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As of today there are only 43 shopping days left until Christmas!!  Okay, whatever you do – DON’T PANIC!  I get it, you have like 50 people to shop for and know what you’re actually getting for maybe 3 of them.  Seriously though, don’t sweat it!  Let’s look at this logically.  Coworkers, teachers, hair dressers, paper carriers – these gifts don’t have to be elaborate or expensive – fruit baskets all around.  Okay, now for the nieces, nephews and extended family (you know, the ones you only see like once a year and you’re perfectly content keeping it that way…), let’s keep these simple too.  For the kids – jump ropes, and active toys and for the adults how about a great cookbook – Paleo Comfort Foods, Everyday Paleo, or Make it Paleo for example.  Another really great option for the ‘non-culinary’ crowd – some totally awesome Paleo Brands Jerky or the default fruit basket could work here too.  Now onto the REALLY important people, the ones you want to spend time with and love – these are the gifts that really matter and a fruit basket is simply not going to cut it!

These special people are often the hardest to shop for.  You want the gift to be something that they will use, enjoy, and that has meaning as opposed to something that seems nice now – but next year at this time will be long since forgotten.  This requires some “outside the box” thinking…  No, really – maybe a present that doesn’t require a bow and wrapping paper, something that can be used every day of the year and makes life better.  No I am not talking about a bed, toilet, or TV…  those are material items and while they may be great gifts in some circumstances, they are not exactly “meaningful”.  Okay, get ready for the great “unwrapping”…

This year try something different, give those you love the gift of health.  Help them learn, grow and improve their lives through nutrition and lifestyle and let Robb’s Angels – the Paleo Dietitians help you!  And now through December 24th if you purchase the “Road Map” consulting package you will get Robb’s 30 Day Transformation Guide – FREE; or if you go with the  “All That and a Bag of Grass Fed Jerky”  option we’ll throw in a FREE 30 minute phone consult!  Now, I don’t know about you, but FREE is my favorite price!

Often our loved ones recognize that changing their lifestyle and eating habits is necessary, but lack the resources and/or knowledge to do so.  This is your chance to help others achieve optimal health through nutrition and lifestyle.  Is there a gift that has more worth than health and life?

So if you’re struggling with your holiday shopping, let us help you help those you love!  Robb’s Angels are ready, and if you’d like, Stephanie and I (Amy) will even put bows on our heads!


but much longer lasting.  Give -and add to your list – the gift of health.  How does that work?  No, it doesn’t mean wrap up a jump rope and have a fruit basket delivered – these are ‘temporary fixes’.  Think about your sister that has been meaning to start exercising – get her a gym membership and get one for yourself too so you can go with her!  How about your spouse or parents that really need to eat better – ‘gift’ them with a session or meal plan from one of Robb’s Paleo Dietitians?  Think outside the norm.  A treadmill in the house often becomes a very expensive clothes rack and a diet book, if read at all, just gathers dust on the shelf.  Give gifts that require outside action and support to really stimulate the behavior.  Books and ‘equipment’ will be much more effective when the new behaviors become habits!

Spreading all this good health around is great – but remember – your health is important too!  If your routine has become ‘stale’ and your progress has stalled, maybe it’s time for a tune-up.  Add the ‘gift of health’ to your list or give yourself a much deserved present.  Don’t neglect taking care of you!  Feeling good and being healthy are priceless.  Help others and help yourself!

Remember, gifts don’t need to come wrapped up in shiny packages with bows.  In fact, the best gifts are the ones that don’t.  This year give someone you love (and yourself), the gift of health!

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  1. Jay A. says

    I know this is a off topic for this post but I’d like to be directed to information on fibromyalgia and paleo. I want to be able to make informed recommendations to a friend who has been diagnosed with fibro and eats SAD. I searched on this website and didn’t come up with anything specific to this illness. Thanks.

    • Amy Kubal says

      Hi Jay,
      Paleo can definitely help relieve fibro symptoms and aid in recovery. Look through some of the testimonials on the site – there is good stuff there. Fibro is an inflammatory condition and a paleo eating style eliminates the major dietary contributors that trigger inflammation. I would love to help your friend – encourage her to read Robb’s book and if she is interested in getting a plan started let me know! I’m here to help!

      • Jo says

        I have been eating Paleo for almost 8 months now and have found that most of my Fibro pain is gone. I have always had the most pain in my neck and shoulders (office job plus being “top heavy”). I am still unable to do any significant upper body workouts (weights/resistance bands, pushups, pullups, or even Vinyasa flows) without triggering an unpleasant flare. Any thoughts on how I can get some upper body work in? (I am ready to throw in the towel until I get a reduction surgery however I have heard the better shape you are in going into surgery the faster/easier the recovery).

        • Amy Kubal says


          Have you tried doing incline push-ups on a counter/desk or up against the wall? Those could work. Also, for your back, how about some body weight rows or even standing rows with light dumbbells? Tricep bench/chair dips would be another option to try. Take things slowly, but experiment – if a movement results in pain modify it! Do what you can and hang in there!! :)

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