expensive or requires a 45 min drive to pittsburgh at some point after driving 60 miles to school so now Im kinda reverted to eating a handfull of things out of the book and some out of the paleo comfort food book which needless to say is getting pretty dang old. Any possibilities of a cookbook that is good but a little more down to earth. Please anything any suggestion would be great. My shopping choices are walmart, aldi, and sparkle which is a local over priced grocery store that I hate shopping at.

    • Amy Kubal says

      It’s a crap shoot. Do what you can and maximize the rest of your diet if grassfed/wild caught isn’t in your budget!

  142. Roguepixie says

    I would love to review an advance copy for a variety of reasons not least of which is that as a busy wife and mother I am always looking for budget friendly ways of feeding my family in a healthy, interesting way. Also the idea of introducing paleo to my family is a compelling one – I would love for them to be on-board with this and feel that providing such food in a budget friendly manner would be helpful. I am fairly new to paleo (and crossfit) but am serious about living this way – I have to for my health, if nothing else!!

  143. LOZ362 says

    Frugalista who loves to read — usually from the library. Will share on twitter and FB, with friends, family and work colleagues. Although I USED to be a poor college kid, now I’m a successful single-mom who works hard and tries to feed her teen the right way. So even though she soaks up most of my disposable income ( orthodontia is next!) … I would rather receive a free-copy of the ebook because I now need to spend any “extra” money on a brand new wardrobe because absolutely NONE of my old/bigger clothes fit after losing 20 lbs… and I think I may still lose another 10. Nice problem to have!

  144. says

    I would love review your ebook. As many before me, I only started this journey 2 months ago and am also learning to budget for food while raising a family. Thank you!

  145. Dave says

    I’m interested in simple meals with five or less ingredients. I’m all about stuff you can just add some sort of heat, good fats, and spices. Many paleo recipes can be too complex to appeal to modern cooking enthusiasts. It costs money to buy all those little obscure ingredients for this stuff. Sometimes I literally just throw whatever meat with whatever veggie with whatever rendered or purified fat I have with some spices that might work, and with a small serving of some tuber or white rice if it’s morning or post workout.

  146. Dan M Cakes says

    Hi Robb and Greg,

    totally unrelated and obscure question, but I’m trying to help my sister with a pretty bad case of ‘frozen shoulder’ or ‘adhesive capsulitis’ type injury or situation, and I was wondering if you knew of any legitimate form of physical therapy that has had some success with that, as well as your ideas with regard to the particular style of paleoish diet you would recommend. For eg, would you see it as an inflammation issue or even maybe autoimmune or leaky gut related. I look forward to your response,

    Thanks Dan M Cakes

  147. karen t says

    Saw you speak in New Paltz last month and was so inspired! Was in the middle of our 60 day Paleolithic Challenge at the time. Lost 31 lbs – “It’s like this sh*t really works”, our new motto from you that day :) Anyway, continuing the Paleolithic lifestyle as a stay at home mom of 3 and would love to review and share on FB and with all my peeps at Crossfire Warwick

  148. Jim says

    I’m a husband and father of 2 who gave up a comfy corporate job to go back to school to get a PhD. I care a lot about feeding my family good food, especially now that we are on a tight budget. I have G+ and Twitter accounts I use. I’d love to review the book because when I do the math right now, doing a paleo diet simply does not seem feasible.

  149. says

    DEFINITELY interested in the “on a budget” Paleo shopping. It is a huge issue for me, I’ve been having to cut back almost everywhere I can to try and afford this stuff but I still can’t seem to find grass-fed meats (seafood has been easier).

  150. nutznseedz says

    Is ‘nitrite-free’ bacon free of the risks of nitrites, or does that celery powder stuff they use create the same issues? thanks.

  151. nutznseedz says

    Also, what should factor in to decisions on whether or not to eat fat/skin from cuts of meat?

    Also, please include some easy recipes for organ meats – these are cheap because many people don’t buy them, but heck if i know what to do with chicken hearts or a giant bison liver.

  152. Spencer says

    I’m a 3rd college student paying for school on loans and working to feed myself each week. How much I spend on food dictates what I have for gas money and my social life. I would love to review a copy of the guide on the blog I’ll be starting soon as well as on Facebook.

    I would love to know the least expensive route for getting enough wild caught seafood since I prefer this over taking fish oil.

  153. Jim K says

    Good Morning!

    I have recently started the Paleo lifestyle. I just recently lost my job so it is very important to my family of 6, that we stretch our food budget dollars to get every penny out of it. I would love the opportunity to review the new guide for you, especially given my new situation.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!!

  154. Jim K says

    Good Morning!

    I have recently started the Paleo lifestyle. I just recently lost my job so it is very important to my family of 6, that we stretch our food budget dollars to get every penny out of it. I would love the opportunity to review the new guide for you, especially given my new situation.

    I would be posting the review on Facebook and Google+

    Thanks and keep up the great work!!

  155. Zach says

    Busy working father of three, trying to feed a family on Paleo and keep up with work and Crossfit. Would love to review your book to give honest feedback from a real life perspective of a small town person who has no access to some of the “fancier” health food stores. I also lead a “Paleo Support Group” in my hometown of about 12 members who were motivated by my success (lost 86# since 9/16/11) and would love to be able to recommend the book to my group members.

  156. Jason in Chiba says

    Not to step on anyone’s toes, but I’m doing a similar thing specific to shopping/ eating in Japan (how to read labels written in Japanese script etc), and I’d love a copy of your work, Robb, to make sure I’ve covered all of my bases.


  157. says

    Hi Rob!

    I am after a new found health and a new found body! I have lost 17 lbs by counting calories and working out 6 days a week. After all of the money I have spent on workout videos and the 17 day diet book, buying separate food for myslef from the rest of my family, and now a gym membership, I’m just about broke.. Truthfully My spirit is broken because after losing 17 pounds just by counting calories, I have been at a plateau for about 3 weeks. Then a glimmer of hope popped up. I heard about the Paleo diet for the second time from a friend who joined a gym and the trianer reccomended the Paleo. I have heard about the diet from a friend of mine a bout a year ago and I was like just another fad.. I have read countless blogs and websites about the Paleo diet and this really seems to be a doable lifestyle change for me. Counting calories has become a burdon. Mainly because I have to cook for myself separately from the rest of my family which causes extra dishes, time and money to say the least. It’s quite stressful. I need a break. Please send me your book as I would be so appreciative. And if you cannot send me your book, please tell me where I can purchase it. I’m going grocery shopping tonight so I would LOVE to start my new life as soon as possible.


    Lisa R from WI

  158. Matt Sharples says

    As a graduate student at Palmer College of Chiropractic, I would love the opportunity to evaluate the ebook for a couple reasons. First, as a student I MUST be budget conscious since all my income comes from grants & loans. Second, as a future chiropractor & health care provider I will be making dietary recommendations to my patients & would love to be able to recommend a resource to help alleviate the monetary concerns of switching to the best dietary system of eating there is.

  159. Rikke says

    As a poor university student, I’m a very effective bargain hunter!

    Always look for stuff close to expiration. You will find great things at low prices if you look in the store, instead of just counting on the sale papers.
    Never buy stuff you won’t use (obviously…); I mean, don’t buy something “just” because it’s cheap.
    Make things yourself; learn to cook.

    ATM, my diet consists of buckwheat (LOW GL/GI, and they taste super good! Sweet potatoes are expensive as F… here), broccoli (it’s on sale everywhere), eggs, frozen spinach, some frozen berries, fermented dairy and meat here and there.

