Mat Lalonde Nutrition Seminar+The Perfect Human Diet Fundraiser!!

Hey there!

I’m fanny deep working on the Vit-A/D paper but wanted to let y’all know about Mat’s upcoming seminar at CrossFit Academy of Lions this Saturday June 5th. You can see Mat live (please, please…do NOT throw you panties at the guy) or you can see him via webinar. Now, regarding the webinar, I was given 2 webinar slots and here is what I’d like to do with those. The two people who make the largest donations to the documentary movie In Search of The Perfect Human Diet will receive a webinar slot, Acknowledgement in the movie credits if your donation is of sufficient level, see the Producers Level’s on the PHD site (this is a 5o13c project and thus tax-deductible to those in the US) AND I’m donating a 30 minute phone consult to the 2 folks who make the largest donations. We can do those either by phone or Skype. The deadline for this is Friday, June 4th at 12 noon PST!! So get donating!

I’ve meant to do a post on the PHD but am just buried, it is a fantastic project, you will see Prof. Cordain and many other heavy hitters in this Paleo/Primal arena. Please spread the word and DONATE!! I will be on the road so CJ Hunt and Dhani Oks will notify the winners directly. I will try to get that info up while traveling.

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Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Paleo Transformation

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  1. Steven says

    Awesome… question…

    What if we have already donated to the film project? (I have.)


    • says

      gotta complicate things, right :) Tell you what, I’ll think about some kind of compensation for folks who have already helped. This was a spur of the moment gig trying to generate interest and support…was not thinking about folks who have already gone. Contact CJ about this

  2. Rich says

    Very intrigued; anyway to see the leading donations, and to make sure we’re entered? I want to help but can’t afford to go too much above the ordinary webinar fee. Thanks!

  3. Steven says


    I am good at complicating things… it is a talent.. lol

    I had actually donated this morning before the your blog post went up. I was just not sure if you had to link off of your site or what to get your hat in the ring for what you had going on. Was not trying to get compensated. :) I would have done it anyway as I think it is a kick ass cause and wanted to support it as soon as I saw what was going on,saw the trailer on the site , and who all was involved.

    But you have to admit you are giving away some pretty shiny deals there who would not want to get in on that? :)


  4. Vanessa P says

    Hi Robb,

    Thanks for all the good advice. I had a beer yesterday after 30 days gluten-free and I felt really weird! I forgot beer has gluten in it! My aunt got diagnosed with Celiac Disease after ending up in the emergency room with rectal bleeding, so it is a good thing I got off gluten while I’m still young and relatively healthy. Also, people have been commenting that my ADHD nine-year-old is behaving much better lately, since she started eating meat and went Gluten-Free Casein-Free (and oatmeal-free, too, thanks.) Allowing gluten-free psuedo-bread and desserts occasionally do help with her compliance to the diet.

    I just pre-ordered your book. I’m looking forward to it.

    I have some suggestions for interviews you could do: Iron Radio and the FitCast. They are are both fun and have good audiences. Iron Radio just did a show with a bunch of Crossfit coaches and talked about the Olympic Lifts. The FitCast reaches a bunch of regular gym-goers apparently mostly interested in losing weight but also weight-training. Your interview with Jimmy More was awesome!

    Question: Would a gluten-sensitivity test or celiac test still be valid after going g-free for a month?

    • says

      Frequently one must consume gluten to “get” a positive gluten sensitivity test. it seems an amazing waste of time: We know for a fact folks are sensitive via elimination. Also, do you want this on your medical records? You know the drill, why give the insurance companies something to latch onto down the road?

  5. Vanessa P says

    Hmmm. Maybe not. We just need to get tough to withstand all the pressure to eat bread. People are like drug addicts – they can’t stand to see someone pass up the joint. My other daughter should join us in getting off the crack.

  6. Brandon says

    Would it be possible to make a DVD of the webinar. Id buy it for sure. I’m a miami dade firefighter and on duty that day. Watching a webinar is not always possible in one sitting. Calls etc. I’ve been spreading the paleo word through out my department. Like the person said above people seem to be addicted to bread and grains like crack. Never tell a Cuban no you can’t eat bread and no rice and no black beans. You would think you killed a family member. Again I would love to have a DVD copy of the webinar.

  7. Kristen says

    I’d love to see the webinar end up for purchase on itunes or a DVD. I’m interested in watching it, but cannot commit to the date.

  8. Squatchy says

    Just got finished with the webinar. Wow, that was really awesome. He did a great job, had tons of good info, answered questions very well, and had a ton of good slides (which you get in pdf as well).

    I’m really looking forward to ISoTPHD, I threw up a small donation, sounds like an awesome project/documentary.

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