National Nutrition Month – A Great Time to Tune-up Your Paleo Plate

These days it seems there’s a day, week or month for EVERYTHING, from donuts to Diabetes, all the bases are covered.  Well, March marks Nutrition’s time to shine.  This year the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), formerly known as the American Dietetic Association (ADA); has selected the theme “Get Your Plate in Shape”.  Okay…  What shape are we talking here?  I’ve eaten off round plates, square plates and even some pentagon and hexagon numbers – but I’ve yet to come across a triangle…  Alright, enough with the jokes; We all know that’s not the kind of ‘shape’ the Academy is referring to, but without the clever graphic and/or common sense, some may be left looking for the triangle…

So, what exactly does “Get Your Plate In Shape” mean?  Good question – especially if you don’t really pay attention to nutrition related news and goings on (Exhibit A).  The AND is referring to and promoting “MyPlate”; the latest and greatest food guide.  I know, I know but here’s the deal – just because, as paleo followers, we don’t follow “MyPlate” it doesn’t mean that we should boycott National Nutrition Month all together!  In fact, maybe it’s time to revisit exactly what’s happening on your plate.  For a majority of us January is a ‘start fresh’ point.  Everyone is doing a 30-day challenge or embarking on a new exercise routine – but now it’s March – can you say ‘fell off the wagon’ (and maybe let it run you over a couple times …).

This is the PERFECT time to get up off the ground and jump back on that wagon.  Reassess where you are and where you want to be.  Here is a list of questions to ask yourself:

  • Have you been receiving more frequent visits from your good friends Ben & Jerry, Little Caesar, Samuel Adams, Betty Crocker, Chef Boyardee etc.?  Have you let these ‘friends’ move in with you rent free?
  • Has the gym become a place you visit roughly as frequently as the dentist?
  • When you go to the grocery store are the only things in your cart: eggs, bacon, broccoli, and steak?  And has this been the case for the last four weeks?  Um, variety.  Try it – you’ll like it…
  • Has your relationship with ice cream, wine, chocolate, etc. progressed from a once weekly date to a nightly booty call?
  • Have you had to upgrade to a larger plate or do you clean it once, decide it looks lonely and refill it?
  • If your plate were a party did you remember to invite the vegetables?  Meat and healthy fats are great – but veggies, they know how to have fun!!!
  • Would your plate bring tears to Robb’s eyes (I am not talking ‘tears of joy’ here)?
  • Finally, and please, if you answer yes to this question seek professional help; does the status of your pancreas right now compare to that of a college student’s liver following a Saturday night ‘kegger’?

If you answered yes to any of these questions now is the PERFECT time to “Pump –Up Your Paleo Plate”!!

You in?


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  1. Zach says

    Thanks Amy for the tip last month. I tried refueling after workout and the ‘lag/slow’ feeling I had seems to have disappeared.
    I like this post too and wanted to ask, I eat very little sugar. Mainly in the form of fruit (orange/apple/handful of organic dates) some days but not every day. I do not drink booze but have a tendency to eat a few squares of organic dark chocolate after my main meal before bedtime/rest.
    Should I limit to a few times a week and/or substitute the sugar for maybe fruit/fructose or not worry ?
    Thanks again.

    • Amy Kubal says


      Once and awhile your probably fine to have a little chocolate – are you reaching your goals? Are you healthy? It’s a personal choice – try not having it for a week and see how you feel. Experiment with it – but ultimately, if you enjoy, are healthy and reaching your goals you are probab;y fine.

  2. says

    great article!
    I’ve recently cleaned up my diet even more – no more diet sodas or pork rinds. I’ve recently raised my carbs up to 100-150 grams, from fruit and sweet potatoes, and I’ve never felt better. Good luck, everyone.

  3. Rachael says

    I’m totally in! Amy, you crack me up! I’m printing this and putting it on my fridge. Quadruple batch of egg muffins finished- off to wash a fridge full of kale, collards and rainbow chard!

  4. Vicarious says

    Yikes, I answered yes to almost all these questions. No idea about the pancreas, but I’d be willing to bet that it’s not very happy with me lately. Thanks for the reminder and the swift kick. I’ll be keeping these questions handy to review and perform a check in the future when I fear I may be getting off track again.

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