    For meats, a great strategy is buying in bulks! Here in Denmark, you can buy half a pig or quarter a cow (organic and/or grass-fed, free-range) for very cheap; you usually get the bones and organs for free, as many people don’t want them (I don’t get it!) Only downside is you need a badass huge freezer. I borrow space at my parents’ 😉

    There really isn’t any excuses… 😉
    Even better, I like it. It may sound super boring, but I usually live off the same stuff all the time, and mix things up once in a while, go for a few weeks off of that, and then change things again. Easy-peasy! 😀

  160. says

    I am a coach at CrossFit Wilmette and we are about to start a paleo challenge, so I would be posting on our website –, my website (blog) and Facebook. Personally, I have a 12 month old and money is tight because of him, so I would love to learn how to shop better. My wife and I are just venturing into paleo after reading the paleo solution and why we get fat. Either way, hope the book is out soon.

  161. says

    My husband and I made the move to a Paleo Lifestyle in Sept. 2011. We have not perfected this new way of living but we are determined to make it work. We have five children (ages 17-2) and live on one income – we are budget-conscious Paleo eaters! We would love to review your guide for free!

    I’d be happy to post my review via my blogs, email, and forums. I’d even consider opening a FB account to share the good news.

  162. Loring says

    I’m interested. As the kitchen-bot, I run a paleo household including pets. Felines sure do eat an amazing amount of meat!! I’d post on FB/G+. Love your work – keep it up!

  163. Rachel says

    I think I would be a great person to preview and review the book. My boyfriend and I are living off of my teachers salary at the moment because he is in grad school. We have been doing Paleo for about a year now and have seen a vast improvement in our energy and overall health. I would love to read any tips on making Paleo more budget friendly. I loved Robb’s first book and would love to read this one.

  164. Tami says

    I would love to review your book….and post reviews where ever asked. I’m an avid facebooker and wrote a business webpage myself.

    I have worked professionally as both a writer and editor although I currently own and operate a custom picture framing store. I was introduced to Crossfit and the Paleo Solution through a young woman who came in to my store to have something framed. She and her fiance were recently discharged officers from the USMC and opening a Crossfit gym.

    I had been suffering from severe Plantar Fascittis for a number of years and pretty much unable to workout at all. Crossfit sounded like a way for me to give exercise another shot. Crossfit turned out to be a godsend for me. The improvements in my strength and physical fitness have been nothing short of amazing.

    I had eliminated gluten from my diet a few months before starting Crossfit, which helped significantly with the foot pain and knee pain. Didn’t think I had intestial issues but I did–I was just used to it.

    Have been semi-Paleo for about a year–snuck in too much sugar and carbs at times but never gluten. Currently in midst of an 8 week Paleo challenge at my gym and this has motivated me to be more compliant. What do you know, this stuff works!

    As far a Paleo on a budget, I personally find that shopping smart and planning ahead have helped me do this without breaking the bank. We eat out less often and I normally bring leftovers to work for lunch. We purchased 1/4″ of grassfed cow from someone I met at the local farmer’s market and this turned out to be wonderful. I am talking with a local farmer in hopes using my business as a CSA dropoff site this summer.

    If you still need the help, I am an fast reader, involuntarily find typos and word choice problems and can point out sections that might not be super clear to the reader. And I love Crossfit and Paleo.

  165. michelle w says

    I am always trying to budget shop! Now with the gradual change over to Paleo, we’re almost there. I realize how much more expensive eating healthy is. But I also know how important it is and why we will be doing it. The local grocery store in my town has a small section of options and I am aware of the almighty Whole Foods, who is doubly as expensive. I would LOVE LOVE to test and try out this book and probably buy it. If I can save money and be heathly, thats a double win in my book!

    • michelle w says

      I would post my reviews to Facebook and Pinterest. I have a load of friends who have “gone” paleo, who need to go and we all want to know how to do it budget friendly.

  166. Linda T says

    I would love a chance to review the e-book. I read the book “The Paleo Diet” and “Dangerous Grains” years ago, and changing the way I ate helped me loose weight and feel much better. At the time, I didn’t have to worry about the cost, but now I’m seriously underemployed, on unemployment and food stamps, so eating Paleo is a major challenge. I would be able to post my review on a discussion thread(s) of some of the LinkedIn groups I belong to.

  167. John H says

    I would love to know places in New York City to find grass-fed beef and free range chicken, as well as any restaurants (chain or not) that use paleo-friendly meat.

  168. alison dumas says

    Hi, I would love to review this book because I have been doing Paleo since Jan 1 2012 and have now switched my family over to it. I have a husband and 2 10year old twins. We are also on Food Stamps so staying on budget is so hard. With just me it was difficult but now with the whole family I am over budget and scraping to find money to try and stay on plan…I would love to check out this book….

  169. Valerie says

    The e-book is something I’d wish I could have created first! I have been teaching our large membership about the Paleo lifestyle (nutrition and exercise), the one comment/excuse I get the most is I have a family, car payment, mortgage and there is no way I can afford to eat this way. I have been trying to create a tool which shows them the long term financial benefits of working Paleo into their lives, but how do you show this when people think about upfront costs and not necessarily long term over time health costs. They see the damage to their wallets rather then the damage to their selves. This ebook would be a great tool to use with my membership and get great feedback on if it helped them out and what they would like to have, etc. My membership is very responsive and will definitely welcome it with open arms. We are currently doing a weight loss and health class teaching people how what they eat has everything to do with how they look, 80-20 rule. 80% nutrition, 20% exercise. This e-book would be a great addition to the resources we are providing them!

  170. mister worms says

    I have an egg question. Is the color of the egg yolk a good indicator of its nutrient value? I ask this because some of the supermarket eggs I have access to (specifically, Land O’ Lakes All-Natural Eggs) have more of an orange-y colored yolk and are tastier than more expensive farmer’s market eggs from “free roaming” hens.

    From the Land O’ Lakes web site I gather that their food is mostly corn and soy with a secret ingredient. They say “The proprietary feed that hens laying Land O Lakes® Eggs consume results in a yolk that is rich-tasting and darker in color than regular eggs. The normal yellow or yellow-orange color of an egg is due to xanthophylls, which are carotenoid pigments derived from the premium vegetarian feed the hens eat. Artificial color additives are not permitted in eggs.”

    So are the chickens converting the secret ingredient into useful nutrients for us humans or just making pretty colors? And, I almost hate to admit it, but they taste more buttery than most of the farm eggs I’ve gotten. What’s the best buy in the egg department short of truly pastured with beautiful orange yolks? Should consumers go by appearance and taste, manufacturer claims like omega-3 (from flaxseed in the feed I guess) or organic?

    I’d love to review the guide and give feedback, btw! While I don’t begrudge paying more for better food, I do have to keep an eye on the dollars and cents as my husband, 3 yr old and myself are all living on my feeble income. I’m self-employed so we have the added fun of unpredictability and no employer sponsored health insurance; makes it all the more important to do what we can to stay healthy.

  171. Kristina says

    I think it’s silly to put off healthier eating because you can’t go whole-hog and buy everything 100% organic. I pay attention to sale ads when I go to buy meat and frozen veggies, and I make sure to buy my produce from a fruit stand in my area or one of the grocery stores I know has veggies that will keep more than three days. I don’t live or go to school anywhere near an organic grocery like Whole Foods. My mom and I don’t raise our own grass-finished beef. I don’t grow my own vegetables (although a container garden, at least, is in the planning stages). So, even though all the food I eat is conventionally produced, I follow Paleo principles the best I can with the money I have. The $100 I spend on meat, poultry, and seafood in addition to the fresh produce staples I already bought is much better spent than the $50 I used to spend on pita bread, beans, and cereal. I’m also saving money by eating whole eggs instead of always separating them and tossing the yolks in fear of the fat. Win all around.

  172. Kirill says

    I will gladly review it for free and send you feedback. My main criteria are user-friendly/convenience and avoiding unnecessary steps. I have a knack for figuring out the simplest ways to make good tasting meals and getting the most out of less ingredients. I also have a ton of experience substituting things like eggs, nightshades or additives. At your service.

