The Paleolithic Solution – Episode 6

Here is Episode 6 of the Paleolithic Solution (the one where Robb compares consuming gluten to getting poison ivy). Thanks for all the feedback on the volume differences between Robb and I.  We made some adjustments and this episode sounds a little better, but is definitely not perfect.  We will continue to refine the audio.

Download a transcript of Episode 6

In this episode, Robb mentions the Protein Debate between Loren Cordain and T. Colin Campbell that the Performance Menu sponsored.  You can read that here.

Show Topics:

  1. Paleo diet and Super Mario
  2. Paleo nutrition without a home
  3. Biomarkers
  4. Thoughts on the China Study
  5. Cost of the Paleo diet
  6. Increase accountability about Paleo & Zone at an affiliate
  7. Strength focused nutrition
  8. Hormesis & Non-Paleo foods

Show Notes – The_Paleolithic_Solution_Episode_6

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Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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  1. John Chandler-Pepeln says

    Love the podcast, thanks for the great contribution.

    Regarding audio quality (warning: I don’t know anything first hand about recording or recording podcasts), one of the podcasts I listen to posted an extensive blog post about how they record theirs. They have some money to throw at the problem and are in different geographic areas, so the setup might not work for you. Here’s the link:

    At the very least they discuss a program called “levelator” ( that they use to balance the speaker’s voices. I’ve only listened to the first 4 Paleo Solution podcasts, but I know I could barely hear Andy on those.

    Anyway, love the podcast and thanks,

  2. Jules says

    How in the world you still find time to do these podcasts on top of your book on top of training on top of reading and responding to the 144,235 blog comments between here and is unknown to me. Is it the tequila? Must be.

    Thank you for this podcast (which helps all of us to be better at what we do by providing useful information) and all the others. For this and your guidance/insight/experience/pseudo-science past and present, we Atlanta folk owe you a debt of gratitude…or venison meat.

    Sending you and Nicki big hugs as always! Enjoy your time of non-traveling and keep that cortisol at bay!

    • says

      Thanks Jules!

      Well…honestly, it’s a lot but I literally fall asleep thinking about this stuff and it’s the first thing I think of when I wake up. I love doing it, i love helping people, so it makes the hours fun (for the most part) instead of work. I’m damn lucky.

      BIG LOVE to your guys. Can not wait to get back to Atlanta.

  3. Ben Wheeler says


    THANK YOU for posting the protein debate. For the longest time I could not access this from the performance menu site, I have been longing to read this thing forever! The question of the china study was brought up at my Level 1 cert this past weekend. Jon Gilson was the presenter (he did an excellent job pushing food quality first I can assure you, no Quarter pounder dealios), but he had not read or heard much about the china study to comment.

    A suggestion for the next podcast if I may? Could you touch on the non-sense regarding Peskin’s view on EFA’s and possibly a quick book update at the end?

    Thanks Robb & Andy! You guys rock!

  4. Mark says

    “but I literally fall asleep thinking about this stuff and it’s the first thing I think of when I wake up”

    Good, I’m not the only one. Thanks as always Robb, really a great resource. After listening to the podcast and 15-17x bdwt for calories to lose fat…I think I need to eat more.

  5. John says

    Thanks for the response to my strength focused nutrition question.

    I want to make sure that I understand the fat prescription. If I’m trying to gain mass with a starting body weight of 170, that’s 3400 calories from fat (approx. 378 grams of fat)?

    Would this diet be appropriate for a mixed program such as CrossFit Strength Bias/MEBB or is it best suited for dedicated power/oly lifting/CrossFit Football?

  6. says

    I’ll have to see it to believe it son! I don’t believe superhuman feats without video proof, haha. No offense to you or anyone else. There’s probably <10 people on youtube who can do a CORRECT perfect form planche pushup…. not to mention multiples. O_O

  7. says

    Oh also (sorry for spamming your comments Robb!!),

    one more additional tests = Vitamin D.

    I am assuming most people here are taking it, but most people don’t know what their level is and if they should dose more or less or whatever else.

