Popular in Paleo 2011 – The Top Buzz from the Year that was…

The year is winding down; 365 more days in the file and that means its list time.  There are “Top 2011 Lists” for almost every topic imaginable – websites, albums, books, companies, restaurants, celebrities, fitness, TV shows, and pretty much anything and everything else you can think of…   So, why not Paleo too – here it is  – “The Official 2011 Paleo Hit List” has arrived:

1.       Bacon – It was SIZZLIN’!

Whether it was pork, wild boar, or otherwise – bacon WAS big; for some, an obsession and others an addiction.  It was a source of controversy and an ingredient in everything from drinks to desserts.  At the end of the day one thing we can all agree on – bacon is DELICIOUS!

2.       What’s Cookin’ – Paleo Cookbooks go CRAZY!

We kicked the year off with Everyday Paleo in April.  This summer we were gifted with The Primal Blueprint Cookbook  in July. The fall brought us  Paleo Comfort Foods in September and Make It Paleo in October; and to finish the year off we got Well Fed in December.  With all the new introductions – don’t even try to tell me you’re ‘bored’ with paleo eating!

3.       Carbs can be Cool?? 

Sweet Potatoes, Yams, and Winter Squash – Oh my!!  Many are still confused about the concept of ‘safe starches’ – but the overall message here; if your goals, health and training warrant – these vegetable sourced carbs are nutrient powerhouses.

4.       Coconut Crazy – and it’s a good crazy!

What was once considered a ‘devil fat’ became the latest super food.  The all powerful olive oil took a backseat to coconut oil.  Coconut milk trumped the almond variety.  We discovered the virtues of coconut cream, coconut butter, coconut chips, coconut water…  At the end of the day we know coconut is a medium chain triglyceride gold mine and like we always knew – saturated fat is not going to kill us!

5.       Omega me with Omega 3’s!  What’s your n6:n3 ratio?

Good fat/bad fat, nuts or no nuts, EPA/DHA, fish oil, krill oil, long chain/short chain…  Can you say confusion?  We got educated on the merits of the long chain omega 3’s and the inflammatory properties of the polyunsaturated omega 6’s.  The fish oil calculator was rescinded and Robb told us what we need to know!

6.       Grass – all the cool cows are eating it!

Where’s the beef?  If it’s not grazing on the pasture and instead downs corn/grains it’s probably not on your plate!  Grass fed was and is all the rage – and rightfully so!  When comparing the omega-3:omega-6 ratio of grass fed vs. grain fed beef there’s no contest!  The grass really is ‘greener’ on this side of the fence!  Cows eat grass!!!

7.       Fermentation gains appreciation!

It’s not rotten – it’s Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Kumbucha…   Fermented foods make their debut on the paleo scene.  Stock your gut with good bacteria – no probiotic supplement required!


Paleo makes its media debut!  Just check out the 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness – #26 Mark Sisson, #35 Robb Wolf, #56 Gary Taubes…  Paleo Magazine made its debut, the first annual Ancestral Health Symposium was held, there were news broadcasts, magazine features, interviews, and the paleo blogosphere exploded!

 9.       Livin’ La Vida LOCAL!

CSA’s, local sourcing, home-grown, and sustainable agriculture hit big!  Eating seasonally and from your own backyard tastes better than anything flown in from Guatemala.

10.   The “Elk Hunter” and the “Atlatl”

Robb Wolf meets atlatl.  Atlatl meets elk.  The village is fed – Nuff’ said.

It was a damn good year and 2012 is shaping up to be even better!  Any predictions for the next 365 days??

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  1. says

    It looks like I picked an amazing year to adopt the paleo lifestyle! I can’t wait to see what next year has in store for us. Thanks so much Robb/Greg/million other names surrounding you guys.

  2. Cindy C. says

    In the top 100 most influential in 2012…Nora Gedgaudas and Dr. Terry Wahl….and more recognition to Ron Rosedale, MD for his long standing research and work with Leptin and Insulin.

    • nutsnseedz says

      true… Dr. Wahl’s 17 min video was the thing that made my mom realize that diet DOES have something to do with health, not to mention MS…

  3. nutsnseedz says

    Wow… looking at the 100 most influential peeps in health and fitness… Jillian Micheals was #1 and I almost stopped reading. Dr. Oz #9 and Dr. Drew #10, great… but Tim Ferriss is #4, and Robb and Mark beat out Rachel Ray, Michelle Obama, the Dalai Lama, Dr. Sanjay Gupta… plus Greg Glassman, whose photo, unlike the other headshots, looks like they caught him staggering to the bathroom after a long night of hookers and blow… all in all, bs, but an entertaining list anyway

  4. Jeremy says

    I would have to add The Modern Day Gypsies to this list. They pretty well decimated every other team on Expedition Impossible! If that doesn’t prove that a paleo diet and crossfit give maximum performance then I don’t know what does (you know, aside from Robb’s exceptional performance on “I, Caveman”!)

  5. says

    This was a great year for us as well, finding Paleo as a result of Googling for help after my Hashimoto’s diagnosis. We still have a ways to go on the fitness/exercise front, but our eating has changed dramatically in the past 8 months. Thanks to you the whole Robb Wolf gang for your part in helping our family regain our health and change our lifestyles!

  6. says

    Hi (Robb)

    A Happy New Year, first of all!

    What’s the status quo about the German translation of the book, if I may ask? I suppose it’ll happen in 2012, asap? :)


  7. David says

    Hi Robb,

    Me again, regarding the German translation :)

    I see that the Polish translation is available, so what about the German? beginning of week 6/11 I will publish an article on my (German speaking) diet related website about Paleo and, of course, will mention you and your bestseller. Having a clear hint about when the German version will be ready would be to your advantage, I guess.


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