  173. Jessica Moore says

    As just(literally just over a week) starting out on my paleo diet journey and lifestyle, I am nervous about the high cost of grass-fed meats, wild-caught fish, and organic produce. Thinking of cutting back on other expenditures has been swirling in my head. My health is too important to not. The days of ramen noodles while studying at Chico State are long gone. I just turned 30, work full-time in the low-pay field of education, and in grad school. If I am to continue on the path of my past, I will certainly end up like my parents and grandparents with rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, dead bowel, and cancer.

    The opportunity to review this book and share with others how the Paleo Budget Shopping Guide can make a genuine difference in the cost of this healthy lifestyle would certainly be a blessing for me and them.

  174. says

    After being vegetarian for 16 years, I recently began eating meat again because I’ve been Paleo for about 1.5 years and knew it was the healthiest thing for my body.

    However, humane treatment is extremely important to me and I will not eat meat unless I can be confident of the treatment of the animals – not just if they are organic. My question to answer is – how to find the organic, grass-fed HUMANE meats (especially pork, turkey).

    Other question is about variety – As I am on a budget I often find myself getting the same, cheapest veggies and cuts of meat. I know I need variety – what’s the best way to do this and a good plan for making sure it happens?

    I’d love to review – I have a Paleo Facebook group and CrossFit in Philly.

  175. Jeremy says

    I have been living a lower cost paleo lifestyle for a little over two years now and would love to review the book for feedback. I currently don’t have a lot of avenues for a promotional style review. I live in eastern Canada where organic anything isn’t always the cheapest or easiest to find. We do have fairly good sources of meat, but still far from cheap.

  176. Andi says

    I have been progressing my daily diet, along with my family, to Paleo, and we’ve buckled down and gone full blown this month, needless to say we love it. We are a younger couple, still going to school with a three year old, and we are constantly looking for ways to eat healthfully while saving our cash. I think the biggest points people are going to want to know is what exactly should you pay the big prices for, or which items are most worth it, nutritionally. I know that truly they all are worth it, but for people just beginning or trying to figure it all out are so blown away by pricing. I am lucky to have some great local resources since moving to a new city, and after some searching I can find some great high-quality foods for good prices. I am constanly sharing tips and such on FB with family and friends, and also to anyone who will listen. My family has been blown away by our paleo results and we are on a quest to help our morbidly obese, diabetic loved ones eat healthfully, and price is always what they hide behind. So, I post pics of my foods and the reciepts online and urge them to really research and find great local deals in their area. I love this book idea, everyone is always looking how to do things cheaper, looking forward to it!

  177. Kate Meyer says

    I admit it – I’m addicted to carbs. Not good carbs like sweet potatoes or apples…no, no, that would be too easy. I’m talkin’ whole wheat pasta! Thick crust pizza! Rice! Potatoes…white, starchy potatoes!

    I have wanted to start Paleo (I was inspired by some people at my Crossfit box…) I’ve had a lot of excuses for not starting. My last excuse is “It’s too expensive and takes too long to prep.” If I had a chance to preview this ebook, it might be the carrot that pushes me over the edge! (Plus, as an English teacher, I can write a totally rockin’ review. I’ll be my Crossfit affiliate box will even let me post on their webpage and Facebook page…thus getting out there in the Crossfit world, where we eat stuff like this up!)

    Think about it. Seriously! 😉

  178. Margie says

    I am new to the Paleo lifestyle, and am only concerned about the cost. Our family of six (four kids ages 7-11) eat only grassfed and freerange meats, and try to eat organic, locally grown produce (my husband is planting seeds today in our plot at the community garden). We are on a tight small income, and I’m always buying ahead and freezing meals to cut costs. My sister and I are currently looking for new ways to improve our families’ health through food, and love to share info via fb and emails to our extended family. I have lived frugally for a long time, and know bargains when I see it. I would love to review this for you–and gain insight in how I can make this work for my family at the same time.

  179. Kath Fryia says

    Hi guys, I’d love to review this book. I’ve been eating mostly paleo for a few years, and the longer I’m at it, the more strict I get. I’m about half way through Chris Kresser’s “Personal Paleo Code” which has been really enlightening, and finally freed me up from some of the things I though I might never give up. Plus I’m finding there a some things I don’t have to give up. Anyways, I will be retiring in 12 weeks, and will have more time to cook, and work in my garden. I live in northern Ontario, Canada, so our gardening season is pretty short, but I am going to do my best to eat fresh while we can, and freeze or preserve the rest. I just purchased a pastured pig that I will get in the next few weeks, and will buy a side of pastured beef in the fall, and a chicken csa. Given the cost of these items, and the extra freezer I will need to buy, I’m going to have to be very frugal with every thing else, so hoping to get some good information to help me out.

  180. says

    As a fairly new blogger and mother of eight children, I WOULD LOVE TO REVIEW AND BLOG about eating Paleo on a budget!!! I want so much to educate others mothers on how to day-by-day, meal-by-meal, make small changes that will offer their families BIG, REAL, HEALTHY FOOD. Thank you for this opportunity!!!

  181. Irene says

    I would Love to have free copy of your new book because I’m a busy mom with a husband who eats like a Trojan and two growing boys. My grocery bills have gone up a fair bit since I began eating paleo and would love some tips to bring down my spending.

    Also, I’ve never actually won anything before so getting something for free would be super cool.

    I’m also a decent writer and would be happy to provide some feedback on your book. Robb, you have given so much to the world with your teachings. If I can be of assistance, I would be happy to do so.

    Crossing my fingers and toes you pick me,

  182. Nick Holmes says

    I am a college student on a tight budget, and I am always looking for ways to save some money on food. I do not eat at the college cafeteria because the food choices do not jive with Paleo eating, so I bus it to the grocery store twice a week to get some decent food (twice a week because I eat too much to store food for a whole week).

    I am also a 94 kg Olympic Weightlifter, and I am going to make the move up to the 105 kg class after Collegiate Nationals in April. Training for Weightlifting has required me to eat TONS of food just to maintain my weight. I suspect that I will be eating a lot more when I am trying to gain some clean mass when jumping weightclasses, so saving money on copious amounts of food is definitely something I could groove to.

    I have been eating Paleo for several years and I have read “The Paleo Solution” and “The Paleo Diet for Athletes.” I would gladly post a review of the E-Book on my facebook page for all of my friends to see. I would also discuss the E-Book with the other lifters at my gym, because they also like to save some green on grub.

  183. Adam says

    I would love to get a look at the ebook. Trying to make paleo work on a budget is very difficult for my family, but we do the best we can. My wife and I both have pretty low paying full-time jobs and three kids in the house right now. I’d love to see if the ebook has some useful tips for improving our health without straining to pay the bills.


  184. says

    I would be interested in reading & reviewing this guide for a few reasons. I think the most obvious is I’m a budget-conscious paleo-nut, so obviously I don’t want to buy the book 😉 I’d post a review in my blog and link to it in my journal on

    I graduated college in 2010 with a fairly reasonable amount of debt. I’ve had two jobs since then, holding steady with the second, and struggle everyday to keep my bank account from suiciding over fairly practical purchases such as extra fruit or almond butter. I already have a fairly restrictive diet, having to deal with a candida overgrowth (so no sugar, including fruit!), on top of being paleo (I don’t consider it restrictive, but my non-paleo boyfriend is constantly complaining about how it is and constricts our dinner choices). We unfortunately can’t afford anything beyond frozen veggies and bulk meat, or at least, we haven’t been able to figure out a way to afford these things without missing payments on student loans, car loans (his), medical bills (his), utilities (both of us), and various other essentials. We’re your average lower-middle class suburban young couple, I suppose, and I’m always on the hunt for more tips to make paleo work within our tight budget.