    I may spam more as we get later into the cast. 😛

  8. Mary says


    I just got done with listening to episode 5. I am the Mary who wrote about rheumatoid arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome a year ago. In episode 5, you mention an adaption period to low carb diets. When I think back to the first time I went low carb in my adaption period, I started the diet at the evening meal and the following afternoon I was having problems concentrating and that was it. I don’t recall feeling lousy or not being able to exercise as much as wanted not that I was some top tier athelete. Other than a foggy afternoon, that was it, I was fine. I was most likely prediabetic at that time and I also wonder if I was borderline hypothroidic because one of the things that I noticed was even though it was in the middle of the summer, on the second and third week my nails really grew much more than at the beginning of summer. Do you have any experience with people not having much of an adaption period?

  9. Mike says

    I can download this episode from the link in the post, but this episode isn’t showing up in iTunes for me. Can anyone else see it in iTunes?

    Thanks for all your hard work, Robb; the podcast is great!

  10. Dexter says

    For those who want to make their own pemmican and jerky, the following
    two sites are put up by Lex Rooker….a raw meat eater for 4-5 years…gets his grassfedbeef from Slankers Beef in Texas…He’s currently eating 80% fat,
    20% protein….and feels great. One meal a day about 2pm. He’s not into exercise at all but maintains his slim physique. He is a former ardent vegan
    of 20+ years who nearly ruined his life with veganism.

  11. says


    I just want to say a huge thank you, I’m not involved in Crossfit and most of my clients train for better body comp primarily. I use the paleo/fish oil/poliquin approach for getting clients leaner, the podcasts/blog has proved invaluable in crossing the T’s and dotting the eyes.

    Some questions I would like you to answer on your podcasts (I’m getting all my clients to subscribe via Itunes) would be…

    1. You mentioned in one of the podcasts that liquid food (whey protein, juice etc) casue an insulin response and should be avoided when after fat loss/weight loss…what about soup? I have found it really useful to put all my non-starchy veggies and sometimes meat into a soup…whenever I have felt like eating fruit I just have a mug of this and it stops the craving for sugar…also seems to keep me fuller for longer. So is this OK if all ingredients are paleo/no starchy carbs or will it still mess with insulin etc? I always thought as whey protein was protein it would not cause a spike…I have whey post workout with water, glutamine and greens..would be great to hear your thoughts?

    2. Omega 3 eggs…Thanks for talking about them already, but is there anyway of knowing the dha, epa levels in the omega 3 thats added? Or could the omega 3 be poor quality like poor quality (low% dha/epa) fish oil capsules. If so then would it not be better to have organic free range eggs and dose up the high quality fish oil instead? In the UK it’s pretty hard to get grass fed….it’s either free range or free range organic but you don’t know if it’s corn/grass or whatever fed?

    3. Glutamine – I currently do not take it and am trying to lean out/get good sleep etc, following the poliquin approach with only berries being eaten with nuts x 2 per day, other than that protein, veggies and fats/fish oils…I’m training with weights for hypertrhophy (push/pulls/squats/lunges/deads) 3/4 per week….what would glutamine do for me and how much should one take to get a benefit? I’m about 20% body fat (slipped L5S1 6 months ago and still not training anywhere I would like to be) 28/5 foot 11/176lbs.

    Thanks again for your GREAT work…it helps many more people than just the crossfit community.

    Chris, Bath, UK

  12. Warren says

    My new Favorite podcast! I’m listening to all the episodes twice. Finding the nutrition/sleep advice very helpfull. Having some success cleaning up my diet. Where is the best place to submit questions for the show? I have a few.
    p.s. I am not a CF guy and get a little lost with some of the lingo you guys toss around. Still learning a lot. thanks!

  13. CJ says


    Thank you so much (again) for all your hard work and generosity toward helping the greater public understand what it takes to live a more healthy life style.

