Good Grub!

Continuing with my little to no cooking-cooking theme I came up with the following, again mainly from Trader Joes:

1/2lb ground beef. Brown this in a skillet with loads of olive oil, break it up as much as you can. Add garlic powder and hot pepper powder if desired.

To this add 1lb of chicken sausage…we used the variety with wine and some cheese in it. Cut the sausage into inch thick wedges and throw it in with the beef.

To this add 1 bag of “Chard of Many Colours”. Cover with 1/2 can of marinara and seal in the juices with a tight fitting lid. Allow to cook for ~10min. This was SOOOO DAMN YUMMY!


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  1. Ron says

    Sure, post this when I’m back to my IF after the holidays.

    Cruel, Mr. Wolf. Very cruel.

    You still have to eat, no worries!

  2. says

    Tested and approved! I changed it a little because I didn’t have any marinara so I added about a cup of Trader Joe’s Chipotle salsa (which is one step away from tomato paste anyway). I also chopped up a few jalapenos (again from TJs and very mild) and added a few dashes of menudo mix my mom gave me. It was spicy but not hot. I really liked the chard. I ended up cooking it a bit longer because my electric skillet doesn’t cook very evenly and I had to take off the lid and stir several times. This was quite a bit of food but I suspect it is going to be off the hook after my trail run tomorrow morning.

    Good times,


  3. Luca Zanet says

    Hey guys I just saw the pictures of your wedding, congratulation. Tanti auguri e figli maschi, ciao.

    Thanks Luca!-Robb

  4. says

    Just curious Robb, how do you handle organics vs non organic? I try to do mostly organic, I would say 80% or so. But sometimes its too costly or not available….

    I’m not super concerned one way or the other. I try to hit the farmers market which is year-round and PHENOMENAL in chico. Local, in-season…that’s my main concern.

  5. Nick says

    Robb, this is posted under Paleo/low-carb. I assume the recipe does not fit exact Zone prescriptions. Is The Zone something you have moved away from or have you simply began to be much looser with your macronutrient ratios? Wow I nerd out over food. Thanks for any reply!

    I love the Zone…best accuracy/precision one can bring to the topic of nutrition. That said I rarely make a specific meal in Zone proportions.

  6. says

    Yeah you Cali ppl have it nice with those local farmer’s markets year round! I am envious. Think you can find me employment in Cali if I wanna relocate?
    Btw, I just got asked to film a segment, on a radio talk show, about my life change!! Yeah!!

    We do have it pretty darn nice here. Great weather, good food. No wonder there are so many people! What type of work do you do? Congrats on your pending stardom!

  7. says

    Well I am a social worker specializing in advocay to kids with special needs, but really prefer my other work…Also a yoga teacher to adults, seniors with early onset Alzheimer’s and a fitness/yoga teacher in a spec ed school. Oh and am Level 2 CF trained!!

    This is the time to move to N. California and buy a house! I know a half decent gym in chico to train at.

  8. Kyle S. says

    I was inspired by that picture so much that I whipped up something similar. I took 1/4lb ground beef, 1.5 sweet italian pork sausage and threw it in a pan to let it cook. I then added some marinara sauce and covered the meat/sauce with a bag of baby spinach, covered with lid and let it cook about 8 minutes. WOW, I’ve never been so proud of my rudimentary cooking skills. Thanks for the ideas. Kyle S.


    Good stuff! Send in a photo next time!

  9. says

    Robb, how and when can we hook up to throw some of this yummy grub in my plan of attack..??


    Phenomenal work this weekend, you crushed Helen! Shoot me your phone number and i will ring you asap. I’m on the road this friday for the Fort Worth cert and I should have some time to ring you then.
    robb at norcalsc dot com

  10. says

    I also tried this today for post fast meal.
    Browned some onion and garlic in a mix of coconut and olive oils. Added in a pound of ground bison and some smoked salt
    covered after a few minutes and let in “stew”. Then I added in some chopped bok choy and 1/2 c water and let it steam some more. Wow it was delicious.
    My friend gave me some of hat salt and it was amazing!

    I just bought EVERYTHING in Tj’s and I’m waiting for Nicki to wrap up with clients…your recipe may push me into eating some frozen chicken, I’m dying! The smoked salt sounds fantastic.

  11. says

    Robb, will try to get my friend to give me a bit more and I will send ya some!! As he says, a little goes a long way!!

    he actually bought it to use for our smoking venture. He has an outdoor smoker and has smoked various meats and fish for his family and now I give him various wild/free range stuff too! Our next venture will be bison and lamb tongue when I get it. After that we are gonna try some venison!

    sounds good!

  12. anton emery says

    Thanks for posting this Robb, great stuff. My wife and i are getting alot of good eating ideas from your blog.


  13. Sam Cannons says

    Hey Robb what is “Chard of Many Colours” ?

    Thanks mate

    It’s a bag of diced chard…variously colored. Pretty darn yummy and easy to use.

  14. Robert Strazzarino says

    I’m eating this as I type. It’s great because you can get all of the ingredients from Trader Joe’s and even a total hack in the kitchen like me can make it no problem. I also substituted Trader Joe’s Ground Turkey for the beef and it tastes amazing!

  15. says

    Robb – just wanted to say that you are the MAN and my new hero! I stayed up most the night reading about your articles food info etc… Cant thank you enough for the kind words at the last cert here in Ft Worth – all of you guys were awesome to hear and watch.

    I hope we get to do some great things together with CF.

    best regards,


    Thank you for the kind words! That was a kick-ass weekend and a load of fun. I think something is on the books for a month or two down the road in your area, hopefully I’ll see you then.

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