  185. says

    I am a holistic movement coach in Toronto, Canada. My entire family and my fiance (a coach as well) and I have been eating Paleo since reading your book for almost 2 years now. My fiance even switched from being a vegan prior to reading the book and seeing the results I was getting. We are extremely passionate about food and eat our fare share of it while meeting a very strict budget at times and we always make it work just right. We are also in the process of writing our own Paleo cook book.

    We would love to review your book together and share it on our Facebook pages, our studio page and with all our clients and colleagues.

    Other titles we own are: The Paleo Solution, The Palo Diet for Athletes, The Food Lovers Make it Paleo (our favorite), Paleo Comfort Foods, Everyday Paleo.


  186. says

    P.S We also noticed that food prices in the states were much cheaper across the board then where we live up north. It may be interesting to get a Canadian perspective on your book.

    Thanks again,


  187. Stacey E says

    My DH and I would love to read and review your book. My OB/Gyn recommended your book after I was telling him about my DH starting to decrease carbs in his lifestyle. Since then DH is on a mission. He can’t tell me and everyone enough about how great he feels and why. He loves to tell us “Jesus saved my soul and Robb Wolf saved my life.”

    I am a SAHM of three that homeschools my oldest so we have busy, busy days. Money and time saving techniques are really important. Also, trying to figure out how to get the kids on board without throwing them for a loop – that’s the hardest challenge for me.

    We would review on facebook, to friends, family, workplace, neighbors. I’d also be getting my Dr. a copy as a thank you for getting us started and I’m sure he would love to share feedback with his practice/patients. Plus, I’ve sent copies of Paleo Solution to my mother and MIL and I’ve lost track of how many of DH’s coworkers have gotten the book and are on-board, so you kind of owe us a commission ;)haha!

    Thank you!

  188. Karen says

    Hi, My husband and I (56 and 49 yrs. old) have been doing the Paleo diet now for a few months and have definitely noticed an increase in our food budget. I would love to review this book and write a review on it. I also have coworkers that have seen the results of my weightloss so far and are impressed, but say that they can’t afford it. This would be a perfect way to show them how. I have already had a lot of inquiries as to this way of life and have referrred them to your website and books. There are about 35 of us doing a weightloss challenge at work that is over a 3 month peroid. SO far my results have been alot better than others. I am the only one eating paleo, so there has been alot of questions. Thanks for considering me as a reviewer. I would review here and/or facebook.

  189. Jenny says

    My husband and I have been eating Paleo since late August of 2011. We have never felt better! Budget for this lifestyle is definitely an issue, as we currently have a long distance relationship.

    I’m very interested in reviewing the ebook.

  190. says

    I would love to review this eBook. I have been promoting The Paleo Solution on my newly started blog. I am new to the Paleo lifestyle and need all the help I can get. My boyfriend has been unemployed without benefits for over a year and a half. That means we’re living on my salary alone, and just scraping by month to month. Even through our current financial hardship, we’re placing our health and fitness first. Any help I have to be able to best do this would be appreciated.

    I would review this book on my blog (, on Facebook, and would also send it to all of my Crossfit Box.

    Thank you,

  191. says

    The book looks fantastic! I am a regular podcast listener, and have read The Paleo Solution. My husband and I have been paleo for just over 12 months, and have both never been better.

    Between work, weight lifting, crossfit and part-time study I’m always looking for ways to keep me me organised when it comes to my food and meal plans.

    In Australia we have seen sky-rocketing cost of living, and would love to give an Aussie perspective on the topic.

    I am also in the process of moving to the US, and could do a Aussie v US comparison.

    Book looks great!

  192. Eric Fox says

    Suprisingly, we spent less money at the store than we normally do while shopping for week one of the Paleo 30 day challenge…by at least $20. Time to prep and cook is proving to be the most challenging, particularly in the morning for breakfast.

  193. Melisa says

    I am interested in the Paleo way of life and would love to review the book, because I am obese and have a 12 year old son who is following in my footsteps. I would like to bring a new lifestyle into our home and save our lives by doing so. I like the idea of eating natural foods and not processed junk. I live in a smaller town and don’t always have access to fresh foods, I feel that this book may offer some ways to conquer my own “road blocking”. I have a difficult time trying to put together a grocery list that stays natural and when I do it seems to get boring in the kitchen. New ideas are always helpful.
    Thank you for this opportunity to learn more and be healthier.

  194. Chris says

    Hi Robb,

    I’d be interested in reviewing the book. Although by this point I’d imagine that the free copies have been handed out. I’d hope that any recipes that might be included would have been tested and proven that they work. By this I mean it is one thing to share a recipe, but there might be tricks that make the end result that much easier to make that you might be aware of and not think to include.

  195. Kerry says

    I’m so excited for this, and I do have lots of questions.

    I hear people saying that $5.50/lb for meat is a great deal and that they spend very little on food each week. Am I eating too much meat? I keep my average meat cost around $2.75/lb and am still breaking the bank. I’ve already decided that for the moment I can’t be picky about grass fed and organic. :(

    I’ve tried meal planning and do it religiously and with great precision, but that still seems to be pretty expensive. Is there something I’m missing? Can stocking up on certain items when they are on sale help with this?

    Could I somehow be distributing my calories incorrectly or eating too many? I don’t think so, but perhaps. I eat about 2400 calories a day (5’11” active). Should I be increasing “cheap calories” and decreasing the expensive ones?

    What do people define as affordable? What’s the baseline here? I think that I’m spending way too much when I hit $700-800 for two people (both eating about the same amount) each month (that does include other grocery items though). I’d feel better if I could sit somewhere around $500 and $600 if I have to.

    Are there quality supplements that are more affordable? What are the best places to buy them?

    I’m really excited for the section about paleo food online. I’d like to know particularly where to find some good bulk options. I can’t seem to find coconut milk online for any less than can by can at my grocery store.


  196. Lindsay says

    My husband and I moved back to the US from South America 4 weeks ago and we literally have no money. We are lucky enough to have parents who are letting us live with them until we get back on our feet. We are now on food stamps until jobs (fingers crossed!) are found.

    We eat paleo and don’t believe it is any more expensive than a standard American diet, and we make very careful financial decisions to be able to eat well.
    If we are on food stamps and can still afford to eat paleo – so can you.

  197. Ashley says

    You have found the right budget-minded person to review the book! I have been eating Paleo for about two years but struggle to get my husband to fully subscribe. This presents issues while shopping because if I dont have food on hand for him then fast food is on the menu. We recently had our first child so with the cost of daycare, baby items and cooking, I am looking to save money anywhere I can find. The biggest expense I have found is buying meat and the smalle quantity of nuts/nut flour.

    I am actively on Facebook and just started my own blog. My goal with the blog is to document our life for my daughter but also to teach her, friends, and family about the benefits of the Paleo lifestyle. And that’s the key. Paleo is not a diet for me it is a lifestyle.

    So excited to read the book!

  198. Sasha Baxter says

    I would love to review your new book! My husband and I have been Paleo for over a year now, and it’s taken us a while to figure out what few tricks we have to buying food on a budget. Even with those tricks, we easily blow through over a grand on food each month (JUST THE 2 OF US!), and I think we’re at the point where I really need to meal plan. Alas, all previous attempts have failed – I’m truly a spontaneous meal planner at heart.

    Anyways, if I were chosen to review the book, I’d post my review on my Paleo blog, Facebook, and I’d happily give you guys feedback.

  199. Lisa says

    I would like to take a look at the book as well. As a single mom ( with one awesome boy ), I look for ideas frequently on cutting the budget. I am not a fancy writer, but will speak my mind if you want to hear it. New to paleo, I and struggle with it at times. Learning the language, how to eat, making sure my fussy son eats SOMETHING other than toast and hamburgers is tough. Looking for ideas.
    Besides what a great way to trade.