    I’ll have to listen to this episode once more as there was a lot of information to take in. One topicI am hoping you’ll address in a future podcast is – cortisol from both emotional/life stresses and training. I didn’t recognize one could get cortisol from training until I had to actually stop. Also, how can we suppress/reduce/eliminate cortisol in general? Are there different effects and long term consequences whether it is life/stress related or training related?

    Thanks again to both you and Andy. Ya’ll rock!

  14. Jim says

    I listened to both 5 and 6 yesterday and can’t wait for lucky number Seven! Thanks for all the work that I know go into these podcasts. The work and the podcasts are greatly appreciated.

  15. says

    yahoo frontpage: five foods to not give up while dieting: pasta, bread, potatoes, cheese, dark chocolate

    ummm… are “nutritionists” getting paid by the FDA and monsanto to kill people?

  16. Ian says

    I am with you Mark. I am probably eating 12xbw right now. Pretty lean around 8% bf, but up from 6 and I’m feeling like I have some cortisol issues due to stress. I’m thinking upping my calories to 15-17xbw will certainly help.

    Podcast was awesome this week Robb. I logged on and ordered some of those coconut chips from tropical traditions too. 2 gallons (4 pounds) for $20! Thanks guys….

    • says

      My gut sense on that is high dose vit-c PWO might actually suppress some of the beneficial oxidative stress from exercise. Mat alluded to this some time ago in his low carb post. NSAIDS like ibuprophen and strong antioxidants seem to share this characteristic.

  17. Pfeiffer says

    Amazing job on the paleo podcasts, absolutely amazing. Hunkered down and started on the paleo path a couple of weeks ago, had relapses on the last two weekends, but really feeling strong mentally right now. Got my homemade jerky marinade which only has some limes, sea salt and spices. Which is heaven to me right now. I just keep making gradual changes to my diet and clean it up as I go along, quiting it all at once has always led me into remission. Even harder now that I’m surrounded by Christmas cookies. The Coconut thing intrigued me so I’ve finally found a place that sells extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil and a less than astronomical price. Smells like “samoas” or “caramel delights” from the girl scouts, which is awesome. Just tried it tonight and didn’t really know how to take it, so I just got out a butter knife and started spreading it on my jerky. All I have to say is that I have a chubby right now from it. It starts off all tropical and coconutty then starts getting a delicious buttery texture and taste all the while the flavor of jerky starts cutting through for a strong finish. This is now my crack. As long as I have some jerky, coconut oil, and I guess some baby carrots at home there will be no desire for anything else. Huh, suppose I kind of went off on a rant. Performance numbers are down a little bit at this point still, lapses on these early weekends is if anything setting me back some. Started MEBB from Coach Rutherford’s blog, this is my 3rd week on that as well. Set a PR in 3r PC’s, but my deadlift is down today, and still gassing pretty quick on the metcon’s. Just waiting for it to turn the corner performance wise. I feel great besides the training regression and love eating when I’m hungry, I love bacon, and lifting heavy weights on a frequent basis. Still ranting, damnit!!!

    Well anyway regardless of what has happened recently you still shine as a beacon and have led me out of the cave and into the light, and for that I will forever thank you.

  18. says

    Hey Robb,

    Either you or Andy mentioned the coconut chips from tropical traditions. A one-gallon pail for 10 bucks seems like an awesome deal. What is the nutritional value there? Is it just fat?


  19. Megan says

    Question about the fat prescription: I’m not fat phobic and I thought I was eating plenty of fat until I heard the prescription of 15 cal/ # body weight. I’m a 150# female (want to lean out a bit), o-lift/strength 3x week, CF 2x week, office job. I have been averaging about 110g protein, 88g carbs, 133g fat, 1800 cals. If I follow the fat prescription (+150g protein + 50g carbs) my caloric intake would be 3050 – a significant jump. I know it’s not all about calories, but that seems like a big jump. Would you recommend this fat prescription & amount of calories for women who want to increase strength but reduce body fat?

