Mat Lalonde Nutrition Seminars!!!

He’s Young, strong, good looking and can draw out the synthesis of cholesterol starting with a carbon atom, and not omitting the Squalene intermediate!! Mat Lalonde is offering Nutrition Seminars and here are a few he has one the books:

Capital Strength & Conditioning in Ottawa on Sunday, March 14 from 9am-4pm.

Crossfit Plateau on Friday, March 12 from 5pm till closing time. This event will be a bit shorter and slightly less technical than Mat’s usual offerings as it ill be in FRENCH!!! The following day, March 13 Mat is offering his full-meal-deal, in English! this is from 9am to 5PM.

We are still working on the details of advanced topic seminars with Prof. Cordain which will include university credits…stay tuned.

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  1. dan says

    we had a lecture on prevention in healthcare yesterday. honestly, who made up the “meat portion no larger than a deck of cards” idea?

  2. Mathieu Lalonde says

    Thanks Robb,

    Just to let people know the gig in Ottawa is on March 14th, not March 4th. The seminars will have a heavy biochemistry component and may appeal to those out there who want more details. The seminars are being delivered to fine tune material that will eventually become part the OPT CCP nutrition course.

  3. says

    I’m really excited to hear the details on the University credits since I’m getting ready to transfer to one next year.

    Hopefully Cordain can come to Bastyr or UW!

  4. Barry Eidlin says

    Just to be clear, that’s CapitAl Strength and Conditioning…remember the name refers to the Canadian capital (Ottawa), not the CapitOl Building in DC :-)

    These seminars should be fantastic. If you’re in the area, you should go!

  5. says

    Thanks Rob, for another great seminar, it was nice to see you and Nikki again, awfully we’ll see more of each other in the near future.
    Nikki e’ smpre un piacere vederti e parlare in italiano con te, ci vediamo la prossima volta e grazie ancora per la maglietta, ciao

  6. Mike D says

    I dig it! I had the pleasure of having the first Mat Lalonde nutrition seminar under the xfit flag in the fall. This dude knows his stuff and isn’t afraid to geek out. I’d love to see some NE dates scheduled.

  7. Will Davidson says

    I too formally request the complete and total knowledge of Mat. I’ll get the wiki going (because everything he says is founded in as much pseudoscience as we can muster)

    I always look forward to more of Mat’s writing, I went to the CF Nutrition Seminar led by Mat in Albany – it was excellent. How does the current material relate to the material covered there? Did I miss out and can I get a cliff notes?

    The guy who didn’t find the steakhouse

  8. Mathieu Lalonde says


    Were you at the Albany gig? I watched a few movies during my teenage years but then I discovered science. I never really liked science fiction anyways and much prefer to watch and read stuff that is real (I do watch documentaries). My friends force me to watch a movie here and there but I don’t really pay attention. I realize I’m awkward to talk to as a result (not everybody likes to chat about the latest organocatalytic asymmetric transformation published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society). I do know a lot about music though (check out the small sampling I put on my facebook page). I love me some modern punk, hardcore, post hardcore (emocore), metal of all kinds (progressive metal and rock especially). I could go on for days with that stuff.

  9. Mathieu Lalonde says


    I might hit Boston. I have to talk to Neil about that. I will hopefully be doing most of the talks in Canada under the OPT CCP banner. Robb and I are hammering the details of the uni credit course. Interesting stuff to come. It is difficult for me to lecture in the US because I’m not a citizen and Harvard currently “owns” me (i.e. I cannot work for anybody else under my current visa).

  10. Mathieu Lalonde says


    If you can make it to montreal from Vermont, then you will be my guest of honor at the CF Plateau gig. How does the Aldrich saying go…chemists helping chemists :)

  11. says

    Yeah, I was at the Albany cert. You and Bobbi were awesome I was the guy from KY who stores his bacon fat under the sink. As for emocore, nothing’s better than hearing teenage white kids whine about their troubles in suburbia. :)

  12. says

    Uni credit is a huge boon – great work. The whole OPT CCP thing looks very special indeed. *Watching jealousy from across the seas*

    Mat – are you blogging somewhere too?
    Robb – can’t wait for the books.

  13. Will Davidson says

    Looks like we’re packing up the Car and going to Montreal? I look forward to it! (Let’s see if I can get a day pass!)


    Will D.

    Robb’s Paleo Solution Podcast today called out a need for an accessible paleo. I’m trying to put together a wiki.

  14. Will Davidson says

    It’s one big colloquialism because my first language is redneck, but here’s the first link anywhere:
    Much plugging for the people at ourproject for their amazing mission to help in the free distribution of information.
    The whole wiki is under a creative commons share-alike with attribution license so any content that goes into it will be forever free to the unwashed masses. (I guess the washed ones can come too)

    What material of yours is legit to post there? Obviously the less I have to type myself the better, but I don’t want to go scarfing up anybody’s intellectual goodness.

  15. David says

    Question actually! Wondering about the upcoming seminars… Sat.March.13 in Montreal (“Full Meal Deal”) versus the one on Sun.March.14 in Ottawa… there seems to be a different focus/breakdown of the content OR are they basically the same??? I live in Ottawa so would prefer that one logistically, though the content for Montreal looks more interesting!

  16. Mark says

    Hey Mathieu,
    It would be great if you can get out to do a seminar in Boston. It was good to hear your coconut milk joke when Robb was last in town for his seminar. I’m heading down to NJ in a couple of weeks for Robb’s new seminar. I could listen to this stuff all day long. Keep up the good comments (your meal plan was good to see) and I agree, Red Bones is very good.

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