    Thank you for your time

  200. Lisa says

    I have been gradually settling into the Paleo way of eating now for about 1 year, however I cannot say that I have been committed 100% due to the cost. I know after reading Everyday Paleo I have no excuse. After a recent doctors appointment for my eldest daughter who has autism, both my husband and I have decided to bring our whole family on board with the Paleo lifestyle. I would relish the opportunity to find and review budget friendly Paleo dishes, I am a student nurse, have three children and a husband who eats me out of house and home. We are an active family, we run, bike and lift weights. I would post my review on facebook.

  201. Rebecca says

    I find the most problematic area to stay within budget to be feeding my daughter. She just turned 17, is not all that happy about having been taken off grains, she misses snacks. Snack-sized, convenient Paleo is not cheap. That is one part of our “problem trifecta” — what can she grab on the go and stay on plan? (2) how can we reduce the cost of this (we do well on a heavy veggie and protein supply for home meals) and (3) best way to teach her to do this all herself, because in a year when she goes away to college, how will she maintain this in a dorm room?

    Yikes. I think I just scared myself! LOL

  202. Nicole says

    I’m a 23 year old college student who will spend money on groceries before paying rent. It’s sad and a little messed up. Just finished my first Whole30. Switching my major back to Biology because I’ve become obsessed with Paleo and how it connects to our evolution and bodies. Questioning the unquestionable seems to be something I’m good at. I have some friends and families I babysit for that are started to try out Paleo and would love to share this with them too!

  203. says

    I’m new to the primal diet. We shop on a budget and I used to use coupons, but find it difficult now. We had to increase our budget when we changed our diet. Id love to read and review your book on my blogs (2). and

  204. Alex says

    I’m a huge follower and supporter of living paleo, and am always encouraging people to take the 30 day paleo challenge at my BJJ/ MMA academy. Because I encourage people to take the challenge they usually turn to me for guidance. While I’m pretty well versed in eating and shopping for the paleo lifestyle I could always use more tips and some guides for others and myself. Thanks!

  205. Oshuna Oma says

    I have been headed towards Paleo for a few months now (no grains, limited dairy)- just didn’t know what to call it until I had a personal trainer guide me to your book. I work at Trader Joe’s and don’t feel that it is an expensive store and you can get a gluten free list from the store or the website.
    I would love to review your new ebook. We are starting on the 30 day today.

    Thanks (60, almost 61, year old – partner, grandma, mom, aunt, sister, human….)

  206. Philip says

    Hi Robb,

    I would love to review your book. As a professional swimmer, I have found the Paleo lifestyle to work well (I do add more carbs than the usual paleo for after workouts). I like how I feel throughout the day, with constant energy and without that constant desire to eat. Since swimming is not the most profitable sport, I do struggle sometimes to stay in the budget buying a much more expensive source of protein, than for example, beans and legumes. Thanks.

  207. says

    Hi, I would like to review your book. I’ve been eating paleo now for last few months and since I’ve gotten great results, I’ve started recommending it to many of the overeating/binge eating clients I coach, however one common question I always get is how to purchase and consume healthy foods for cheap. I certainly would be willing to post a review of your book on my site because I think many of my site’s visitors would benefit from it.

  208. says


    I’d love to review the book for a few reasons. I’m a Naturopathic doctor (ND) and part of what I do is spend time teaching my patients how to eat – real food, that is. I know I’m singing to the choir (you), but sooo many people come into my office, sick, tired, overweight, etc etc. cause their MD’s prescriptions don’t help. I have the majority of my patients adopt a paleo diet to get rid of the processed junk, the wheat, the additives, and all the other stuff that is making them sick.

    My biggest hurdle however, is getting them to figure out how to shop and prepare paleo meals. Some folks just don’t get that real food does NOT come out of a can or package. I’d like to be able to refer them to this guide as it looks really sensible and will provide a lot of solutions to many patients’ challenges with adapting to a healthy way of eating.

    Second big reason is that I work with a lot of athletes of all types and calibers – and so many of them don’t feel well, don’t perform well, and don’t recover well all because they are stuck on old school sports nutrition advice (carbo loading, all the time). I’ve used a paleo diet for myself (I’m a competitive cyclist and runner as well) and on athletes and they’ve improved their performances so much..however athletes are cheap and broke cause they spend too much money are race entries and bicycles..this guide will be a big help for them as well.

    I’d like to put my review of your book on both of my websites (one is for my practice and the other is for athletes looking for natural sports medicine information) and their respective facebook pages.

    Thank you ( and sorry this is so long!)
    Jason Barker, ND

  209. says

    I hope I’m not too late to the party. As a young family living in NYC on a single income where cost of living is already insane, I’ll take any advice I can get about how to do paleo on a budget. I’d be happy to review it on my blog.

  210. says

    I would love to review this.

    I’ve recently been doing mucho research on the Paleo diet and I’m sort of floored. I had gone to school for nutrition (never graduated, but still fed my head with lots of Food Guide Pyramid stuff). After reading the Paleo Solution and other materials, I feel so used.
    I always felt like there was something amiss if vegetables weren’t at the bottom of the stack. It just didn’t make sense. I felt ridiculous taking all those chemistry and biology classes yet never using them in nutrition. I was a glorified student of lobbyist and it sucked (plus I made more working at Starbucks than I would with a degree).
    My husband eats what I feed him. I was feeding him what I thought was a great lean and healthy diet. He was not feeling good at all. We cut out gluten, but he still has been living with a terrible stomach and his entire family suffers from autoimmune disorders. I had to search for something else.
    I came across the Paleo Diet and we are starting out. We are a family of 5 on one income and the budget is always tight. I’m stumbling through feeding him Paleo and honestly I will eat rice and beans if it means him and my kids can eat better. I’m in need of a guide to help me master the diet and our budget. I would love it if I could have this entire house switch to Paleo. I want my kids to learn what is healthy, not what some government graph tells them is healthy.
    I would for sure post on Facebook and my own food blog –

    My blog is not very Paleo as I’ve just started. I have a Raw feature on my site and I honestly think that Raw diet and Paleo go very well together.

    Thank you for all you do educate and reeducate. I’ve gotten over my initial distrust of anything against the “pyramid”. Now I’m getting over the shock of how deceived I was sitting in a classroom.

    Thanks again!

  211. Lucy Lloyd says

    I was diagnosed with Discoid Lupus at 16. Years of cortisone, plaquenil, & n-saids have left me with osteoperosis and arthritis, in addition to Reynauds and the Lupus itself. I am 58 years old. My son owns a crossfit gym and has been trying for several years to convert me to the Paleo Way. Last year I did the 30 day challenge. I felt great! Then slowly but surely, I tapered back to old habits…..Now I’m back trying again & I really want to eliminate some of the roadblocks keeping me from being successful. Some of those roadblocks are the challenges of researching, planning, shopping, putting away, researching, prepping, cooking, eating, cleaning and trying to fit work and family into it all. I KNOW IT CAN BE DONE! It sounds like The Budget Shopping guide could really help. Lucy Lloyd – Charlotte, NC

  212. Jerry says

    Jerry ry interested because I,m on a number of medications for pain control due to lumbar discogenic disease severe fibromyalgia and am going through andopause. I am 52 years of age and battle with losing weight since I turnef 40 years old. Thanks

  213. Pam S. says

    I would post my review on google plus where we have an active Paleo community. I originally ate only organic food and grass-fed meat when I switched to paleo, but it doubled my grocery bill. I had to go back to eating grain fed meat and I only occasionally buy organic. I would love to know the trick to eating quality food on a budget.

  214. says

    We just returned from visiting our son and daughter-in-law in Boston. Always a beauty, my daughter-in-law looked even more amazing than usual. She told me about the Paleo Solution which she credited with giving her more energy and a svelte body, and she challenged me to give it a try. I immediately downloaded the book on my iPad and am looking forward to seeing what the Paleo diet can do for me. Since I am retired and on a fixed income, I would love to read your new book and would review it in my blog, Coming East.