    • says

      Wait a second girl, I think you are combining the mass gain recommendations with the lean out recommendations. Lets look at this:
      150g protein= 600 cals
      50g carbs=200 cals
      the “lean out prescription is less than 15cal/lb/day. For you that’s let’s run about 13cals: 13X150= 1,950cals. 1,950-800cals (from carbs/protein) = 1,150 cals from fat which is 127 g of fat (9 cals/g of fat). That is a 58% fat level, easily ketogenic.

      Here are the wiggle points:
      1-If you are trying to lean out AND are more or less ketogenic you may not NEED that much protein. You might be fine running tighter than that. In which case we simply adjust your other macros to fill in. I LIKE that protein level however. Plenty of BCAA’s. very satiating etc.
      2-The numbers are a generality that has some scaling based on body size. We base the 20cals on Welbourn. Who is BIG. interestingly however, as you get larger your surface area goes up as a square, your volume goes up as a cube. Less surface area to volume means less heat radiated relative to size. I am working on some scaling based on this and you will see it in the collaborative book The Paleo Diet for Power Athletes with Welbourn, Cordain and myself. For now this is just a starting point.
      3-So, this is a great STARTING place for folks, but you may need to adjust things down a bit. Again, I think for most people, simply eyeballing a low carb paleo diet is MONEY for leaning out. If you get stuck, you may need to weigh and measure to figure out where things are buggered. It all depends on how much effort you want to put into the whole thing. I’m lazy, i weighed and measured as a chemist…it’s hard to rally me to do this stuff, but again it’s all tools for the using.

      Now, if leaning out is THE upmost priority I think Zone level protein with deleted carb blocks works great. In my FAQ I touch on this but it is also covered in 42 ways to Skin The Zone.
      What we have in this situation is a low carb, very calorie deficient program. You will lean out, you will also likely lose some muscle mass and feel like dookie. The method I outlined above is slower but you are likely to maintain your muscle mass and performance better. Slow and steady or hair on fire, it’s your call. I’m going to add this to the front page as I think folks may find this helpful.

  20. Nick says

    First of all thank you so much for this great blog and awesome podcast! Im on week 2 of really concentrating on cleaning up my diet, no breads, grains, legumes, dairy, and I feel great. Im leaning out a bit more than I expected to, but Im feeling generally good and I will wait to see what my performance numbers come in at before I really decided to add more to the equation.

    Now, my original goal was to add some lbm to my frame, and I figured that a target weight of bit over 200 would be a good place to start. Im 6-2″ and over the past 2 weeks I went from 195 to 189. Again, I feel great, I just look pretty lean now.

    Right now Im just eating as much lean protein I can in addition to fats from walnuts and oils, veggies and some fruits as well. This usually means Im eating at least a pound of chicken per day, in addition to perhaps jerky and a can of tuna. Now that I am more comfortable with a clean diet, I am going to start logging my food because I am interested in where I am at compared to the recommendations.

    My question is about the amount of protein per pound of weight recommendation. I keep seeing the number of 1 gram pro/ lb bw. I KNOW, Im being dense somehow and missing something here, but is it not the actual weight of the lean meat you are eating but the protein content? Because 189 grams = 6oz and that is obviously not right.

    Thanks again for everything, Im looking forward to the next podcast and making it out to one of your seminars.


    • says

      1 oz of scale weight=7g of protein for lean meats. 16z in a lb so 1lb of lean meat provides 112g of protein. protein powder have the water and fat removed and thus are closer to 1g scale weight = 1g protein.

  21. kmar says

    Hey guys, I really like this format as well cause god knows I spend way too much time online anyway. One general suggestion I have is perhaps some perspective on how important each topic is. For example if the benefits to be had from a paleo diet are 70% from dumping grains, 15% from dumping dairy, 10% from dumping legumes and everything else makes up the remaining 5% it might help keep things in perspective. When it comes to diet I’ve been acused of ‘chasing mice around the floorboards while ignoring the elephant in the middle of the room’ and think I’m probably not alone on that. It’s sometimes easy to get caught up in hte minutia.

