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Hey there! In an effort to get more information out to folks I paid someone to mine the CrossFit Message board and the Performance Mneu message board for old threads I’ve participated in. It’s a boat load of information and I think will help to answer a lot of the questions that pop up for folks. I’ll also have these linked out of the FAQ.

Robb Wolf CrossFit Compilation

Robb Wolf Performance Menu Compilation


  1. Andy Deas says

    Still trying to estimate how long it will take me to digest all this – thanks for sharing this with the world!

  2. dan says

    9g of fish oil a day?! holy schmolly
    just curious how much cod liver oil do you mix into that?

    i just started taking 1g of fish oil a day recently. lots of flatulence – i hope it goes away

    btw thanks for that how to eat word doc from an old post. im going to be moving away from my family for grad school, and it was very helpful. didn’t know about trader joe’s before!

  3. Maiko D. says

    First time posting but I just have to say – Oh my goodness, this will keep me busy for the next few days!!! Thank you Robb (and to the individual who did the mining) for sharing!!

  4. Jules says

    Encyclopedia Robb. Wow. It might take me 2 years to get through the first volume!

    This is tremendous – thanks for all you do for so many. So looking forward to the cert in Jax.

  5. Casey Hand says

    Thanks for all the consolidated posts, now I have some reading to do. Also, what “hot to eat” word document is Dan referring to? I’ve been interested in using TJ’s over Whole Foods for awhile, but wasn’t sure if the store was organic, since all the prices were pretty much cheaper than WF. Thanks,

  6. Alicia Zhuang says

    Hey Robb, thanks for paying someone to mine the boards and compile this information for our benefit. Browsed through both files real quick and they’re packed with good stuff. Will be reading it over the weekend.

  7. chris says

    Hey Casey,
    I believe the “Hot to Eat” shopping guide you are referring to regarding TJ’s is located in the FAQ section of this website, under the “ZONE RESOURCES” title which will bring up 1) a food log 2) shopping-food (this is what you are looking for methinks) 3/4) meal plans. If this is incorrect Coach please dont post it and make me look silly. Personally I like TJ’s over WF, I get bad ju-ju vibes from WF. Cheers.

  8. says

    Thanks, Robb! For those who haven’t ordered back issues of Performance Menu, Robb’s got some great articles on nutrition worth the cash. Check’em out!

  9. Ed says


    I was just re-reading Protein Power, the chapter on eicosanoid modulation. It says that ALA (alpha linolenic acid) inhibits ‘good’ eicosanoid production, but, it’s an omega-3 fatty acid (albeit a short-chain one). I know EPA inhibits Delta 5 Desaturase (DHA?), which is good. I have also heard high consumption of ALA can cause digestive/stomach problems, taking all this into account what is your recommendation on it?

    Also, linoleic acid. I’m confused on it. It can either be alpha (ALA) or gamma (GLA) but what should I make of it on food labels when it’s just LA?


    • says

      ED!! Yesh, this could get long…ALA, the 18 carbon omega-3 fat (think flax oil) is poorly converted to EPA/DHA and upregulates the Delta -6 pathway leading to proinflammatory eicasanoid production. Thsi si why using flax as an n-3 supplement is a BAD idea.

      You will only see GLA in the form of primrose oil and supplements like that…use with extreme caution as it can seriously screw your stuff up. Linoleic acid is just n-6 that has not been modified…I know there are some good primers around the net ont hsi stuff, give it a search and let me know what you track down.

  10. Justin De Quim says

    Squire i just wanted to blow smoke up yr arse by saying ‘fanks’ much for the CF compilation thingy you posted.
    Squizzed oer it last night at workeo.Very nicely.

    Others who operate i this field seem to not realize that being a money grabbing ‘phuq’ means they don’t have the level of meaning and self-pleasure (steady steady not THAT type of self-pleasuring,,madalm palm and her five lovely daughters) that a person who gives of themselves freely.
    Jonathon Haidt and others have written on this topic extensively.

    Anyways thankee much in other words and may the rod of the risen Lord Jesus bless thee and thine in myriad ways.

    Dates for BC yet ?

    • says

      I’ll hound my wife for the dates! BTW- I WILL have some swag for sale off this site at some point. T-shirts, the book of course and a few other projects…Id be happy as a clam however if I could fund my writing on the blog by some products I sell here. Writing the book blows…but I REALLY like writing for the blog. Looking forward to getting back to that once the damndable project is done!!

