The Road Forager: Chipotle in Trenton NJ

This was shot about an hour before the September 14th Paleo Solution book release. The audio is a little goofy, but we get the point across. You CAN do gluten free Paleo on the road. Chipotle, although “corporate” offers a great option of good quality food, reasonable prices and numerous locations. For those of you who go way back with CrossFit you will recognize my good friend Dave Wood from the old CF message board days. It was great to hang out with Dave and thank you to everyone who came out to the Ramsey, NJ signing at Borders.

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  1. Todd S. says

    Awesome. I’ve never been to Chipotle but we’re about to get our first one in the area. Looks like a decent place to go when I just don’t feel like cooking.

  2. says

    Hey Robb,
    Love Chipotle, great stuff. I’m sure you’ll get a lot of questions on this or maybe it’s just me. We all know dairy is out for die-hard paleo enthusiasts (those with a pre-existing autoimmune issue) but do you see the pure fat versions (sour cream, heavy cream, and butter) as ok? From what I can gather, it seems that the bad stuff in dairy comes from the carb/protein side contained in milk and cheese. My reason for this question is because my wife and I follow Paleo to be healthy (avoid disease and have a safe pregnancy when the time comes) as I believe that Paleo eating is the most fool-proof method out there. Therefore, would you say that we’re safe with the said pure fat dairy options?

    Thanks, sorry to be nit-picky. I feel like I’m one of the people who bash Pat Sherwood for all his food choices in the Zone Chronicle videos. I don’t intend to be that kind of person. Great book by the way, my wife is next in line to read it.

    • says

      Follow-up on the same line of thinking – white rice. I know you have covered this before but I just wanted to clarify. If one is looking at Paleo from primarily a health and longevity point of view (no anti-nutrients and such), do you see any reason to avoid white rice? It’s not a nutrient dense food and is carb dense but if one is hypo-caloric or at maintenance level, I don’t think that is much of an issue. I know you have made the analogy of a firecracker with corn but didn’t know if it translated over to white rice (not brown). Sorry for the question but as my wife has agreed to embark on the Paleo lifestyle with me (huge win by the way), I know that she would be thrilled if was allowed to eat white rice regularly.
      Thanks again Robb.
      P.S. Maybe the standard answer of take it out for 30 days and then reintroduce it, see how you do and if you feel fine then go with it, would apply here?

      • Chuck says

        I suppose that’s why you call this segment the road forager and not the road perfectionist, thanks for keeping me pointed in the right direction!

    • says

      When I’m on the road all I care about is survival and no gluten exposure. If I get geeked on what oil they are cooking thins in im done. In the past two years I have spent 34 weeks each year on the road. helping everyone else’s health is ruining mine!

      • Christina says

        I don’t remember who was telling me this last week, but they said that the soy oil was not as bad as I thought. Something about it being soy lecithin or something like that…. Crap…now I wish I could remember, because I’d sound pretty smarty-farty… :)

    • says

      Yes, but when I’m on the road I’m lucky if I get 2 meals some days and I am constantly getting a gluten dose. That meal was at 4pm and I did not get to eat again until noon the following day. I loaded up the cals so I;d have the steam to push through the book signing, and another day of travel. Sourcream is mainly fat, very little protein content so not as inflammatory as say cheese.

  3. Chuck P says

    Good choice but pricey for a quick lunch. If you ask for no rice there you get practically nothing in their burrito bowl unless you pay extra. Neighborhood mexican places get you more paleo bang for the buck. But as you have illustrated, there are good Paleo options at Chipotle.

  4. PJ says

    Robb, Thanks for coming out to the dirty Jerzzz. The book is great. I totally took myself off of Gluten and I can’t believe how clear my head is and how sharper my memory has become! Feel like I’m out of a fog. Hope the tour is going good. Good Times..(P.S. I was the guy with the drivers liscences)

  5. says

    Chipotle is my kitchen away from home. If, like me, you only want the meat and gaucamole you can save a few bucks by how you order it. Tell them you just want two (or three) sides of your choice of meat in the bowl, and nothing else. Then ask for a side of guacamole at the end.

    They charge the same for the guac whether they put it on the bowl or in a side cup. But this way they don’t charge for a bowl + extra side of meat, they just charge for two sides of meat. You can get three sides of meat for less money than a bowl + 1 side of meat, so if you’re there for the protein that’s the more cost effective way to do it.

    If you get all the other stuff, like pico, etc, then they’ll charge you for the bowl.

    Ah, Chipotle. Two sides of chicken, one side of steak, and a side of guac. Yes.


    • Joe Brancaleone says

      Thanks for the advice on getting the price down, Bill. How much roughly would the two sides of meat + 1 side of guac cost, vs the 3 sides of meat + 1 side of guac?


    • Morgan says


      Too too funny. That’s _exactly_ what I do. All of the Chipotle shops along my most common road-trip routes seem to know me now as the “two sides of meat, one side of guac” guy.

      And typically it comes to under $6. Hard to beat!



  6. Chad says

    I agree with Bill! Chipotle is my GO-TO for Paleo in the City, especially when I’m busy showing properties or going to-and-from. It is pricey (mine with guac, and tea, comes to $12), but it’s quality, hefty, and feels great 😉 Thanks for the vid.

  7. chuck says

    I’ve been driving right past Chipotle because of wheat tortillas the size of a 1960’s TV sombrero. Good to know how to do it paleo.

  8. AmyP says

    Legit! I went to Vegas this year with the hubby and I managed to eat mostly out of my cooler, and ate an extra large steak salad at Chipotle every day. Salad, steak, salsa, veggies, guacamole= heaven.

  9. says

    Robb- Does only being able to eat ~2x / day on the road get you thinking about trying to always just eat 2x / day for simplicity? Kurt Harris and others seem to make it work.. I guess it just all depends on meal size to get in enough calories so do you just ad lib it and aim for 2-3 meals still?

    • says

      90% of my days are 3 meals, soemwhat in a n IF format. I get lean but skinny as hell on this! The funny thing is if I was just shooting for Calvin Klein look I;d be there…but I’d like to cary a bit more muscle.

  10. Bill says


    I the book came in yesterday and I have been reading it like crazy. So glad its done! My wife is nearly on board with taking the Paleo leap. After reading the excerpt on Tim’s blog she was thoroughly freaked out. I love the road forager stuff because any chance I get to help her see the mainstream practicality of this helps my case. Keep up the great work. Psuodo-science ftw!


    • says

      Dr. Eades (both of them) have been heroes of mine for along time. That I make that page, that my thoughts matter in all this is perhaps the greatest honor I could ever have.

  11. David Wood says

    Hey Robb: incredibly honored to be on your blog, and to be able to host you and Nicki. Best of luck on the ride you’re going to have as an NYT Best-Selling Author. Just for complete disclosure: that Chipotle we were eating at was in Bridgewater, NJ, not Trenton (I don’t think there even is one in Trenton).

  12. Brian D says

    Just curious robb. I’m guessing that your version of chipotle cost about $12? If that gets me through most of the day I’m guessing it’s worth it.

  13. sarena says

    oh crappers, I just saw this. You were in Ramsey?? That is like 10 minutes from me. So sorry I missed it but I did get your book yesterday and read most of it

  14. David says

    Holy cow, did you finish the whole shebang?? I just realized im way undereating if thats the way im supposed to roll. I know you’re not into counting calories but whats your estimate in that sucker? Love your work and spreading the word! Missed you in houston this past weekend but heard it was great, will be getting the book this week. Keep up the good work!

  15. The Kharchafs says

    We are wondering why you don’t opt for a salad. Is there a specific reason you would want to avoid the leafy greens?

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