    So when you talk about dumping nuts or whatever, I think it might be helpful if we’re talking about a really minor benefit or somethging that can have a big impact. In fact since you’re trying to make a FAQ or index with these podcasts maybe it might be a benefit to lay out the heirarchy again. Just a thought.

    Finally for Andy–a Take Five is a combination of everything that is good in candy bars: chocolate, peanut butter, carmel, pretzles and I’m sure a few others mixed into confectionary goodness.

  22. Andrea Grant says

    I’m trying to get some clarification on prescription for leaning out. I saw that you recommended for Megan 13cals/#/day. I’m trying to figure out whether that is a good starting point for me too. Just having difficulty wrapping my brain around consuming so much fat. (Sorry but still trying to get out of the mindset that fat makes you fat. Been “fat” all my life so that’s a difficult mindset to shake.) 41yoa/f/205#/5’9″ – (restarted training) training goals are oly lift 3x per wk (Burg’s basic prog) followed by some type of other training (i.e. scaled down cf metcon), looking to start sports science lab (foundational) training stuff with their aquatic stuff (rehabbing), sp&ag 2x/wk, and football training starts in a month (obviously amount of work will adjust at that time). Operate best at 175-180#. Right now (began refocusing nutrition this week) eating between 12-14 blocks pro, 5-6 blocks carb, and 15-18 blocks of fat. With this I would say that I’m not really hungry after eating (this may be because I’m soo deconditioned right now that my intensity is suspect). But based upon the 13cals/#/day, I would be at about 2600 and I’m currently no way near eating as much protein or fat prescribed.

    • says

      I think 13 might be on the high side for both of y’all. But I also think it would be a challenge to even get that much food in…that whole satiety thing. Play with the numbers and bring that down a little and see what looks good. Run with it for a week, see how you are doing, adjust as necessary.

  23. j walkkr says

    Thanks for all the great info and all… seriously.
    I took a month at a local crossfit… crazy jazzercise. everyday was a 20-40 minute balls to the wall metcon. 2 strength days (out of 30) and they had crazy metcons after. f’n chippers. drove me crazy. made me mad. I became an angry person. I returned to my globo gym and personal programming… a hybrid MEBB. I do 2 short metcons and some LISS after my strenght sessions. What’s your take on the whole lots of activity at a slow pace deal? Like the sisson blueprint? too much metcon makes me mad. Poppa need strength. I’m trying to get strong and lean out. Will long walks help the body get used to burning fat or will it try to store fat for future long walks?

    • says

      J Walker-
      I think those long rambles at low(ish) intensity are MONEY. I think that;s where we should blow a significant amount of our cals. It brings the para-sympathetic system up, which helps to mellow us out. In Devany terms if EVERY training session is a fight to the death you are going to be a stressed, broken down individual. I think walking with a vest is a great way to go as a supplement.

  24. Aaron says

    Robb and Andy, the Pudz MMA fight was pretty horrible if you haven’t seen it yet. Here’s a little note from Sherdog.

    Text for the lazy guys like me:
    “ got their hands on a rough translation of a Polish newspaper report: while some key details could be getting mangled in the imported text, there appears to be some notion that James Bond-esque super-group M-1 Global has made advances toward no-necked strongman Mariusz Pudzianowski.

    “The Russians would like to download to yourself ‘Pudziana’ in April,” reads one interpretation. Who could resist such an offer?

    Billed as the World’s Strongest Man, “Pudziana” throttled an outmatched Marcin Najman last Friday in Poland, landing a series of ugly, awkward punches and kicks until the referee peeled him off. It was more wild-animal attack than fight, but it apparently impressed M-1 enough to float Aleksander Emelianenko as a possible opponent.

    I expect Pudzianowski has handlers to rebuff these kinds of advances, but if not, he’s about to become the latest in a long line of ill-qualified attractions that prefer money to common sense. There have been massively powerful individuals — Mark Kerr, Tom Erikson — who were able to marry actual skills with their horsepower — and still got beat. If you’re constructing a fighter, are you really going to sacrifice years of grappling ability to add a few hundred pounds to his deadlift?