  215. Mike Ellis says

    My wife started doing paleo last year, and I’m slowly but surely jumping on board. After reading Robb’s book, I cut out gluten, which was a major staple in my diet. That said, we are constantly trying to find deals and other ways to make our grocery bill a little lighter. We try to eat grass fed beef and as organic as possible. We have a daughter who’s almost 2 years old, and she eats paleo too! I feel that this guide would do us a great deal of good.

  216. Rodney O'Hara says

    I would love the opportunity to review your book (and to have my wife review your book). I’ve living the Paleo lifestyle for about two years now. I’ve lost about 40 lbs and more importantly, I feel great! It took me those two years to get my wife on board, but now I think she is hooked. The only problem is that she thinks eating paleo is too expensive. I know that if my wife read you book she would be sold and we would be able to get my 6 kids on the diet too. One of my kids is autistic so I would really like to see how this diet could benefit him.

    If I am given the opportunity to read your book in advance, you would get two reviews for the price of one and change the live of eight people in one whack.

    Thanks for all the podcasts. I have truly enjoyed many of them.

  217. Amy says

    Friday my 12 year old son got diagnosed with leaky gut. It is very bad for him. The Dr. told him that he has to go on the Paleo diet or else he could have lots of bad things happen to him. He went into details, about all the things that will happen to him over a short amount of time, including losing more control over his ADHD. This was just the tip of the iceberg or should I say cave. :) I am the only one working, as a middle school teacher in central Fl. I have one in 3rd grade, one in 7th grade and one in college (my husband) so you can only imagine how frugal I have to be. On top of that now we are going to be on the Paleo diet, which is not really tight pocketbook friendly. I would love to read your book to figure out how to manage my grocery bill and help my child repair his gut. I will publish my results on Facebook or on your site. I also talk to a lot of teachers about thier menus at home because of my son’s recent diagnosis. I would suggest your book to all of my teacher friends as well.

  218. says

    Just starting in – I have lost 8 lbs in 3 weeks. Really enjoying my meals and the energy. Have to get better at the exercise routine. I have fybromyalgia and sleep issues. A friend with Lyme’s Disease turned me on to Paleo eating. I would love to save money and review recipes.

  219. Shirlene Kennedy says

    In the last year, both our incomes have been reduced twice. First our mileage payments were eliminated, then the raises we received were cut in half. When the wage cuts were announced, we also found out that our health insurance would be eliminated. On our reduced income, we cannot to replace the insurance. I am 100 lbs overweight and my SO is close to that as well. I have knee and joint pain, and my SO has high blood pressure issues. We have just gotten your book and are trying to follow the diet in hopes of reducing our weight and improve our health. We live in a rural area and fresh fruits and veggies are costly, as is anything organic. Plus, the availability of health food stores and those types of grocery stores are severely limited. We are preparing a garden in hopes of raising enough veggies to freeze and can. This new book sounds like it would be of great value to us and a free copy would be a great blessing to us. Thanks to you for all the information and help you provide, regardless of whether we receive a free copy of this book to try of not.

  220. says

    Hi there ~ I’m interested in reviewing the guide because I have clients on a ‘paleo-like’ program for weight loss and this might make their lives a lot easier.

    My clients are looking for a variety of ways to simplify their shopping, planning, cooking, and eating – while losing weight. They need to stay motivated and saving money might be one of their motivations.

    All my clients are interested in one thing: wellness for themselves and their families. Weight loss is secondary. I know paleo eating works and I’d like them to have reliable sources they can trust when it comes to shopping and saving money.


  221. says

    I’m a type 1 diabetic, and for years I was having a hard time getting my blood sugars under control. I finally discovered paleo and as soon as I did, my blood sugars stabilized. I also had blood clots beginning to form in my eyes, and once I went paleo, and my blood sugars were more often normal than not, the blood clots healed. I also lost almost 25lbs.
    I’m currently trying to lose weight (I have hypothyroidism) but I’m having a difficult time. I know I’ll get there, I just have to work at it. I’m currently trying to feed a family of 5 with a single income (I’m a stay-at-home mom) and I sure would appreciate a budget friendly shopping guide!
    If I reviewed your book, it would be on facebook as well as my blog,

    And on a personal note, thank you so much for changing my life.

  222. Meredith says

    hi, single mother, 2 kids – hungry teenagers. 52, overweight, arthritic, but pacing myself back to being healthy. Ex-professional chef so can experiment with food. That’s all I got – but I am a voracious reader :)

  223. says

    Hi I am a stay at home mom of three, US Navy Vet. Nutrition has always been an interest of mine. I actually run paleo weightloss groups. Started when I got involved with team beach body to make money at home as a stay at home mother. I now do it as a free hobby instead because I love to help others. I have been a mentor in many situations in my life and find that it’s my passion to help others. While in college after my honorable discharge from service (disability for back pain unexplained) with my husband and my 2 year old at the time I volunteered as a soccer coach and childwatch caretaker at the YMCA. Then as a membership coordinator for our honor society (after having our second child while I was still in school full time), then worked in the big sister program through the YMCA, the ER at the local hospital, team beach body coach (I do not make money doing this) after we graduated and my husband got a job and we moved again to another state (3rd one in 6 years). Had my third child and now I do pampered chef and try to promote paleo food options. During my nutritional journey which started as a child I found out I have hypoglycemia, celiacs, and all sorts of other disorders that were caused by poor diet (although I thought I was eating healthy). I had back pain in which I refused to take pain meds and then found out it was grain that had been causing this problem my whole life once I switched to paleo. I had been vegan before and now seek to educate others to the benefits of hunting, eating, and living the paleo lifestyle. I was pursuing a degree in clinical psychology but my focus has shifted to health psychology. My husband now has been accepted into med school in miami and we would like to own our own clinic someday which a focus of total well being. Since I have struggled with ADHD my whole life and hated being medicated I’d like to focus mental health solutions to diet whenever possible. We now have a big move planned and are struggling with diet right now because of the cost (no help from family or anything like that). My husband is trying to get back into the military to do the officers program to cover the cost. I would just more than appreciate being able to keep my entire family on the diet so any tips would be more than useful especially for free. With our time consuming lives I am unable to hunt right now. We move so often that I can constantly alone. I would be very excited to critique your book on facebook, to my fitness groups that I lead, especially because I typically work with poverty groups. My current and future goals means quite a few more years of moving around and although I do appreciate all the value of natural food options in the Northwest that will be a challenge once I end back up out on the east coast again. Thank you in advance.

  224. says

    I am a mother of 6. I gained 10 lbs with every delivery of a child. with the last (thx to hormones prescribed by doc – I added an additional 30 lbs). I also just found out that I am starting to develop atheroschlerosis – which is a family disease that have hit way too many in our family. I want to break the trend and start eating better so that I can feel better.

    My problem is eating the quality food that is suggested with the paleo diet with the budget we have to feed 8 hungry mouths. I want to learn!!! I want to change!!! HELP!!!

  225. Bjmedd says

    After eating vegan the past three years, I have noticed decreased energy, expanding middle, and most disturbing is the loss of muscles. (I’m a young 49 year old woman). I read about Paleo when I was doing a little research on eating vegan. I decided that my husband and myself have nothing to lose except hopefully some weight. Boy, was I wrong! Grocery shopping is now a very painful experience when checking out and hearing what the total bill is. Yikes! I REALLY want to do this. I believe that organic is best and that any and all meat should be raised humanely, free-range, grass fed, no hormones, etc.., but OUCH! We need help with ideas on how to eat Paleo and still be able to pay the bills. I’d love a free copy of this book in hopes of a little direction. :)

  226. says

    I teach Paleo style eating to all of my cliental at Assertive Wellness Center, so I would be telling all of them about it as well as posting it to my 2 websites (AWC and NoHarm Foundation) and my 3 FaceBook pages (Dr. Shauna Young, AWC and NoHarm). We currently sell your book The Paleo Solution in my clinic.

