Paleolithic Solution Seminar: Seattle, WA!

It’s always Sunny in Seattle! Well, maybe not but this weekend was damn fun! Thank you to everyone who came out this sunday and especially thank you to Dave and Nancy of Level 4/CrossFit Seattle. You guys have been great friends for a LONG time now and I’m really looking forward to the new projects we have cooking.

Back to working on the book!

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  1. Jflood says

    ‘hot ass’ & ‘boobs’ — hope that helps w/ your google analytics.

    GREAT seminar, so happy to be a part of it. Very amped — but will maintain normal circadian secretion :)

  2. says


    Thank you so much for coming, the Seminar was very informative. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of them, but I order my Fish Oil/Probiotics/Multi-Vitamin/Cod Liver Oil from a company called Innate Choice:

    I emailed them about the whole Vitamin A blocking Vitamin D absorption, and they said:

    Totally false. Vitamin A and D have been consumed together (in NATURALY OCCURRING FORMS) for thousands of generations. They actually work synergistically together. It is a misinterpretation of a poorly designed study.

    Thoughts? Resources I can throw back at them?

    • says

      Here is the reference:

      This is from the Paleo diet newsletter:

      Because they ate wild game, including organ meats and brains, our Paleolithic ancestors consumed higher amounts of omega-3
      fatty acids and lower amounts of omega-6. They also had high vitamin D levels as a result of the sun exposure they received from
      living outside. Both of these nutrients have powerful health benefits. To maintain adequate omega-3 intake and vitamin D levels,
      most modern humans will need to supplement with fish or krill oil, and vitamin D. Many people take cod liver oil because it contains
      both omega-3 and vitamin D; however, it also contains pre-formed vitamin A that antagonizes the action of vitamin D. A very
      powerful and important commentary was recently published in the Annals of Otology, Rhinology & Laryngology examining this
      issue. We will present a more detailed review in a future issue, and we recommend getting your supplemental omega-3 from fish or
      krill oil, and NOT from cod liver oil.

      My take from this: We generally had a much higher vit-D intake relative to A because of sun exposure. Our MAIN vit-a intake was NOT preformed (ala liver) but converted from carotenoids and thus NOT antagonistic to Vi-d action. Now, I might be wrong on this, but until people can show me the Vit-a is NOT antagonistic to D it seems a bit negligent to recommend cod liver oil when I can accomplish the same ends by recommending fish oil + vit D and vet your A from veggies. Like I said, I may be wrong on this, if so I’ll retract this position, but I’ll point out….I have nothing to sell in this conversation. Draw from that what you will

  3. Jen says

    Thanks so much for a great seminar!! You mentioned that people who had their gall bladder removed should take Now Foods Super Enzymes. My dad, the ER doc, had his gall bladder removed last month and is curious why it’s important to take enzymes when “his digestion appears to be returning to normal”. I throw that all in quotes because we haven’t gotten him on paleo yet and I question how anyone not on paleo can have “normal digestion” :) Please let me know why the enzymes are so important. Thanks!

  4. says

    Hi Robb,

    I attended your seminar on Sunday and enjoyed it immensely. Thank you for coming up! At the end, you mentioned that vitamin D3 supplementation of 5000 IUs per day would be appropriate for someone living in Seattle. I did a quick Google search, and everything I read so far says that going over 2000 IUs per day can be toxic. I also searched through your blog – I’m sure you’ve discussed this at some point but I can’t find it – and all I could find was one testimonial from a woman who went up to 5000. A paper on PubMed ( suggests that overdoses only occur with extreme intakes, like more than 20,000 IUs, and that up to 10k is totally reasonable.

    Do you have any more thoughts on the different attitudes towards D3? Have you had any clients suffer toxic effects from taking in too much?

    Thanks again for the great seminar,


    • says

      Thank you for coming out and good on ya for doing some follow-up on the recommendations. The pubmed paper is accurate, here is more reading:

      Here is something to ponder. 20-30 min of noon-day sun can produce 10,000-20,000iu of vit d. Interesting, no? The thing to do in all this is simply get levels checked but this is a supplement which costs pennies but can save lives in a multitude of ways.

  5. Debbie Jutras says

    In the Paleolithic Solution Seminar: Seattle, WA group picture I see my sister and brother inlaw:)

  6. Barry says


    Quick question regarding Acetyl-L-Carnitine. I noticed that some resources warn against taking this if you have, or are borderline, hypothyroid. Do you agree with this?

    Thanks in advance for your time, Barry

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