Pressure Cooker Grassfed Lamb-Shank Soup

Some of my posts are out of sequence here…I don’t think I’ve shown the Box-O-Lamb yet but I’ll get that soon. I also do not think I’ve posted the video of how to use the pressure-cooker yet…but I just got a mac so I think my media processing will improve here soon! Anyway, this meal is from the lamb shanks which have a nice amount of meat on them but the real treat with these is the marrow in the bones. It makes an insanely rich soup stock that you can use straight out in a soup like this or save the stock to use in other recipes. Stock BTW is the secret to ANY good chef’s best meals. So, these lamb shanks came cut through the long bones so they were easily separated. I hrew them in the pressure cooker with a little coconut oil to brown them. This really lays a base of flavor for the soup or stock either one. About mid-way through this process I added 3 diced yellow onions so they could carmelize and provide some sweet/pungent to the soup.  After the shanks were fully browned I added about 2 quarts of water, and a pretty good amount of chilli powder (I can’t STAND measuring shit when I cook…don’t ask how much I used as I have no idea! Just tinker and see what works or follow Martha Stewart or “Fit To Eat” for exact measures), diced garlic and about 4 large carrots. I threw the lid on the pressure-cooker and let it rip for a good 20 minutes at full pressure. I then turned it off and let it come down to room temp.
The resulting soup was amazingly thick and flavorful. The veggies were cooked down nicely but the real treat was the fall-off-the-bone meat and lip-smacking marrow! For the seriously adventurous paleo eater (Welbourn, talking to you here) you can eat a significant amount of the cartilage and bone as the pressure cooking has rendered even the tougher structures pretty soft. Not for the faint of heart (like my brother-in-law) but it is sooo yummy. I was watching re-runs of BSG while gnoshing on this stuff and I was in heaven. Zone measures? No fracking idea. This is one of my difficulties with the Zone as soup is literally my favorite meal. We were able to eat on this soup for several meals and the bones that were still too tough to eat ended up in the garden to provide some alkalinizing agent for the soil.


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  1. Gaylord Fellows says

    Funny you wrote this as have been meaning to buy a Kuhn Rikon for a few years.
    PC’s are just so brill;i believe the reason so many don’t use them is that folks still ascribe to the myth they blow up.

  2. Gaylord Fellows says

    Small world geometry…i had to google BSG.
    Thought it was some kinky winky telle prog only for Criss Fritters sorry Cross Fitters.
    Anyways i know and worked for, briefly, Dr Gaius’s Dad in Londinium.
    Small world aye ?

  3. preston says

    man- that looks so damn good! i’ve been pondering a pressure cooker and i think that just sold me :)

  4. chris says

    Hey coach wolf,
    I posted this question a while ago but I haven’t seen it and will assume your Iphone is out to sabotage me. Maybe you’re playing with that baby shaker app too much :)
    Some of the Xfit sites (Coronado, flagstaff) have posted on the information on the idea that “the introduction of vinegar based condiments, i.e.; pickles, lemon juice, red wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and such” will “add those omega-3 fats, but the vinegar will act as an inhibitor, limiting the spike in insulin levels and lowering your blood glucose levels over the measurable period.” What is your take on this? And with that, what would be the recommended usage of such a product?
    Now Ive learned over the months, and I went out and bought some Braggs and tried it. I leaned out very quickly (awesome!) My concern though is because I know insulin is a necessary hormone and also a fat pain in my love handle region! How much “inhibiting” is good and bad? Is this something that can be done at every meal? Or throughout the day to keep levels low? Adding it PWO is probably not a good idea? Go a day off and a day on? I totally agree with you on trying things, but some of this stuff makes me nervous because I can’t tell what’s happening internally and what will happen over time.
    Any feed back of course will be awesome. I appreciate it. Take care,

    • says

      Did not loose the original…just trying to find time to get to it!! I think the idea of adding some acid to a meal to reduce insulin response is sound. If you have leaned out as a consequence of doing this that is about all the confirmation you need! Like you said, the PWO meal is likely not time to do this, but again, it is open to tinkering. Acid/base does matter over the long haul…i think Cordai recommends lemon/lime juice so they register as a net base load on the kidneys but I need to give all that some thought…acid/base chemistry always made my head hurt…

  5. Galford says

    “I can’t STAND measuring shit when I cook…”

    And yet you have done the Zone, right? Masochist-!

  6. Gaylord Fellows says

    Do you fight cos of the measuring or the low cal=grumpiness thingy ?

    I see a book by Sears;ye know the orig in the US is still in harcover i think which says how many its sold and i assume still sells.

  7. Justin De Quim says

    Chris listen son you have to be deadly careful with El Braggs and seriously so.

    If you eat too much of Pat Braggs stuff (doesnt it look like she has a dead cat on her shoulder ?) you will develop a love of gold lame, start yearning to go to Florida and as a worst case start reading Yiddish poetry.
    You have been duly and forewarned lad

  8. James says

    I’ve been working the zone proportions for the past week and gone almost paleo (I’ve eaten about 5 blocks of cheese total this week). I’ve been reading your site nonstop this week so I’ve been tweaking my zone and have cut my carbs in half to lean out some and put half of them in my post-wo (I do CrossFit usually 6 days out of the week). I think I’m losing body fat, which is good, but I get really sleepy in the mid-afternoon (It isn’t because I don’t sleep at night. I get 8-9 hours). To give you an idea, this is my day:

    8:30– 2P, 10F, 1C
    10:00 (Post-WO)– 4P, 0F, 4C (carbs primarily from yam)
    2:00– 4P, 12F, 1C
    6:00– 4P, 12F, 1C
    9:30– 1P, 10F, 1C
    Total blocks: 15P, 44F, 8C (carbs not from yam are veggies)

    I’m 19, 5’11” (almost), and weight ~170lbs. Also, I haven’t really felt in “the zone.” Performance hasn’t taken off much, which is okay because it’s only been a week. But i don’t feel much different than before the zone. I know you’re super busy so a few word answer or a link to something with an answer would be fantastic. Love the site.

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