Paleolithic Solution Seminar: Hoboken, NJ

A huge thanks to all the folks who came out today! great questions and really good energy. Tomorrow we do it again in Brooklyn!

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Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Paleo Transformation

Have you heard about the Paleo diet and were curious about how to get started? Or maybe you’ve been trying Paleo for a while but have questions or aren’t sure what the right exercise program is for you? Or maybe you just want a 30-day meal plan and shopping list to make things easier? Then Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Paleo Transformation is for you.


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    Robb and Nicki,
    Thanks for coming out East and putting on a really great seminar. I’m still reeling from all of the useful information; bringing even a fraction of it back to our members will be a huge help. Remember, if you’re looking for a steak place in Brooklyn, Peter Luger is your place (no relation to the gun…I think)

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    Robb and Nicki,

    Great job, and thank you for a very informative seminar. I recieved way more information then I expected, and I’m really excited to get back to our box to relay all the new knowledge to my athletes. Enjoy the rest of your trip on the east coast.


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    Robb & Nicki – great to see you guys again, thanks for coming to east!

    Wanted to throw an interesting tidbit your way. I found this on “This American Life – Ep 242 Enemy Camp”. Act III describes a therapy for:

    Ulceration Colitis
    Crohns Disease
    Multiple Sclerosis

    They were leaving the audience hanging for the first few minutes and just describing the diseases that this treatment seemed to cure. So I’m getting excited, waiting for it to be the Paleo Diet, but….It involves infecting oneself with Hookworms.

    Obviously, this seems ridiculous, dangerous, and quite gross. But the citations and anecdotal evidence seem interesting at least. Plus the seeming correlation to the same diseases that the Paleo Diet affects.

    Anyway, it seems to me that there’s room for study here (in a very weird, geeky way):

    TAL Link:

    Hookworm Therapy backstory:

    The guy is now trying to sell hookworm treatments online (the gross factor continues):

    Hookworm Therapy Link:

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      yea, it;s wacky but parasites decrease some inflammation in the gut so they can live there…it attenuates the immune response. I may just stick with paleo! Good to see you!

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    Robb and Nicki- What an awesome seminar, thank you so much for making the trip to the East Coast! I’ve already shared the info with two of my athletes and am super stoked to keep passing along the info. I’m now starting with the before and after photos of my clients, that was a great visual in the seminar and huge teaching tool!
    Thank you!

  5. Larry says

    Robb, the seminar was even better than I hoped. Your enthusiasm for the material is contagious.

    Can you elaborate (either here or by podcast) on the comment that many sleep aids, including ambien, tend to block growth hormone? (I think you mentioned offhand Magnesium, 5-HTP, and melatonin as exceptions, though the latter two had flaws.) I seem to remember you explaining at one point why antihistamines could block GH. But is the same true for things like Unisom (doxylamine succinate version)? Lunesta?

    Also, why is this such a common flaw with sleep aids (even ones that aren’t antihistamines)? Thanks!

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      Anti-histamine sleep aids are the worst in this regard. This will take a little digging on the pharmacology but we will get to it. Thanks for coming out!

  6. julianne says

    Hi Robb,
    I’m recruiting a number of volunteers from my Zone customers to give the paleo diet a 6 week trial – they are not CrossFitters just average people, mostly mid-aged or older, not necessarily following the zone diet – probably lapsed zoners.
    So far nearly 20, but likely to be more.

    They are all expecting to get blood tests before and after and fill out a questionnaire re health issues, plus weight and measurements.

    I am thinking cholesterol profile, c reactive protein, vitamin d, hba1c. Blood pressure.
    I’m also getting before and after food diary which I can analyse using foodworks software (

    I’m doing it out of curiosity, and also to get a good baseline of hopefully successful stories to further promote the cause!

    Any other tests or measurements you would recommend that would be interesting to see? People can usually just ask their doctors for tests, most are obliging as the government (our taxes) pay, as long as they are not expensive tests.


  7. says

    Robb, thanks again for coming. it was an awesome seminar. Another vote for Luger’s, the best steak (without fancy sauces) that I’ve ever had

  8. Mark R. says

    Thank you Robb and Nikki! Tons of great information and the way that it was presented really helps to get one charged up about Paleo and gives a very solid foundation for WHY we eat the way that we do. After going to your “Cert” last year in Boston, I found that the extra material on Saturday (made possible by not using time to cover The Zone) really helps to deliver a more complete message. By understanding autoimmunity and insulin load better, it is easier to evaluate food choices. Hopefully Mat will be able to come the Northeast soon, the teaser of his stuff looked very good. Thanks again!

  9. Mike says

    Robb, thanks again for coming out! Great to meet you and it was an awesome presentation. Both the wealth of knowledge you have and they way you deliver it is excellent.

    They new info you added on stress and cortisol was great as well. Really helps me to bring stuff together and improve how I speak with clients about it.

    Also I saw this the other day and wanted to share – you reminded me of it when you mentioned the stress response to too much excercise… I’m sure there is other stuff like a grain heavy diet going on as well, but very interesting.

    Enjoy the rest of your time out here!

  10. clif harski says

    when the hell is the next san diego seminar Robb? Its beautiful down here. No shitty norcal weather. Plus I’ll let you try some of my greendrink and amino mix!! haha

  11. Frank NJMT says

    Robb and Nicki thanks soo much for coming out East. I have a few questions for you that I didn’t get to ask you on Saturday. If i’m consuming 6 oz of protein how much fat should i be taking in? I also wanted to know if there’s a recommended number of meals that I should be eating through out the day. What’s your opinion on ground venison and buffalo meat as this is some of the only type’s of wild game meats that i can get my heands on.. Thanks again for all of the info and I really look forward to attending another one of your seminars as soon as you come back East.. You’re the FUCKIN MAN!!!

  12. Jessica L. says


    Thank you for the informative seminar…knowing the reasons for eating Paleo and what is going on in your body certainly makes it easier (or at least more convincing) to take control of your health. I am trying Paleo (plus no eggs and no nightshades) for 30 days to see if it works for me! I will let you know.

    Thanks again,

    Jessica (the lady with no gallbladder, and, incidentally, Hashimoto’s).

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