New Year = New You!

Bulky sweaters, sweat pants, sweat shirts, elastic waistbands – it’s winter.  Not only is this the season for comfort foods – but it’s also the season for ‘comfort clothes’.  Unfortunately, when spring rolls around and it’s time to shed those layers of cloth we don’t always like the ‘permanent layers’ (um, yeah, that’s fat…) we find underneath…


It doesn’t have to be this way – again – for the 5th or 15th consecutive year…  Start a ‘new trend’  this year.  So when it thaws and the ground sheds itself of snow, you can shed your sweats and ‘unveil’ a masterpiece.   There is no better time than RIGHT NOW to get your nutrition dialed in – really, what are you waiting for?  The holiday’s are over.  The major temptations are gone.  AND –  Robb’s Angels (the Paleo Registered Dietitian Dynamic Duo) have some NEW consulting programs to help you prepare for you for your ‘Ultimate Spring Debut’!!  We’ve got meal plans, ketogenic diet protocol, nutrition coaching, follow-up options, and even a professional mentoring program for aspiring and current RD’s and/or nutrition professionals.  Check out what we’ve got to offer and let Amy and Steph get you ready to ‘bloom’ with the flowers this spring!

Nutrition Consulting & Packages 2012

“The Trouble Shooter” – Nutrition Evaluation & Recommendations        $200

Package Includes:

  • Review and evaluation of your current diet.
  • Suggestions to improve or modify it to help you meet your goals. 
  • This is great for those who are already Paleo and just need to fine tune things to get it all dialed in. 

“The Road Map” – Meal Plan     $300

Program Details:

  • This program is designed for those needing structure. 
  • Includes a ‘flexible’, easy to implement meal plan that can be tailored to fit your preferences!
  • The plan and recommendations are based on information you provide (goals, lifestyle, etc.)
  • You will also receive a helpful information guide detailing how to use the plan and some great, simple recipes to get you started. 
  • This plan is tailored to fit you and give you control! 

“All That And a Bag of Grass-fed Jerky”                 $500      

Program Details:                                             

  • This program is designed for those with special diet concerns: feeding the family, complex health issues, frequent travel, serious athletic goals, or who are implementing Paleo for the first time. 
  • It includes everything listed above plus a 60 minute consult call and additional materials based on your unique situation. 

“Get Low – Carb: Ketogenic Protocol and Meal Plan”     $600

Program Details:

  • If you or someone you love is facing a serious and difficult health situation such as cancer, neurologic disorder (epilepsy, Parkinson’s etc.), autism, ALS, PCOS, or would like to implement a ketogenic protocol for another reason; then this is the plan for you.
  • It includes a ketogenic meal plan template, 7-day sample menu, and the guidelines and information that you need to make it all work.
  • All recommendations are based on your unique situation and needs.

“But I Need a Gatekeeper…” – 3 Month Nutrition Coaching/Counseling Program             $250/month

Program Details:

  • Sometimes it helps to know someone is looking out for you!  If you need some accountability and extra help getting started or keeping you honest – look no further!
  • Weekly 30 minute Skype or phone consultation.
  • Three question, concerns, follow-up emails per week.
  • This package is designed to help you get going, stay on track, and trouble shoot day-by-day!

“The Other Stuff”

  • “Talk to Me Baby!” – Face-to-Face, Phone or Skype Consultations
    • 30 minute consult/question and answer session                              $80          
    • 60 minute consult/question and answer session                              $125
    • Got Accountability?
      • Once weekly email check-ins for 1-month           $100/month
  • “I’m a Nutrition Student/Professional/etc. (or aspiring to be) and I’ve got questions!!!”
    • This option is designed for those that are interested in the paleo nutrition field and have questions!
      • Perfect for:
        • Registered Dietitians and/or ‘Nutritionists’ with questions or looking to move in the paleo direction.
        • Current nutrition students wondering, “what’s next?”
        • Those interested in pursuing an education in the nutrition field.
        • Options:
          • 60-minute consult/question answer session      $125
          • Mentor program              $200/month
            • Provides guidance on how to put a ‘Paleo swing’ on recommendations and provides support via twice weekly emails to help answer your questions and guide you on the ‘paleo path’.


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    What they don’t tell us in that study is what other foods those participants were fed. Overeating on sugary/grainy foods will have an entirely different effect on people than overeating on broccoli (and I dare them to overfeed people on broccoli… you just can’t do it!).

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    Strengthen your body, heart, and lungs with just one exercise 15 minutes a day! Introducing the 8-count bodybuilder. All you need is yourself and a little floor space:
    1) begin with a body weight squat (hips down and weight in your heels)
    2) drop your hands to the ground and kick your legs out to plank position
    3) lower down to a pushup
    4) explode back upward into plank (try to make your hands leave the floor)
    5) kick your legs out to form an x while maintaining plank position
    6) bring your legs back in
    7) pull your feet up under your chest
    8) jump straight up

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    If you’ve only got 15 minutes roll with the 8-​​count bodybuilder. You’ll hit 90% of your major muscles and jack up your heart and lungs in no time!
    1) begin with a body weight squat (hips down and weight in your heels)
    2) drop your hands to the ground and kick your legs out to plank position
    3) pull yourself down towards the floor (don’t just drop)
    4) explode back upward (try to make your hands leave the floor)
    5) kick your legs out to form an x while maintaining plank position
    6) bring your legs back in
    7) pull your feet up under your chest
    jump straight up

    Repeat until form breaks down then rest 1-2 minutes and go for one more minute using strict form. This last minute is what really makes it count!

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    Got 15 minutes? Try this fat-blasting muscle building workout: 1 minute each. Repeat each twice resting 10 seconds between all sets.

    Ranger Crunch
    Mountain Climber
    Dive Bomber
    Squat Thrust
    Tuck Jump

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    If you are struggling with keeping track of your diet and making progress with your health goals, I would highly recommend a consultation with a nutritional specialist or dietician. They can provide that extra push, motivation, and guidance to help you back on track.


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