    And – I’ll trade you a book since mine just came out last week!

  227. Catherine says

    I’ve suffered from migraines for 10+ years and feel like I’ve tried every recommended trick in the book…all to no avail. I’ve tried eating “Clean,” but found that being a student and living in a city (DC) make any kind of organic, whole-food eating very, very difficult. I’ve recently developed some new odd symptoms. I’ve been suffering of a sharp pain in my right upper abdominal quadrant, along with persistent nausea, lack of energy, and a seemingly counter intuitive weight gain. I’ve been to two doctors, spent time in the hospital, and have had literally every test they can offer, but no one can give me a definitive answer. I’m desperate for a solution – at this point my life is essentially on hold – and I’m trying to follow a Paleo diet, but, again, am finding it hard to make ends meet because I’m a student, have very little time and even less money. Help!

  228. Glenda Black says

    I started Paleo in January 2012, and am reading “The Paleo Solution” now. I’d LOVE to review the e-book for cost-saving tips, as well as recipes. I would post my review to Facebook, as well as help inform my CrossFit peeps.

  229. JoAnn says

    Only on chapter two of the book, but I jumped ahead to the supplement section. Does anyone else wonder why so many are needed if this way of eating is so healthy?

    • Amy Kubal says


      Not everyone needs all of those supplements! It depends on the quality of your food, your heath and overall needs.

  230. Debbie says

    I have just been diagnosed w/ auto-immune disease. In looking for a diet to assist diminishing symptoms I came upon paleo and your website. I am definitely interested in a budget-friendly solution as I may very well be out of work due to disability. Thank you for anything you can provide.

  231. Kristin says

    I would love to review this book. We started eating Primal a month ago and it’s blowing our budget. We can’t afford organic or grass-fed food spending $425/m for a family of 4, including all personal care items. Every time I read blogs or other things about budgets, people say you just have to prioritize or the prices they give are way different than what I see at the store. In IL we have to pay taxes on food, so that adds to the price listed. We used to be huge couponers, and still use them for non-food items. I’m interested to see if this book offers any truly new ideas, as I feel I haven’t seen any new ideas on saving money lately. We already spend ~15% of our budget on food, so we can’t increase that any time soon.

  232. J Mel Harris says

    Wow Robb, great job on putting all together. I am 70, type 2 diabetic, and going down hill. I had tried all the “recommended” approaches and then became determined that my health was my problem, medical and professional advisors be damned. I was lucky enough to fine your great paleo book as well as others with the same general theme. Looking back over 70 years, and being in technology for a majority of that time, it seems obvious to me now that the technology changes are happening at a much faster rate than normal biologic changes occur, putting a lot of pressure on us. The keep it simple stupid slogan really applies to us.. tailored to meet our individual needs. Anyway after 30 days, my blood sugar is down 30 points, my weight is down 10 lbs, and I am walking everyday (well almost). Thank you for your great work. I am very interested in doing this on a tight budget, which I did not worry about for the first month, but will be very difficult to maintain.

  233. says

    I am excited to see this new book – going Paleo on a budget just seems impossible! I have struggled for the past year with digestive problems. Half of what I would eat would just come back up, yet I was gaining weight like crazy. After several doctor visits, an upper GI and sleepless nights, it was determined that I “have” a digestive problem and was prescribed Prilosec for the next year. Confused? I sure was – I’m 39 years old and have been pretty much told there’s nothing we can do to help you because we don’t know what is wrong. Just a few months ago, my mom recommended your book, The Paleo Solution, and after just a couple of chapters, it was pretty clear what was wrong with my digestive system. I’ve made small changes that have already paid off BIG – the first thing I did was get off gluten, and suddenly my upset stomach and vomiting ceased. Yeah!

    Please consider sending me a review copy of the Paleo Budget. My blog has been a great sounding board for my digestive problems this past year. My readers have been very interested in how I am feeling and what steps I am taking to get healthier. And since most of my readers are moms, we could all use some help with our grocery budget.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

  234. says


    Maybe it’s too late, but I’d like a shot at reviewing the book. Why? Because I’ve been eating the paleo diet for a month and the end of my money came four days before the end of the month. I’m down to ten bucks (no kidding) until my checks start coming in, which might be tomorrow but might be not until the end of the week (I’m self-employed.) This is an unusual, untenable situation for me. I spent TWICE what I usually spend on groceries in May.

    I’m sticking to it because I feel so much better, but I won’t be able to continue if I don’t find a cheaper way to eat. The financial stress is undoubtably undoing some of the “good mood” results I had at the beginning of the month – worrying about whether my food and gas will last until my checks come in is affecting my sleep and my overall well being. Plus, I was already near the underweight mark when I started (5’8″ 125lbs) and I’ve shed four pounds, so I’ll need to increase my intake of food/calories to get to my ideal weight of around 135. (The weight loss is very distressing as I’ve struggled with eating disorders for most of my life.) So I’ll need to buy more food, but spend less money in June…

    I’ll post my review to facebook as my regular website is undergoing a major overhaul while my band is on hiatus.

    Thank you,


  235. Tonya says

    We recently began the Paleo lifestyle in order to be more healthy and to help our son who has developed digestive problems. We are a single income family of 4 and have been great at creating cheap meals using coupons. Doing the Paleo meal planning, I have discovered the costs associated with the changes and the lack of coupons for healthy lifestyle foods. I would love to see this book and see what we can do in order to make the budgetary cuts to make this lifestyle both fulfilling to our bodies and our pocketbook.

  236. Amber says

    I would love to review the The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide. I live in an area that doesn’t have a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s with in easy driving (I thing the nearest for either is over a hour away).

  237. Missy Morton says

    We are a large family of 8 (6 kids)on a budget. We want to be a totally Paleo family. We have been gluten free for years due to my and my children’s allergies. One was fainting, one losing weight and very tired, one wetting bed, my oldest has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. I knew she had it at age 6 and her pediatrician said no. At 8 I took her to our homeopathic Dr. who put her on natural herbs and a clean diet. X rays show her wrists where already turning out. My husband works 2 jobs so I can stay home with the kids. We eat a lot of veggies, good fat and clean meat (most of the time) meat is expensive clean. I still give the kids gluten free homemade muffins and bread. My husband and I do best staying away from these grains. We keep extra weight off and have more energy. We struggle and have a $300.00 budget we do go over but need to stay on to pay bills. This book sounds perfect. Thanks

  238. Jan Phillips says

    Robb – Love the book – makes perfect sense. I am sharing the message with all of our friends – We are gong on the program as a group.

    I am just about half way through the book and have already begun implimenting many of your suggestions, and seeing immediate results. Can’t wait for the shopping guide so that I might more fully embrace the next chapter of my life with the Paleo Program.


  239. Amanda says

    Hey Amber/Robb/interns! My name’s Amanda, and I’ve dropped about 85 pounds since July 2011 by following the Paleo/Primal lifestyle (photo proof here: I’m definitely not done with my weight loss journey yet, but I’m getting approached by a lot of folks who are looking for ways to “go Paleo” on a budget… and I have no idea what to tell them! I’m the kind of person that eats the same three meals every day, and while this method is “cheap”, it doesn’t necessarily provide much…variety! People get turned off when I tell them my “secret”, and I really want them to love going Paleo as much as I have! This ebook will be a fantastic resource for people who need a road map to achieve their health goals, and I’m seriously looking forward to checking it out!
    Best, Amanda

  240. Daniel says

    I am interested in the book because I am trying to stay in a budget and I am going to try this diet for powerlifting and see how much better I feel from eating this way. I wil post on facebook my results and how this book helped me reach my goals.