  11. chris says

    So this is mainly for Coach Wolfs expert opinion, but there are an oodle of smart people that frequent this blog (you would be stupid not to) so anyone please chime in.

    My client comes to me with a list. It says:
    Total Cholesterol 212 – HDL 58 – LDL 134 – Tri 98 and she has a family history of heart disease.

    so the Doctor hands her a paper that says “What to Eat.”
    (Mind you its printed from the American Heart Association website)

    And it says the following:
    Focus on low-saturated-fat, trans fat-free, Low Cholesterol foods such as these:
    A variety of fruits and veggies (choose 8 to 10 servings a day)

    A variety of grain products like bread, cereal, rice and pasta, including whole grains (choose 6 or more servings per day)

    Fat-free and low fat milk products (2-3 servings per day)

    Lean meats and poultry without skin (choose up to 5-6 total ounces per day)

    Fatty fish (enjoy at least 2 servings baked or grilled each week)

    Beans and peas.

    Nuts and seeds in limited amounts (4-5 servings per week)

    unsaturated vegetable oils like canola, corn, oil, safflower and soybean oils (but a limited amount of margarines and spreads made from them)

    Im not sure if I have a question other than, what the hell do I say to this doctor and this client besides upsiding them both with this blog and Good Cal/Bad Cal? She can listen to me until im blue in the face, but does anyone else want to give their opinion of such Medical Advice.
    Thanks for all those that respond.

    • says

      Yeesh. I’m working on a post for the NorCal blog that looks at a client who went paleo, started eating “cholesterol and saturated fat” and saw his blood work improve dramatically. His doctor, is a vegetarian 7-th day Adventist buddy of T-colin Campbell…the China study dude. I’ve tried to avoid an “us vs them” stance and attitude on all this…more of a “check it out, see if it works” but the reality is peoples lives are at stake here.

  12. Chris H. says

    Thanks a bunch for the compilation, Rob, they’re great!

    Just to add to the idea that less carbs / more fat than a strict Zone works well: I’m 26y M/174/~12% BF (guesstimate)/16 blocks and I was struggling with the strict Zone because I constantly felt hungry shortly after meals. Rather than 16C/16P/16F blocks, after I changed to more like 13C/16P/~25F, my performance shot up with my BF dropping steadily.

    Side question, I’m training for the CF Games qualifiers and have been throwing in some double WOD days (I’d say I’ve been typically doing 4-5 WODs/cycle instead of 3). So far I’ve just increased protein & fat intake by a couple of blocks/day without touching carbs and it seems to work well for performance. Is this the appropriate change to nutrition for the increased activity or should I increase carbs as well?

    • says

      There is no rule of thumb for this…you just need to tinker and see how things roll. If you are feeling heavy-leged and fatigued you might need a few more carbs. Sounds like you are doing pretty well!

  13. says

    thanks for the new time sucker. I love it. I wrote last week re: dizziness after taking Kirtland Fish oil. I followed your long-standing guidance and “tinkered around.” After messing around with dosing, i think the issue was too much Omega-3. With grassfed beef, omega eggs and 10g of fish oil, my guess is lower blood pressure to the point where rapid shifts of nugget in relation to heart would make me dizzy (laying down/getting up/handstand pushups). I got Carlsons, misread the serving size and was taking 4-5 Teaspoons a day. That’s 20+g. The increase in frequency of dizziness solidified it for me. I went cold turkey for 3 days, the dizziness stopped. I’ve worked back up to about 6g at day. Now i’m just stupid…not stupid and dizzy.

    • says

      Interesting stuff to be sure! There appears to be significant direct stimulation of the brain via the cranial nerves from eating…it’s not simply a matter of waiting for food to hit the blood stream.

  14. Justin De Quim says

    Yessum reason why i found it interesting is that i, and assume others given our similar biology !,when deadly soon as the snap goes into my mooth..literally the stress of no food starts to abate.It obviously hasnt even gone down my gullet as its a matter of seconds but its as if..’Ah calm down he’s not starving to death foody is on the way’

    BC dates from le Mrs yet ?

  15. ChicagoNick says

    Robb – just purchased “Skinning the Zone” makes perfect sense.
    Question is: The AHCCZ – is at 10 blocks she has 10 protein 6 carb and would have 10 fat blocks left. 4 carb x’s 3= 12 + the ten fat blocks for the day = 22 fat blocks…you wrote 24 fat blocks….am I an idiot..if yes, I’m not surprised. Thanks for the help.

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