    Pudzianowski is a novelty act. If he’s treated like one, more power to him. If he’s treated like a fight athlete, his protein shakes are going to have to go through a wired jaw.”

    Thanks for the shows,

  25. Will says

    Many thanks for all the great info! 
    Each week I look forward to the next installment. I’ve accumulated a few questions over the last few podcasts. 

    Symetry- you mentioned a bodybuilder who had good symetry in a podcast (#3?) and it reminded me of Art Devaney comments about paleo eating improving body symetry (from back when I read his stuff before he went way out in left field). Do you agree or have other thoughts?

    Based on your explanation of problems with nuts i have stopped eating 200g of almonds per day and I have totally gotten into light coconut milk and shredded coconut but I would like some variety. Did you say that walnuts and macadamias have better composition than other nuts? What about cacao / unsweetened bakers chocolate like Lalonde used in his experiment? Is cacao better than nuts? I’m not a choco-holic so I wasn’t missing chocolate but cacao has been nice for variety and satiety. 
    There were some posts after a previous podcast about fish oil oxidation countered by Vitamins C and E but Lalonde pointed out that such high doses of C and E have down sides…  Can you comment on this?
    Bacon- it doesn’t seem to fit with your preference for lean meat but you say you like good bacon, so what makes for “good” bacon?
    How to “tinker” well – I understand that tinkering is a basic element of figuring out what is right for each person but can you provide some advice on how long to try a diet change and any suggestions about how strict to be in keeping other variables constant since life isn’t conducted in a lab? I sometimes make adjustments in my diet and see a difference in performance after a couple weeks but then wonder if the difference is coming from the change in diet or if it’s because my sleep was different or because my coach made adjustments to my lifting program or some other factor.   

    Sorry if this seems long-winded for these 5 questions. Thank you very much!

  26. says

    Your podcasts are absolutely awesome! I am learning far more practical and science related information then I ever have in college with regards to nutrition/physiology. Your teachings are understandable as well as applicable. Thanks for giving so much of your time and knowledge.


  27. Randy says

    Robb i have a question for the upcoming podcasts. I have a trainee who is looking to switch over to paleo and trim down a bit. She has had two kids and half of her thyroid removed. My question is how much of an affect will missing part of her thyroid be on her losing the little extra chub and will i need to prescribe and extra low carb approach or should traditional low carb paleo be enough.

    Any info on thyroid effects and diet would be great thanks

  28. miss spinach says


    Interesting validation on the “one gram of protein per pound of body weight” rule of thumb. As a recovering semi-vegetarian and gluten intolerant individual I find it difficult sometimes to shovel in that much protein without help of some digestive enzyme supplements.

    1. I’m confused about which macronutrient makes it easier for the body to utilize the amino acids it is getting from the protein one is eating: by eating more protein or by eating enough fat? In short, why might I feel better supplementing with certain amino acids even if I’m eating plenty of protein? Should I skip the aminos in pill form, and eat more protein, or skip the aminos in pill form, and eat more fat? My concerns are fairly general, to maintain performance, leanness, and sleep/mood.

    2. Question about glycation. If the body can convert dietary protein into sugar if too much protein is eaten, how much is too much, when you’re dealing with someone who is really overweight and for whom the one gram per pound rule means a huge amount of protein? I’m worried about giving this advice to someone who is visibly insulin resistant. But getting that guy to eat more protein is probably easier than getting him to eat more fat. Everyone is so fat phobic still!

    Thanks dude!

    • says

      I’ll tackle this in apod-cast but I think a lot of folks would really benefit from a digestive aid. I really like Now-foods:SuperEnzymes. Use with each meal, 1-3caps. If you feel heat, dial back.