  241. dawn says

    I have no idea if this offer is still up…but this seems like a perfect plan for me! I have been (obsessively) reading articles, books, blogs for weeks about different and healthier eating options. I am not overweight, nor do I have any health issues, but I realized one day that I had spent the past few weeks in a semi-catonic state, mainly because I had been eating HORRIBLY. Think cereal + sandwiches. My mainstays. I really do NOT like cooking. I am hungry at the end of a long day, my feet are sore, and the last thing I want to do is prepare/cook food.

    BUT, Paleo has been increasingly a better and better plan for me. The problems I’ve run into the past few weeks in trying to implement is the $ factor, as well as the constant planning/shopping of food. I do not make much money, and my paychecks just cover my bills. To be completely honest, eating sandwiches + cereal (plus coupons) makes eating very cheap. I just don’t want to do that anymore. The past few weeks I have completely decimated any budget plan. I’ve spent over $40 more in the first half of the month than I did all last month, and I already need to go buy more food. I feel like I am eating MORE, and whole/organic foods is more expensive. I know about Farmers Markets, but that isn’t always possible for me.

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long story, somewhat short–I would LOVE to read/review this book. I have a (art) blog,b ut I would gladly review it on my site. If you are still doing this, please let me know! I would hope it would greatly help me sustain a much healthier lifestyle. Because I have had more energy, and to me that is worth it!

  242. says

    I am a rising 6th year senior biochemistry student at Old Dominion University in Norfolk Va. My fiancee and I are extremely conscious of our budget and that was actually one of the main reasons she fought me so hard on paleo when we first started. I am very interested in finding budget ways to make this lifestyle work better for us, as we cannot currently afford a lot of grass-fed or organic products. We have been trying to make do with the few vegetable stands and cuts of meat we have access to at our local Trader Joe’s, and could really use some help with better ways to make paleo work better on a limited budget. That and I can always use some cooking tips!

    Thanks for all you do Robb,


  243. says

    I would LOVE to check out this guide. I’m just starting paleo and I’m a college student on a budget. I’m majoring in Nutrition and hoping to “change the world” by giving people the right facts and essentials they need to get healthy. The new doctors will be nutritionists.

  244. Lauren says

    I am currently going into my senior year of college and have been introduced to the Paleo diet through my extended family. They all the love the foods they can eat and have all seen drastic changes in their body and how they feel about themselves. I would love to learn more about this diet and see the changes for myself but I am on a college budget. My biggest fear in starting this diet, is that I will start it but not be able to continue it due to the cost of the alternative foods. This book would allow me to not only start the diet but to continue the diet in a cost effective way. I am also an athlete and have heard that this lifestyle can do wonders for building and maintaining strength. I would love to share my knowledge of the Paleo diet with my team mates and friends and show them that they too can afford it and see all the benefits from it. I am considering starting a blog to track the cost of the diet and the benefits that I have seen from it.

  245. says

    Hi there
    Wow, this ancient way of eating correctly sounds great! Budgeting for it in this modern recession sounds helpful too!
    Today I turn 40 and I am going to start the paleo lifestyle. I have had diabetes for 25 years and have always found it hard to achieve balanced blood sugars.
    As a qualified chef I have always been around all types of food in cafes, hotels, restaurants, gourmet burger bars and at home in my own kitchen. I eat plenty of vegetables and love meat and fresh seafood, however I also love chocolate, wine, beer and sometimes find I eat too much of it.
    I think the budgeting book would be another great tool for my family and I to use and also be an excellent birthday present!
    I am thinking of my next business venture and would love to use paleo food knowledge to create awesome healthy food combinations.
    I will let you know how my next 30 days go!!


  246. Anna says

    Hi! I am looking into changing my lifestyle. I am always run down and not feeling right. And its a mutual thing when it comes to my husband and myself. I would love to try the lifestyle change but I dont think we could afford to buy the foods we would need to jumpstart our lives with. For us the easy way out is the processed packaged food and when hungry later in the evening grab the bag of chips and pop to satisfy the hunger.

  247. Sara S says

    I’m a college student, on a pretty strict budget. The paleo diet sounds like something I could do and I think it will help me have more energy and lose these 15 pounds that have been hanging around- no matter how much I run or workout. But it’ll be a huge transition and I don’t know if I can fit it into my slightly-better-than-ramen-noodle-budget. I would really appreciate a copy of this e-book!

  248. says

    I put a colleague on paleo and he lost 4 stone in seven months – now about half of my office is trying paelo and inundating me with questions! I’d love to be able to help them do it on a budget, so yes, I’d be keen on reviewing the book and adding feedback from a UK perspective.

  249. kimberly says

    I would love to review the book because I am looking into doing the Paleo diet because of crazy allergies that make it difficult for me to work out. The hope is that the Paleo diet will help make it so I can be more active. Plus we have try to make our food budget stretch as much as possible. I would like to read about ways to do that while eating a Paleo diet.

  250. Kathy Stanley says

    I have a family of 7 and struggle to feed all of us! My children are ages 15, 10, 4, 2, and 3 months. Since going paleo about 6 months ago I feel like all I do is shop, prep, cook meals and dont forget clean up! I need help in prioritizing what is most important in regards to food choices, what give us more bang for our buck. I need help in menu planning and new recipes. Worksheets to help organize my shopping, menu planning and cooking would be helpful. As well as any other resources you may have that will help us save money and time. We are grateful for the paleo lifestyle as we have seen many health benefits and even astounded doctors. Our family and friends who hear of and see the changes in our bodies are asking questions about paleo. We would love to review the book and pass along the info on how to get the book to our family and friends.

  251. Sam says

    I am interested in reviewing the guide so I can get more knowledge about being budget friendly planning my meals. As a single father having my son full time, it seems like it gets expensive, so if I can find ways to shop smarter then I need it. I would share the review with my friends and family along in person and also to my workout group on Facebook and blogs. I am new to all of this and I have friends that want to try it, so they too are looking for menu planners and saving tricks to buy.

  252. Najia says

    I work in health care and most of the time, patients we follow with mental health problems develop also metabolic syndrom. We need to help them in their diet but they have low income; our social workers and dieticiens struggle to find a way to meet both health and budget target.
    To review your book would mean to be able for us to pin point anything we would like to have more emphasized or more detailed.
    We’re in Canada and if you’re thinking of a french translation of both your books, that would be a plus for us. We’ve red The paleo solution diet in english, but we can’t share it very much in french speaking communities.
    Thanks for all.

  253. Jane McEntire says

    I would love to try this book out. This looks like what my husband and I have been looking for. We are trying to find a better way for our family of 7, on a tight budget. All of the less expensive food is the worst kind for us. But I get discouraged when I see the prices in the stores. My husband and I are both over weight and I don’t want my children to have the same issues that I do. My desire is that they can learn a different way now, before it becomes an issue. I have a couple that would live on pasta and bread items if I would let them. I want to change their minds to a healthier lifestyle. Please consider me for a trial of your book.

  254. says

    I would love to try this book out. This is something I am interested in starting, trying to find a healthier way to live, for my daughter and I. I am a single mother with not help income from my ex-husband and make a little over the poverty level. My 9 year old has just started her womenly cycle, way to young I believe, and I believe this is largely due to the chemicals in food. I want to switch our eating habits not only to help her but myself as well, since I am over weight. I get discouraged at the price of food and need help, please consider me for a trial of your book.

  255. Vicky says

    I am a single person with many illnesses and disabled living rurally and cannot drive would love to find a way to make AIP Paleo (incorporating low fodmap) economical as the cost often means I fall off the wagon and I NEED to do this properly to show results

    help welcome

    thank you

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