  29. Gavin says

    Robb – great work on the podcast. Stumbled upon it and now that’s what I listen to while doing my WOD. Keeps me from rewarding myself after the work out. I’m new to Paleo – just getting my feet wet the past few weeks but seeing great results. Not doing it perfectly but huge progress compared to my previous eating habits. 2 Questions:
    1 – Can you please spend some time on the next podcast tearing me a new one regarding diet soda. That’s my vice and I’m having a lot of trouble letting it go. Not big coffee drinker and that’s my pick me up, break during the day, etc and I’m hoping to hear why it’s horrible for me.
    2 – What is your experience and expertise on the withdrawal symptoms from the Western diet. I literally felt it for 3-5 days as my body was craving sugar, bread, crackers (wheat thins go to hell!), cheap energy. How long do they take and what have your clients reported as they move into a paleo diet?
    Keep up the great work! I’m just getting familiar with Crossfit and Paleo – I’m very glad I’m not involved in the b.s. I’ve been reading about. Sounds like a guy with a big ego and a small man’s complex got his feelings hurt and is taking it out on you.
    Thanks again!

  30. Matt says

    Robb –
    First, thank you for the awesome resources and WEALTH of info on the podcasts…loving listening to them multiple times and taking notes.
    You mentioned (in Podcast #6) two things you forward to new On-Ramp Clients:
    1) Food Shopping List
    2) 30-Day Food Log
    Would you be willing to share these? Is there a site where we can go to pay for a download of them?
    Thanks again for improving lives through food quality and KNOWLEDGE!

  31. Matt says

    Robb –
    Another follow up question to Podcast #6:
    You were speaking about individuals who may be Hypochloridic and therefore have difficulty absorbing protein. I lost you in your transition from determining if someone is Hypochloridic to the Zinc Tally test to determine Zinc defficiency. You went on to recommend a ZMA supplement as well as NOW Foods Super Enzymes as a Hydrochloric Acid Supplement.

    1) Would you please clarify how to test for whether or not you’re Hypochloridic and an appropriate treatment.
    2) How does Zinc defficiency connect to this condition and if not, what is it’s significance.
    3) Thanks for taking the time to answer questions and do these podcasts…wish I lived in Northern CA and could join NorCal!
    You had mentioned doing a separate podcast on this (Hypochloridic, Hydrochloric Acid supplementation, etc.) – if it needs to wait for that, cool.
    The other podcast you mentioned doing awhile ago is one on supplements – looking forward to that one too!

    You and Andy rock!


  32. Kevin says

    Thanks for the podcasts. Between the podcasts and Melissa Urban’s kick in the butt style of writing I am finally going full paleo. I did have one question about the carb recommendations after this podcast. I am trying hard to keep the carbs below 75g as a 185 lb 6 footer. Are the carbs I am counting total carbs or carbs minus fiber? If I’m not mistaken fiber doesn’t create an insulin response and wouldn’t count but I figured I would ask anyway to get an answer from the expert.


  33. Edward says


    You mentioned something about a 1000 calorie curry (I think you said curry). I can’t track down this recipe. Would you mind posting it on your site?


    • says

      I’ll look for it but it goes like this:
      6-8 oz of meat (chicken, beef, pork or seafood, you call that), 1 12 oz can of coconut milk, curry powder. Brown meat ina pan with curry powder, add coconut milk and veggies (if desired, highly recommended) cook to a thick consistency.

  34. Thalin says

    Hey Robb or Guys,
    I am really sorry to bother you by repeating a question that has probably been answered but I looked in the FAQ pages thoroughly but I can’t find the answer to Matt’s question about how to test for hypochloridic imbalance, how to take the zinc tally test, and how the two are connected…any clue?

  35. Daron Marshall says

    I have been listening to this podcast and was interested in the diet that you mentioned about the paleo diet and diary would work well for strongman, like super mario. Would this protocol also work for bodybuilders and powerlifter, and if it does would you please post a link to the diet on the internet or could you tell me where I can find it to read it.


  36. Callie says

    Hey, I would like to read the Protein Debate between Loren Cordain and T. Colin Campbell that the Performance Menu sponsored, but the link appears to be broken. If it’s still available could you please update? Thanks!

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